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martedì, marzo 07, 2017

No Limits Blow the Cap off your Capacity by John C.Maxwell

I choose to read No Limits Blow the Cap off your Capacity by John C.Maxwell  because I do strongly believe in the capacity of every man or woman to be successful in this society.

And yes I think that there are no limits although sometimes there are many limits for most of people and John C.Maxwell will help the reader to discover his/her potentialities, suggesting which ones are the strongest caps that must be removed for becoming successful for most of us.

The book will be released this March 7th and it is absolutely interesting for everyone.

It is written for people of success not tired to become more successful, but of course the advice shared in this book can be great for every reader. each of us can become a best person.

First of all Mr Maxwell writes that for becoming more successful in life it's necessary to remove some caps from as said before. Which ones?
All the ones not dictated by the birth of the person.

There are caps that  won't never be removed. Our parents,  relatives, birthplace, the sum of it gives our history.

All the rest of caps are of two types: the ones created by neighbors and so-called friends and the ones created by us.

The work that we must do is to try to destroy these caps for create a best self and a person conscious of his/her value.

In the second part of the book Maxwell analyzes all the capacities each of us possess: energy capacity, emotional capacity, thinking capacity, people capacity, creative capacity, production capacity, leadership capacity, in the third Maxwell will write about Choices, and how we can maximize our capacity.

Mr Maxwell analyzes all these aspects in detail and at the end of every chapter you will find some questions/reflections for you.

A leader and a person with a good personality will be in grade to focus on other people for building great contacts, without to forget to be visionary. Looking forward it's important for every successful person. Without the vision of the future, an organized, logical and structured future it's impossible to create.

A person of success won't think just "the now" but the future of his structure and/or company.

No one can define us and no one including ourselves should put down our self.

Maxwell brings the example of a famous motivator Nick Vujicic without legs and arms. He could have lived devastated because of it, but he choose to live a plenty and a successful life.

The most positive men are the ones who, without any doubt trust others, have a lot of friends and connections because they know that these connections are of mutual help: these men/women become best people thanks to them and friends and connections receive help from them.

The best leaders are the ones able to see the future before its arrival.

An example the one of Ford. Ford thought that maybe life of people would have been better with, well, a car in every house. People of course skeptical because who can see the future is not appreciated and believed.

At that time Ford started a real revolution for the society and for the world. 

Cars simplified a lot the hard life of people reducing distances between cities, saving time.

Mr Maxwell writes that no one can build a great future if a person doesn't take any kind of responsibility. Responsibility means respect for ourselves and the others.

Maxwell speaks also of bad people in our life. People who can sometimes work not necessarily for helping us but the opposite. These people once recognized must be removed from our circle of friends, although we must remaining positive and thinking that it's necessary an expansion of friends and connections, because with them we can grow.

It's important to stimulate people, being helpful for them and vice-versa. It's also important to remember the best moments we are living in this life, creating unforgettable memories.

I loved the anecdotes of the journal written by the author to his wife. Touching.

Maxwell remarks that a person never, never should think that age can be an obstacle.

Mr Maxwell is 70 years and he tell that there is no limits for our person and our personal growth, and that we can learn, appreciate life, better us, continuously, without any kind of interruption.

Sure, add Maxwell changes are fundamental because in opposite case nothing can be possible for improving and becoming someone else,  the real person that sometimes it's hidden in ourself because very comfy to do that.

Not risking, not trying, not living after all is better than to be fully alive for some people but these people will always remain behind if they won't change their attitude.

Mr. Maxwell think positively that each person will read this book is potentially great and can become great in every sector he/she loves.

What it will be necessary to do once not anymore in our comfort zone is to be relaxed. Each of us can lose a battle, the important is to win this first step and start to live in a dimension in the past unknown.

I also love that Mr Maxwell remembers God in a final  chapter of No Limits. God is very important in the American society and the respect for God is to me the engine of the USA and the biggest blessing.

I thank Hachette for the review copy they sent me of No Limits.

Anna Maria Polidori

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