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mercoledì, marzo 01, 2017

Navigating Life with Epilepsy by David C Spencer

Navigating Life with Epilepsy by David C Spencer and published last Jan First by Oxford University Press is one of the most complete, informative book I read on the topic and it is absolutely a gem.

It offers what you desire to know about an illness able to discriminate patients per centuries.

Epilepsy is very diversified and there are a myriad of different typologies of this illness.

Some of them can be cured simply with medications although medicines can bring with them of course their own collateral effects more psychological than physicals, being in most cases real drugs.

There are certain kind of epilepsy that must be treated pretty differently...

The book will define the illness, the symptoms of the patients and much more.

Mr Spencer won't avoid to inform the reader of the latest treatments, starting from the illness that can affect children and passing through the adult age, examining all the aspects of this illness including relationships, work.

It's one of the best reading if you are interested to discover much more about this illness.

Highly recommended.

Anna Maria Polidori

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