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venerdì, marzo 10, 2017

Rosé All Day The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine by Katherine Cole

Rosé All Day The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine
by Katherine Cole is a book that will be released by ABRAMS on April 11.

What is rosé? It's a kind of wine that we can say it's not red and it's not white. For this reason it is not very known and mainly not particularly chosen by people during parties, feasts, lunches or dinner.

Discriminated, no one had previously written a book telling us everything we wanted to know about the rosé but we didn't have the courage to asking for :-)  it's clear that the rosé is loved, and massively produced - thanks also to the good weather - in France with 39% of consumers and the USA. At the end of this list Italy.

The author will start to tell us the story from the old centuries to our days of rosé and the methods for the creation of wine not forgetting history with the main differences we could find now between a glass of wine drunk by Plato and the one drunk by us.

It's a beautiful and fascinating historic book about a wine, the rosé with a turbulent life, and in most cases during History defeated by its cousins White and Red.

You will learn which are the diversified colors of rosé, its 100 fragrances, from allspice to yeast.

It's a technical book plenty of suggestions, advice, and lot of history, with the great invitation of discovering the rosé around Europe, mainly in North and South France. Italy, Spain and Portugal, USA.

Highly recommended for all wine lovers.

I thank NetGalley and ABRAMS for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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