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The art of success: What No One Ever Taught You (But You Still Need to Know) by James Melouney

The art of success:  What No One Ever Taught You (But You Still Need to Know) by James Melouney read thanks to Booksgosocial is one of the most intense self-help book in circulation.
The author with the help of many quotations from inspiring people, politicians, authors, experts, saints, all famous and and mainly successful human being will try to explain us how to better our existence for living as the author specifies: "In the art of success."

Seven pillars and a Foundation: the acceptance of ourselves, our potentialities, our reality.

In the first pillar: Perceive the world

We must perceive the world correctly and we must keep our life stimulating. There is always opportunity in adversity and growth in challenge. Perception creates reality. We must be optimistic about future.

Pillar 2: Always strive to growth.

Success is about what you become. Discomfort very often helpful for our personal growth. Miss a meal says the author but don't miss self-development. How many books did you read this year? How much do you take care of your health? Did you improve? Invest, says the author in your life. You attract who you are. There is no limit for learning .
The author suggest of studying your life, successes and future for understand what to do with success. Plus: don't stop your education at a formal one.

Pillars 3: set your goal then plan and execute.

Begin with an introspective work, writes the author. Who are you? Where do you want to go in life? What do you desire?
A plan once understood these priorities is not so difficult or too much complex. Personal development, spirituality, health. Always remember says the author that dreams are persisting.
"Your mind must be read as a dream."

Melouney adds that we should plan our life as we plan  the things everyday we want to put in the wardrobe.
You must act for the success.

Pillar 4: Understand success and failure.

Success means create the life of our dreams. Health, wealth,relationship, spirituality. Living a balanced life affirms the author means also to live a successful existence.
A person can also be a hardworking for an entire life but never reach the steps he wanted to reach. Why this?
Work on you suggests the author.
A lot of people have poor control on their minds.
Other ones although know very well that they should be working are distracted.Try to become a good thinker.
The author remembers that failure most of the time work for us and not against us.

Pillar 5: Embrace change

And now try to change. If there is a change on yourself that should be made try to change yourself, but as the author says no one can change you, you must change with determination all alone. Change begin with awareness says the author and then start to change the world.

Pillar 6: Work well with others and true leadership

We must learn to work well with other people. Working together synonymy of understanding and forgiveness. Help others.

Pillar 7: See the Big Picture

Life is imperfect, there are joys, tragedies and most of the time many things in our life are out of our control.Life is a mix of challenge but always be optimistic, the final message of Mr. Melouney.

Anna Maria Polidori

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Story of the Wreck of Titanic by Marshall Everett

Story of the Wreck of Titanic by Marshall Everett republished by Endeavour Press, was written the same year of the departure of this ship, a big coffin for more than 1595 passengers.

The Titanic will remain  a myth for the materials used by the White Star for the construction of the ship. That was why everyone said as a sort of litany: "This ship won't never sink..."

On April 10th 1912 this glorious, beautiful wonderful ship left for the inaugural trip Europe from Southampton directed to New York City.
Many people on-board. There were a lot of reporters, business men, very wealthy people, and poor people who decided to leave the Old Continent for searching some fortune in the New Continent.

There was as always, joy, excitement, great expectations. In itself this ship donated these feelings for the richness proposed. It was immense.

For the passengers, not important if rich or poor was like to living a stunning dream.

The first four days were perfects.

Ocean was calm, and the night of April 14th there was a sky populated by myriads of stars.

Who knows if stars ask for the Children still on Earth?

We can't understand all the secrets of the Universe, but at 11:40 of the night while many passengers were drinking something in some rooms, discussing of various topics, or just playing at cards, the Titanic impacted with a big iceberg. Captain Smith hours before asked to his men to give a joyous speed at the Titanic, so the ship was running at 21 knots during the impact with the iceberg.

It was tried all the possible for avoiding the collision with the iceberg, but without any great success.

At first someone noticed this noise, - the impact - but most of people apart the ones sleeping on the side where the Titanic was "injured", didn't consider the story important continuing to do what they were doing.

This one is not the first book I read of the Titanic.

I also read: A night to remember by Walter Lord, but in this one, and I am grateful for it, it is remarked, and the eBook insists on it many times that there hasn't been any kind of discrimination between rich or poor when, once psychologically and practically understood that the Titanic  in 2 hours and half would have wrecked, where possible, evacuated.

But...which was the main problem of this terrible sink? The sink in itself?

No. A sink can happens.
Just it's necessary to be prepared.

The Titanic, although the promising name wasn't prepared for it.

The Titanic didn't have sufficient lifeboats for all passengers. There were 2340 souls in the Titanic but just 750 people saved their life. All the rest, including many officers and the captain died with the Titanic.

The numbers of the passengers: First class: 330, second: 320; third (the dreaming ones): 750 for a total of 1400.
Officers and crew: 940. Total: 2340 souls.

This one the horror.

The ship was in the middle of the Ocean not close to a river but surely if life boats sufficient the estimated numbers of dead ones I guess irrelevant. Maybe all of them saved. Who knows?

But there were just sixteen at the end lifeboats available, because four damaged by the iceberg. With that sixteen remaining lifeboats officers, men and everyone interested in keeping alive some dear ones worked actively during all that frenetic hours. Until their own end.

It's strange how a wreck it's a story of powerful connection between life and death. Someone will die for leaving the place at someone else. It's not just a gesture of big courage, or heroism but it will establish with that person an invisible wire no one will never break anymore. It gives the perception during that frantically moments (let's also remember the movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) of how precious, real, Life can be and how it is felt and lived courageously in that final moments.

It was a surreal atmosphere the one of the sinking of the Titanic, because the six elements of the band continued to playing til the end. The latest song was: "Nearer, my God to Thee" told the survivors.

Then some explosions, then the final black out, the ship in vertical for 5 minutes and the the final disappearance in the Ocean.

Broken dreams, broken lives, broken expectations. Just death, sadness, crying. Someone told that a man cried: "Oh my God, Oh My God" per  minutes.

No one of the lifeboats could go near the survivors. Many people who, jumped from the ship before the Titanic sank rescued by the lifeboats. A lifeboats was so plenty of people that they started to embark water and a survivor told that if the Carpathia would have waited more time probably also their lifeboat... sank.

You will find many many many interviews with the survivors and the description of that night and of course also the heroic gestures of many people.

Yes because the sinking of a ship presents its priority: women, children and at the end if there is place, men.

Entire families decimated. Couples separated forever, women with children without anymore the help of a husband and father supporting them. Each of them knew that this one would have been a farewell.
It was a story of 2 hours and half. In two hours and half 2340 men, women and children understood that their life was changing... forever.

Act of heroism like the one of Mr.Butt. He left his place to a lady saying her of not forgetting him. He was largely remembered later. There were many important reporters and business men who lost their lives because maybe simply they lived this one as another adventure or because they simply accepted their destiny, preferring to donate their life at a mother and a kid.

Perpetuity of life...

1595 people sank with the Titanic, number more, number less.
The Carpathia, alerted by the Titanic, arrived four hours after. The Titanic sank at 2:20 of the night, survivors rescued scared, shocked. Some of them in the while died in the lifeboats.

Time passed by for each of them, most of these people died very old (Rose Dawson, Titanic movie) but I am more than sure no one forgot that incredibly horrible night.

The Titanic: a perfect ship, became a coffin for more or less 1595 souls.

Of course once arrived to NYC, - in the while the survivors escorted on-board, fed up, warmed, - received the same treatment.

It was choral the help through the various countries once understood what happened and the USA. UK donated a lot of money, like also NYC, Chicago, Washington...

You will also find the investigation that followed this incredible tragedy.

Sometimes man think that can win against nature, but it is not true.
A ship although big can sink and the Titanic sadly didn't lose time.

At the end of the book pages and pages of the names of the people missing at the appeal and dead the night of April 15th in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

I love this book so badly. Sometimes I found it a bit redundant in certain points.

The author treated the same topic various times.

I would have wanted to see each chapter separated better for avoiding confusions and repetitions.

There is to add that the book was written in 1912 the year the Titanic sank so understandably who wrote it was a man plenty of shock. It doesn't happen all the days to lose all these people at once during a pacific trip from Europe to the USA with a ship defined very strong.

Apart it, the eBook cost 0,99, go for it. Immediately. Money very well spent. It's a terrible description of that night, very informative and felt.
I consider the preface lyric.

Thanks a lot Endeavour Press for this ebook!!!

Anna Maria Polidori

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The Short Stack Cookbook - Ingredients That Speak Volumes - by Nick Fauchald and Kaitlyn Goalen

The Short Stack Cookbook - Ingredients That Speak Volumes - by Nick Fauchald and Kaitlyn Goalen is an enthusiastic cook book. It will be published this October by Abrams.
Fresh, smiling, sunny, brilliant, it will introduce the reader to a different way of eating and conceiving food.
A book born for a good cause and purpose.

The story of this cook book intrigued me a lot and it was told by the authors during the preface.

Nick Fauchald and Kaitlyn Goalen explained clearly that the net created  a lot of confusion in terms of food and good food, altering also in this way the traditional American cuisine..

Firstly the authors tried various apple pies recipes, finding that most of the recipes on the net a real failure, but not just this: there was a complete change of tastes and habits - in term of food -  in the American population during the decades and this one the most worrying part of the process of industrialization and richness of the nation. The net exasperated this new modality of buying, consuming and perceiving food by the Americans.

Bacon was everywhere, thanks to the net, explain the authors, when they say, the beauty of the bacon the typical American breakfast.

So, what it was necessary to do was to try to be clear and to make order in this big confused world plenty of messages, recipes, suggestions that is the net.

The message of this book is this: let's try to avoid confusion and let's re-start to eat the food we ate once. And maybe a best one.

The invite is simple but powerful according to my point of view.

The author wants to involve people in a movement that will start to keep people busy, searching for more healthy products  to put on their table and their dishes, and most important, seasonal food, from the herbs to the fruit.

What it is crucial is not to abuse of the surplus of food we find in supermarkets and everywhere, preferring seasonal food and healthy ingredients of good quality.

Where to buy seasonal food? At the market, also at the supermarket or if you know some peasants close to the city, the best idea is this one.
Consider eggs bought in a farm and not at a supermarket. Surely the taste will be different.

Unfortunately the last decades Americans started to eat compulsively in fast-food, buying food that they can consume in few minutes, more cheap, fried in too many cases, and this unhealthy diet generated obesity, and wagons of other important illnesses associated with this condition.

So what to do for trying to re-start to think-food normally?

The authors tired of seeing what was going on...on the net, abandoned the web without too many compliments, starting to re-discover old magazines, newsmagazines, old cook books, where recipes were tasted, and where there was a different love from the editors and creators of these magazines, cook books and...dishes.
There was the purpose to give the best quality, suggestions and recipes to the people because these magazines, these cook books wanted to be remembered, wanted to be taken in consideration, and not just for a volatile moment but for decades.

These magazines, these books, treated like jewels from the American housewives, because helpful.
Food is not just introduction of ingredients in our body because we must feed the engine of our machine for going on: food means also memories, moments shared together, socialization.

It is a colored and joyous cook book this one by Nick Fauchald and Kaitlyn Goalen divided for sections and thematics and that go straight to the point.

Explanation of the ingredients first of all will interest the first page of each section with some personal consideration about the use.

There are great recipes in each section.
The authors played with sauces, giving a bitter-sweet taste at meat sometimes. I found it fascinating loving the maple syrup so badly.
Each part of the USA from the North to the South passing through the Native American dishes respected for sure.
Great considerations for some kind of veggies, fundamental in a good diet.

The cook book  start with  Apples, giving justice at the most beloved fruit of the USA :-) and then we find, Bacon, Brussels Sprouts, Butter, Cheddar, Eggs, Tomatoes, Greek Yogurt, Honey, Hot Chile Peppers, Kale, Lemons, Sourdough, Whole Chicken, and Winter Squash.

Apples  taken in large consideration for delicious cakes and many other tasty dishes. I agree: in our family we are happy apples fanatics and we have various apple trees as well.

Bacon has always been a must and one of the most appreciated part of "poor" pork, cheddar is the softest cheese, the most versatile one for a quick snack, and the most economical.

Eggs are everywhere and can be used in every recipe. Eggs and bacon a classic, but eggs are everywhere. Sweet and salt dishes.

Tomatoes a joy for the eyes, the authors confess that they love to spend during the summer-time their time searching for bags of tomatoes at the market.

Greek Yogurt is a different kind of yogurt. Cleaned by all flavors is the most natural one.

Hot Chile Peppers when you want to add some spice to your life, and let's also mention Lemons, another versatile fruit, Chicken, so loved and desired by all Americans, Kale, Sourdough and Winter squash other ingredients truly attracting.

In each of these sections you will find tasty, wonderful recipes, accompanied by the great enthusiasm of the authors.

I suggest warmly suggest this book to everyone. We mustn't abuse of food, eating good seasonal food the first step for living a best and long healthiest life.

I thank NetGalley for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori


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The starling's song by B.L.Bruce

The starling's song poems by B.L.Bruce published by Black Swift Press are various poems about life and love.
I appreciated the delicacy of the imagines and life portrayed by the author. It is pretty uncommon in our times to find this touch, so soft, so delicate and to seeing nature in such a wonderful way as the author does.
I can tell you that reading this poems was relaxing.

The vision of the world of the poet is in fact the one of an enchanting land populated by beautiful animals like deer, owls, and then flowers and trees.
A bucolic aspect of the existence that I am sure will be truly appreciated by the readers.
Mostly there is a great delicacy in telling her personal feelings and sentiments.

I loved poem Tempest where the author thinks that our existence if compared to the one of stars is insignificant because terribly brief.
In another poem the author complains that she doesn't feel a great sentiment of motherhood.
I love Waiting because as in all the poems of Bruce there is something wild and ancestral.
Song is a homage at her dad. The authors sees a special bird: a robin. This robin appeared for saying her: Hi! and the poet so remembers her dad and the beauty of the time she shared with him. In another poem the author will return to speak of his dad and, this time the problems she lived with him in some phases of her existence.

In Collosus she is depressed but around her, although she doesn't see and feel life, everyone else are living including little animals like spiders and jays.

Disquiet is suggestive. Her love transfigured in petal of roses that she throws away. Everyday.
The poet thinks she is quiet, although she knows that her mind will return to be unquiet during the night because of this love...

Nights, glasses, animals, in particular deer, flowers, nature, are all thematic particularly loved by the poet.

Pulse speaks of suicide and comfort of someone close her, holding her hands.
She can feel his pulsations and she can feels life.
The scenario of this poem the wonderful Californian waters and the Golden Gate.
Picker is about life, aging and the magic of life leaving people. The couple compared at water and stone, maybe fertility, solidity, strength.
Bahìa so suggestive for the rich Mexican atmosphere captured by the poet. Evocative of an exotic place.
Hunger vice versa tells of resentment and stories never clarified with the partner.
In Innumerable the poet writes: "I am my mother's daughter, never having what we've given."
Salt a melancholic nostalgic poem about the departure of a love. The protagonist seeing this stranger,  returns with her mind at the old gestures of her beloved man.
Blood is about the donation of sexuality and in Repent the author would want to be free like a deer, without thoughts, without worries. Crescendo is a poem about the meaning and repetition of daily actions 'til we won't die.
Magpie the desperation for a wanted love, unwanted by the desired man.

Although some poems are hard for the themes treated, the author is able to speak to all hearts with great delicacy, enchantment and touching the soul of everyone with a poeticity absolutely wonderful and moving. Nature able to break the pains she feels and animals, flowers to donate her joy and happiness.

Truly beauty! Go for it. This book of poem is great.

I received this copy by the author of the book for a honest review.

Anna Maria Polidori

Addict in the house - A No-Nonsense Family Guide Through Addiction and Recovery - by Robin Barnett

Addict in the house - A No-Nonsense Family Guide Through Addiction and Recovery - by Robin Barnett is a book where you will find sufferance and all that elements characterizing the world of addiction. The author, strong of her personal experience, will tell you how to cope with your beloved addict relative and how to cure him successfully.  Published by New Harbinger Publications you can find the book on stores now.

The book opens with some considerations of Robin and his personal story. Later the discovery of who and why someone beloved became an addicted.

As Barnett explains sometimes it's a mental illness, depression, bipolarity a situation of border line,  personality able to give the pretest for the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Surely, the author remarks there is a biological component, including of course environment, chronic illness and pain.

What to do for someone with an addict at home?

Robin suggests to separate psychologically the addict from the addiction and the substance that changed our beloved person so badly.
For a non-addict it's tremendously difficult to imagine the world and the situation lived by the addict. An addict for buying drug and alcohol can lie, can steal.

The author is clear: a lack of substance in the body of an addict is like lack of food in a body of a normal person. You would start to be nervous, you would search desperately for food. Same is for the addict and the substance able to calm down his nerves.  There are various typologies of addicts.

One of them are the functional addicts. People who think that their life, because they continue to work, and they're productive is normal. Keeping up appearances can be, says the author, another signal and symptom of the disease.

An addict will tend to focus on what is being done to them and not by them.
An addict can experience broken relationships, financial problems, legal troubles, consequences of his addiction.

Problem is, affirms the author that there are two people in an addict and inside an addict: they know the damage alcohol or drug cause to them but they can't stop it.

What a relative and a friend of an addict should do?

Fight the addiction not the addict, and this one is a first and important, crucial separation indispensable for winning these horrible substances. Problem is, says Robin that more a person love an addict, more will protect him and his addiction.

Manipulation is something very well known from addicts with people of their family and with friends for keeping cheerful the addiction. There are people who will feed this addiction as well. Maybe people with which this man, the addict one will drink together at the bar. These ones won't want to interrupt the addiction of the man in particular if he offers wine generously to them, not addicted.

All the family members will play also a role in this addiction game.

It will be important for the members of the family to build a better relationship and change the way they  communicate with the addict.
Addicts can't control their behaviors.

A dangerous myth says the author is that only the addict can save himself from his addiction.

In part it is true but a big role can be played also by people around him.

Where grows up addiction? Are there best places for nurturing and developing it?

Of course: in an environment populated by shame, secrets and shadows. In the light of sun an addiction wouldn't live a long life.

Relatives of the addict shouldn't tell him of stopping to drink everything.
It's important to play a good and solid psychological role when we are in their company.

It is also important to choose the best words to say at an addict.

An advice from the author: the silence must be broken and later ask for advices. Very good advices, from doctors, psychologists, etc.

Let's remember says the author that an addiction is a progressive disease, mental and physical.

And be careful says the author when an addict ask for help. Being liars they can have a double face.

And then the author treats the detoxification from alcohol, etc.

This one the step more hated by the addict for the sad collateral effects.

Sure the collateral effects of the abstinence are many: palpitations, nausea, insomnia etc.

The detoxification of an alcoholist is always risky because of the so-called seizures, delirium tremens. Benzodiazepines (the Zanax a lot of people use largely) could give at first seizures once interrupted abruptly like also barbiturate.
Opiates in comparisons are less dangerous in the phase of the detox.

Then the author treats the chapter of the structures that can cure your loved one very well.

A good structure where he can remains for a long time followed by excellent people is the best option. The so-called rehab can't do anything in the short time according to the author.

Addiction grow up in places of silence and secrecy creating shame, guilt and often misunderstanding.

Break this chain and set yourself and your dear one free again! from this horrible pain and sufferance.

The author suggests to keep a journal for your peace of mind and for reminding you that when you will start to want to change the situation for your loved one, you can do that.

I suggest this book to everyone with a big cross like the one of an addict in a house for better understanding the modality of approach with the sick person and for trying to save him/her from the abyss in which he/she fell for a reason or another.

Good Luck!

I thank Netgalley for this informative book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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Sweetness - Southern Recipes to Celebrate the Warmth, the Love, and the Blessings of a Full Life - by Christy Jordan

cover87238-mediumSweetness - Southern Recipes to Celebrate the Warmth, the Love, and the Blessings of a Full Life - by Christy Jordan will be released this Oct 4th by Workman Publishing Company.

One of the first books I picked up enthusiastically on Netgalley.

I visited later Jordan's blog Southern Plate and I receive her newsletter.

As you know I like American recipes - I am italian - thanks to an American family from the South that once lived here.
Every time there is a new book, a cookbook as well treating the topic of their robust food, I love to read it.
Southerner recipes, in particular baking are truly intriguing fascinating and tasting.

This book is delicious in every sense. Cover, illustrations, feelings put on it. Everything is precious and felt.

I loved the section of cookies, my favorite desserts :-) but you will remain enchanted also by all the rest of the book's sections.

You will find the most amazing baking treats existing on the face of this Earth and everyone in your family will be delighted of eating some of these wonderful recipes.

Christy at the beginning of the book shared with the readers her emotions, sensations in a felt introduction. Her happy childhood surrounded by her granny, her mom and other beloved relatives.

Her memories of the past and the idea to create a spectacular cook book remembering and honoring the old recipes of her family a priority to her.

Old-fashioned baking recipes, all adorable and most of them very known are now  in this book and they will wait for you this next October.

Rich of illustrations, this book will become thanks to the wonderful recipes you will find on it one of your favorites for sure.

These recipes are shared for presenting joyful moments to the families during their culinary most important, funny, and sunny moments.

As Christy wants to remember us, food is part of the History of a Family and this book wants to be the legacy left  by her family to her.
Christy continues to spread her memories of the good Southerner food she tasted once little with all of us.
Oh: and in the while don't forget to create memories...

I thank Netgalley for this joyous and sweet :-) book.

Anna Maria Polidori

lunedì, agosto 22, 2016

My Summer with Gramps by Ignatius Ryan

cover79547-mediumGrandparents are fundamental in the life of a niece or nephew. They can help, they can teach, they play a complete different role respect to the ones of their parents.

I was attracted by My Summer with Gramps written by Ignatius Ryan and published by Createspace on November 2014 because I knew that it would have been impressive.

I also experienced long chats with elderly and acculturate people when I was little and in my teenage age so I knew for sure how interesting this book could have been.

Good Lord, it is more than what I expected and I thank the author for it because this book is incredibly interesting and able to open the mind in many directions.

I am italian but always curious about American History and the mechanism of the government and I learnt a lot reading this book.

It is a "revolutionary" book in  a way, and I appreciate the wild polemic wind expressed by Ignatius Ryan.
Culture is important and it will always be important to read adds gramps many times to his nephew.

The gramps of this kid was an important salesman and at the moment lives like a hermit.
This kid has some problems at home during that summer.

His dad and his mom discuss too frequently for economical problems and he finds some hours of mental relaxation stopping by at the house of his gramps.

He should read a book during the vacation written by Arthur Miller: Death of  Salesman but he finds more interesting to chat with his gramps although sometimes he can't understand all the concepts expressed by the man. But as we all know, brain assimilates informations and also the ones not yet completely understood will return on surface, later.
Sure of it!

His gramps will tell him all the possible facts of life, culture, American facts, history, sociology, religion, policy, women, foreign countries....

It will be a trip based mainly on the American economical system, wars, unemployment, life expectations, crisis, wars, poverty, injustices...

What it is impressive is the big friendship between these two men, one old and another one still a kid. Suggestive.

Gramps starts always their conversation, everyday when the kid stops by at his house with his bicycle with a researched word that surely the kid doesn't know the meaning of.

Gramps knows which will be the next question from the kid: "What that word mean?"

To him the opportunity for starting a long long long conversation about, for example the assassination of Kennedy, and the conspiracy theory, most probable one although for example in schools teachers love to tell Kennedy was killed just by Lee Oswald. Official theory.

Or, one day gramps will tell him how the American economical system work and the taxation, pretty depressing and what to expect once he will afford to college, a story of debts probably eeeekkkk...

Credit cards and how the society changed sometimes for bad because of this system of payment.

Another time gramps will speak of corporations, lack of work in the internal territory of the USA, Detroit, for example a city with more than a million of people now with less than 700.000 people.

Then, religions. What a religion can teach? Perplexities. What we can wait from a religion and why they are important in our society. Buddhism.

American History. From slavery to the first Boston Tea Party, and then the Boston Massacre, the Southerner slavery passing through a history about slavery from Romans to other old populations. The end of it, but still the discrimination against black people in a society, the American one that would want to be good for everyone.

Then the American Constitution, the meaning of it. Reflections.

America and foreign countries....

There is all you want to know, and much much more.

It's an impressive book and more and more than what I would have expected, but it is exactly what an acculturate man would have told to his nephew.

Perfect for your children. It's plenty of culture this book so buy it to your son or daughter with great confidence. It will be a very appreciated book and they will have many more questions for you, so be prepared to it!

Every kid will want to have close to them for a summer-time this maybe sometimes weird gramps who is uninterested to speak of common themes but that can opens the mind of a kid for his future speaking of big themes.

I also loved the end of this tale. Truly lovely! But you know: I love happy ending!
I needed this happy end!

Many thanks to Netgalley for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

giovedì, agosto 18, 2016

The forest Feast Gatherings - Simple vegetarian menus for hosting Friends & Family by Erin Gleeson

The Forest Feast Gatherings cover93872-medium - Simple vegetarian menus for hosting friends & Family by Erin Gleeson published this late September by Abrams Books is spectacular like also is spectacular the story of this book.

Erin starts to tell that in the past she lived with her husband in the East Coast but as it happens sometimes her husband changed work and they moved in the West. They bought this cabin close to Santa Cruz. Paradisiac place, wonderful views they started to invite friends in their cabin. Not only. being a photographer Erin opened a new blog where she told to everyone how wonderful was her life, sharing pictures and other anecdotes. Well, sometimes luck happens, someone noticed her blog and she signed the following year a contract for writing the first book about this experience.

The purpose of Erin in this new book is to explain how to cook and how to prepare in a wonderful way a perfect veggie menu, and also how to treat and cuddle all the people/guests invited at the event.

It can be a menu you want to share in a forest, or also in your house,  there will always be beautiful suggestions for your table, your food, your guests and how to treat them well.

The most impressive, stunning part of this cook book are the pictures, the colored menus, the fantasy put on it. It is a visual book where you will be stunned, amazed by the beauty of these relaxing pictures, by the colors, by the wonderful environment and table-creations of Erin and her husband.

Many different menus... Do you search for a summer feast menu, a brunch, an iced tea party, a salad buffet, a spring feast, a wine&cheese party - and many more occasions for organize a feast? Or simply do you search for an inspiration?

You will find in any case the proper solutions, great recipes, wonderful ideas plenty of suggestions, paradisiac pictures, beautiful drawing all creations by the same author.

Excellent, inspired, it's a joy and a feast for eyes this book and it is true to add that it was created with immense love according to my point of view.

I strongly recommend you this book for sure.

I thank Netgalley and the publisher for this book. 

Anna Maria Polidori

The Christmas Angel Project by Melody Carson

The Christmas Angel cover91902-mediumProject by Melody Carson that will be published by Baker Publishing Books this Sept 6th is a truly inspiring book that, I am more than sure you will love so badly.

The story the one of Abby Wentworth. Abby is the center of a stimulating book club, with other four friends: Belinda, Cassidy, Grace and Louisa.

Different ladies for personal stories, background, age, they of course know each other, but let's put things in this way, Abby their main confident.

Abby knew all their pains, secrets, afflictions, and joys.

Some of them not close friends for sure, Abby was the cement to all of them and the one able to keep going the book club successfully.

Abby prepared to them four little angels ornaments for Christmas and for their Christmas Tree.

An appreciated gift she was sure. Abby shared this news with her hubby Clayton.

Each of these ornament would have also contained important messages for each of them...

Abby counted to give to her friends this gift as soon as possible but unfortunately she passed away in an abrupt way without to give to her friends the possibility of a proper elaboration of this loss.

As understood the four friends orphan of their biggest charismatic character and friend, thought: and now? What can we do? while they were enjoying the impressive Angel Christmas Ornament prepared for all of them by Abby.

They so decided to become Christmas Angels.

What does it mean?

Helping other people in need in the field where they have competence.

Without to spoil too much of this book, a reflection should start to interest our life as well: how can all of us become an Angel on Earth as for example was Abby, and how can we help others?

The main reflection that this book wants to put in evidence - and it is implied - is an invite to joining the beautiful angelic fellowship created by Louisa, Belinda, Grace and Cassidy for changing our little corner of the world with big or little actions for other people.

Another big questions in the book: How much do we know ourselves, our limits and our possibilities? How can we correct or change our life-style when we see that what we are doing is wrong?

This book is absolutely a great reading for Christmas cover91902-mediumbut also for other periods of the year to me and I strongly suggest you to read it or to present it as a gift for Christmas or for a special occasion at someone you love. A wonderful book for an Army of Angelical cover91902-mediumLadies in action for bettering the life of other people and their own life as well.

I thank Netgalley for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

lunedì, agosto 15, 2016

Butter & Scotch "Recipes from Brooklyn's favorite bar and bakery" by Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth

There is a special place in NYC, Brooklyn, where you can find desserts and craft cocktails and where you should stop by if you visit the city.

It's the only local in Brooklyn in fact, with this special formula.

Wanted by Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth both with the idea of create something unique and special but...Where to start with? They were in the business of food, but they was searching for a real novelty.

It appeared clear that in every corner of NYC there are cupcakes/bakery places and so what to add of special?

A place where people could find not just good and great desserts, explain the authors but also special cocktails. Located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, the reputation of the local grew up exponentially when press and TV started to become always more interested at the project of the two ladies.

This book: Butter &Scotch "Recipes from Brooklyn's favorite bar and bakery" by Allison Kave and  Keavy Landreth that will be published on September by Abrams will introduce you to the special and loved  recipes of their local Butter & Scotch wanted so badly by these two friends.

The two friends created this book for sharing with the readers some of their most beloved recipes.

The book will introduce you wagons of fine desserts, with also the  directions for create them perfectly, plus stunning cocktails for you and your friends.

Allison explains her passion for cookery, bakery and food. It happened when she was still a kid and growing up she tried to develop this passion in a work. Kave wrote also another book: "The first prize pies."

Butter & Scotch was born with this special formula because there weren't any kind of bars like this one thought by the two friends in Brooklyn.

Enjoy this book, perfect, sophisticated gift for Christmas as well.

Superb illustrations, wonderful sections where you will find the perfect dessert or cocktail for the special event you are living, this one will be a great, wonderful and useful cookbook for you or your loved ones in every occasion.

Many thanks to Netgalley for this book! Pictures from Abrams website.

Anna Maria Polidori

sabato, agosto 13, 2016

The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon

The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon, illustrated by Jill Weber and re-published by Open Road Integrated Media this next Oct 4th in a new edition for the 20th anniversary is a book that you can't and you won't put down and it will be one of the best gifts for this next Christmas for sure.

It's so precious, tender, plenty of wonderful humanity and good feelings.
A little big story able to warm the heart of millions of people in the world.

The book is narrated in first person by the manager of the Rockefeller Center of NYC deputed at the choice of the Christmas Tree and by Sister Anthony...

Everything started a lot of time ago when a little baby called Anna lost all her family and was sent in an orphanage. Later some nuns agreed to give her hospitality, because the toddler very nice and a person of good heart. Brush Creek opened the arms at this little kid. Anna became diffident because she had met along her way (at the orphanage) a lot of bad companions.

Anna started to make friendship not with some humans after all but with a tree, that she will call Tree. This tree a Norwegian one will become her best friend and the symbol of her life and of her personal spiritual and physical growth. Tree and Sister Anthony will grow up together, year after year.

Will Sister Anthony agree to share with NY, the city where once she was born and with the rest of the world her beloved tree, that to her meant a lot, cutting the past and giving a new start at her life?

I cried a lot of times while I read this little, precious tale. It is moving.

I would suggest this book to all of you, because Christmas is not just a feast but a part of us and our life-style.
Christmas is not just on Dec 25th but everyday and everyday we should spread to the world our own light.

The cover is beauty but I would have chosen a different image, for create a more, genuine romantic idea to the reader about the story, with more colors. 

I thank Netgalley for this book. 

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, agosto 09, 2016

Big Bad Breakfast -The most important book of the Day by John Currence

The South of the USA...
The first words when I think at these States of the USA: robust food, warm, sweet tea, lemonades, lazy times.

I have had the privileged for many years of spending time with a Kentuckian family located at just a mile and half from my house in the italian countryside and what I miss the most is the warm and great hospitality that they also brought to our area.

The first time I tasted an American sweet chocolate cookie thanks to them. A Paradisiac recipe.

Later I discovered the banana bread one of my favorite recipes,  the pound cake.

What I appreciate the most of the Southerner desserts but in general of all the US desserts is that you can't fail when you bake them and this is encouraging also for someone like me not precisely a baker like the author is.

The South, we all know love to cuddle its people. If you look around it's all sweet. Sweet tea, sweet lemonade, honey cake...

It's a pretty robust food this one proposed by John Currence, in his book Big Bad Breakfast -The most important book of the Day - published by Ten Speed Press at the beginning of September.


He shares all his possible, authentic southerner enthusiasm for his work and for...his beloved breakfasts.

OK: it is true. The author remarks that the times are changed also in the lazy and tranquil South. So the stereotypical idea of  a wonderful breakfast spent all together, chatting and wishing to each other: "Have a good day" gone from a long long while. People prefer a quick breakfast.

Experts of all the world considers breakfast the only meal where we should indulge because our body in grade to burn all calories introduced, or most of them.

Currence tells that the South is becoming as  many other places in the world in terms of quality time spent at the beginning of the day all together at home for breakfast, a moment not anymore felt by people. Sure, work, different exigencies modified old traditions.

Currence explains in the book he opened many restaurants, BBB during the years in the South of the USA and his biggest dream would have been the one of create a special happy meal, the Breakfast Basket way for keeping a tradition alive with great food able to bring joy and happiness because breakfast is the most important and crucial moment of the day, but without any success.

The author will share with all of us in this wonderful cookbook of Southerners recipes able to let you put weight on just reading it, all the possible foods created for being shared, baked, cooked during breakfast.

Starting from the sweet recipes, passing through the power of eggs and their use in kitchen for creating a special and robust breakfast, and the idea of eating breakfast for...dinner with other special recipes, you will find all the necessary for comforting your soul, you...belly! and the ones of all your loved ones.

Every recipe is accompanied by its story. It can be an anecdote of Currence's family or the story of the recipe itself, because as we all know every recipe has a story behind and it is born for a special reason.

This book is for you if you love Big Bad Breakfast, this book is for you if you do care for your special ones, this book is for you if you want to present something special, if you want  to bake wonderful dishes for breakfast, if you want that your breakfast can be remembered as a memorable moments from your children and grand-children and if you want to keep alive the tradition of breakfast.
This book is for you if you simply love life and you want to share it with everyone you love!

Thanks to NetGalley! for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0) by H.Y. Hanna

It's a wonderful, sunny, funny and bubbling book All-Butter ShortDead (Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0) by H.Y. Hanna cover95018-medium and published by Wisheart Press.

At first what attracted me the most was the cover, cover95018-mediumbeautiful, surely sunny and enthusiastic, with an inviting smiling cat that seems to ask to the reader: "Do you want to read this story where am I in? It's great," a teapot, a little pile of books, a slice of cake, scones and biscuits, a fuming cup of tea with a biscuit on it, and behind these elements, Oxford.

I wasn't wrong.

What I love the most of this book, I have still finished to read it, it is the freshness of the narration and the writing-style.
There are no boring times, substantially it's the perfect  book everyone wish to dream plenty of funny adventures lived by the protagonist able to make the difference, without forgetting humorous treats and unforgettable characters like the Old Billies, four friends of Gemma's mom able to make the difference in the big problem Gemma would have fall once back home.

The story is this one.
Gemma is back from Sydney Australia.
She decides to give up with her old life for starting a tea room in UK, Oxford precisely.
During the long flight, close to her a lady, Jenn Murray. Gemma tries to make friendship with the lady, one day is long spent in solitude and without chats, killing the time indispensable. Jenna is confused, she doesn't want to answer her questions and love to drink a lot of alcohol.

Once they arrive, Gemma notices that the lady forgot her scarf on the airplane. OK she thought grabbing it, she would have called her later. She knew where she would have spent her holidays: at a very good and prestigious realities in Cotswold. Gemma in the while is welcomed by all her mom's old friends, including her baby-sitter, by her old schoolmates and she is back to her old life.

The evening of the restitution of the scarf, Jenn is assassinated.

Gemma will be the one who, firstly, will be suspected and the bank doesn't want to give her anymore the money for opening her tea room considering the reputation discovered thanks to some newspapers. Maybe Gemma was the lover of Jenn. Maybe Jenn was assassinated for jealousy.

Which is the truth?

Thanks also to the old friends of her mom, a panic attack, a cup of tea and some biscuits, Gemma will discover a truth no one would have suspected of.

Brilliant, quick, plenty of humor and good sense, very well written, few characters and all very focused, nice and funny, a great suggestion for your reading.


I thank Netgalley for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

domenica, agosto 07, 2016

The 10 Laws of Trust by Joel Peterson with David A.Kaplan

Trust: one of the most important words in the tissue of a healthy society.
Americans trust God as their main entity and guidance.
In God We Trust there is written in dollars.

But...What is trust?

It's that feeling and condition able to give at a person a complete dignity and able to let express him/her all the best of qualities.

Trust is important and crucial for great and healthy relationship in every sectors of life: family, friends, organizations and nations.

Trust is the freedom to be who we want to be and to develop and to enrich our personal human experience at work, in the society, and in our family.

Trust is important at every level and we don't just trust at little levels. We trust nations, we trust thinking better also...the world!

I found truly interesting to read The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds That Make a Business Great by Joel Peterson with David A.Kaplan, published by AMACON BOOKS.
In economy what means to give trust?
To stop to control other people with too much pressure, ceding a measure of control to the other. This one is an important step because we decide of giving trust. At every level.

There are risks implied but as the author remarks it's better to risk giving trust at work, than to live paradoxical, sad experiences in opposite case.

Giving trust means also to enrich our diversified world to Peterson. Trust means earning it, repairing it, evaluating it.

Joel Peterson says that trust is "The operative system of a life well lived."

The more we trust, the more we are trusted.

At work trust is crucial because it increases altruism, growth, and it is positive for everyone's benefit.

Trust in general beat opportunism and selfish behavior because people are felt  loved and appreciated at work.

High trust leaders obtains much more successful results than not the low trust leaders, diffident ones.

Groups created by low trust leaders will create selfish people and selfish groups, and these groups will suffer misery withing the ranks, affirms the Peterson in his book.
A lack of trust means litigations.

But so is there an answer?

To give trust, because in opposite case there is just ruin. Being diffident in fact creates unpleasant conditions at work and people can think that they can't go proud of their workplace considering that they're not trusted sufficiently.

Investing in trust, writes the author will create great and good fruits for sure.

In a big organization giving trust means to give to a worker three important words: character, competence and authority.
If we give importance to a person this person will work for us with more enthusiasm than if, in opposite case, abandoned at himself/herself.

It will be certain a betrayal in opposite case because we would leave people as in an abandoned ship without captain.

Mafia and low trust organization/relationships based more or less on the same factors: mafia means diffidence, danger,  between the boss and the various affiliates, and same is in low trust organizations.

While power is a big force for low trust organizations where the boss is arrogant in most cases, in high trust organization surely power is still important but there are also other values, much more humans able to help the engine of the structure to stay healthy says the author.

The absence of trust is a certain betrayal and the first betrayal admit Peterson.

Another important factor in a healthy organization is the personal integrity of the various bosses.
It is important to have a good life, to live a good life and not just to be good people at work, but also outside for a leader.
And to care and appreciate the various workers in various ways. It's important to follow what a boss says and does because from his conduct we can understand if it's possible to trust him. An anchor of the ABC during a scandal said: "People will forgive you for not being the leader you want to be but never for not being the leader you claim to be."

Substantially it is true also this: that a boss will be in grade to influence the group and team of his workers with his example.
If the example is poor...

Then the Peterson starts to analyzes the various ten laws of trust.

The first one, sync words with action.
A leader should respect others and they should keep their words.

The second law: invest in respect.
It's important to respect every worker, remembering their birthdays, who they are, their names, their children, some anecdotes of their life. It's a sign of appreciation a modality for trying to understand if the worker is fine, if his life is OK, and a good way for create a contact and a connection.

Law 3: empower others.

Trusting means encouraging, empowering, giving satisfaction at work. High trust organization we speak of Google, we speak of big companies, able to treat their workers very well giving various bonus to their workers. I picked up FullContact. They pay an extra of 7500 dollars per year when a person goes in vacation at these conditions: you really must go somewhere, you must not check e-mails texts, or voice-messages.

Why trust is so important? Because an organization without trust is without control and because without trust people must suffocate their creativity.
Low-trust organizations are stressed like also their bosses because they must watch their back all the time for the fear that their workers could give their worst.

In a relaxed environment where trust is an indispensable condition people are happy and joyous, surely creative, and surely they will be able to enrich much more the structure where they're working for.

Trust, add the author means to plant a seed. A seed that needs to be nurtured with the time.

Another big error committed in low-trust organization is giving trust just at the so-considered "capable subjects" leaving alone the rest of the people, in complete shadow.
It's another big error this one affirms Peterson because of course this low-trust organization won't discover any new talent and talent of the workers not trusted will be lost.

Law 4: Measure what you want to achieve

Where, the seed of trust, can grow up healthy, without illness? Where there is no ambiguity.
It's important if a person is a leader to give trust and to specify clearly what expecting from the various workers.

Law 5: Create a common Dream

It will be important to focusing in practical, big dreams because the team must feel that they're working for something.

Law 6, crucial: Keeping everyone informed

A great leader will communicate informations with the workers.
In good and bad times. In low organization no one is clear. Workers says the author can't trust a leader if they don't tell them what it is going on.

Law 7: Embrace respectful conflict

In low- trust organization they're all stressed for trying to see how a conflict will be sorted out. In a  healthy structure where trust given, the answer is different: not how, but thinking that abrasion, sometimes some creative abrasion as the author calls the conflict is the salt, heat and electricity of a workplace and it is indispensable.

Look how these two points of view completely different.
In the first case the person creates the conflict should return in the rank without any kind of possibility of dialogue or healthy confrontation. In the second case there is dialogue for trying to grow up together.

Peter Drucker said once. "Whenever you see a successful business someone once made a courageous decision."

Law 8: Show Humility

Big organizations go on healthy because they treasure any individual. In this case the author suggests to take frames of special moment all together with the workers or other artworks for remembering moments. Important also to thank everyone, each one for the work well done.

Law 9: strive for winning negotiation

Law 10: Proceed with care.

It was for sure great to read this book that I would want to suggest to everyone and not just at a niche of people for trying to understand the profound healthy mechanisms able to keep our world in a good state.
A big organization didn't become successful and continue to be successful for case. Behind that success there is a healthy team, thanks to inspired bosses and that people will give all together all the best for their beloved workplace.

Many thanks for sure to Netgalley for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

sabato, agosto 06, 2016

The Best of Mrs Beeton's Cakes and Baking Endeavour Press

The Best of Mrs Beeton's Cakes and Baking is a Heaven for all bakers of this world.
Mrs Beeton was born during the Victorian Age as Isabella Mayson on March 12th 1836.
She later married Samuel Beeton.
Mr. Beeton was a very wealthy publisher and so Isabella started to write many pieces about cooking all published by her husband.

Re-published by Endeavour Press this electronic book is the best of the best in terms of baking.

Everyone can find or pick up the proper recipe for a special event.Divided for categories, some  of them: Baked Cheesecake, Traditional British Cakes, Small Cakes, Sweet Biscuits, Muffin, Crumpets and Tea Treads etc, for a total of more than 300 sweet pages.

We pass through the traditional mince pie to Mrs. Beeton Manchester Pudding, and then profiteroles, beignets, Sacher Torte, Banana and Walnut Cake, (a variant of the banana bread), Gingerbread and many others.

Suggestions for bakers, this eBook is absolutely indispensable in your kitchen if you love to bake sometimes  cakes or other treats with old-fashioned recipes precious and loved by everyone.

Thanks to Endeavour Press for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

mercoledì, agosto 03, 2016

The mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres written and illustrated by Marie LeTourneau

The mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres published by Tanglewood Press written and illustrated by Marie LeTourneau with Danielle Reed Baty, is a beautiful children's story. I thank Netgalley for it.

Pictures researched, with a special aristocratic touch to my point of view.

The story is this one: Once upon a time there was a place (Paris) populated only by mices. They were like humans so, our society, plenty of shops, stores etc. One of these ones was a wonderful bistrot: The Bistrot des Sept Frère Chef Marcel. The chef has seven sons and one daughter Petite Michelle. This chef goes proud for something: he won per years and years a special prize, the one of, can you guess what? Best Cheese Soup of all the France. At least, you know mices falls in love for cheese and France is a Cheese Paradise with wagons and wagons of varieties of all sort.

But what happens? Well, something pretty embarrassing: Chef Marcel uses for this special Cheese Soup a special ingredient. No other one of his family or friends knows the secret ingredient but he goes in panic when he receives a telegrams saying:

"Cher Chef Marcel, (Cher is for Dear in Francais, voilà!),
it is that time of year again.
French Culinary Judge Alfred Le Whisk
will arrive at your bistro
to taste your famous cheese soup
on the 2nd of June,
at one o'clock sharp,
Best regards as ever.

The Committe for the Best Cheese Soup in All of France"

Panic sounded a word literally too little and insignificant for trying to understand what happened at Chef Marcel.

The man, ops, sorry, mice, didn't have in fact the secret ingredient!!!
Just her little Petite Michelle, the latest one of his children will help him, the secret ingredient will be add and Judge Le Whisk satisfied after very stressing days! of palpitations.
And of course Chef Marcel won't forget this time Petite Michelle.
Not anymore...

Absolutely beauty, funny for the chaos eheheh, and cute!

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, agosto 02, 2016

Envy in everyday life written by Patricia Polledri

I read a lot of books of psychology during my teenage age, from Freud to Jung, passing through Milton Erickson and it was one of the topics I have always loved the most.

I didn't know anything about envy, not psychiatrically, although I know how this powerful feeling can be able to destroy the existence of people.

I was curious to understand much more and I requested this book at Netgalley: Envy in everyday life written by Patricia Polledri.

I start to tell you that I found it simply superlative. I loved and loved and loved to reading it.

Polledri in the past wrote another book about envy,but it was for specialists so terminologically difficult for common people. She wanted to write a book this time understandable to everyone and she reached the result.

Envy is a feeling old like the time, but absolutely the most destructive force existing in nature. More dangerous than jealousy.

But what is envy?

The author cites in the book some lines of Paul Tournier:

"Other people's judgement exercise a paralyzing effect. Fear of criticism kills spontaneity, it prevents men from expressing themselves freely, as they are. Much courage is needed to paint a picture, to write books, to erect a building designed along new architectural lines, or to formulate an independent opinion or an original idea. Any new concept any creation falls foul of a host of critics. Those who criticize most are the ones who create nothing. But they form a powerful wall which we all fear to run into more than we admit."

Polledri defines envy in this way: "When one person feels they lack what another person has and wishes that the other person did not have it."

What will do the envious?
The envious will fight with all himself for ruining, destroying the other person.
The second person, the envied one, mustn't enjoy the beauty he has.

The envious is a poor man because constantly unhappy.
He thinks of being inferior of the envied and he can envy substantially everything, writes the psychiatrist: the person's success, happiness, joy, health, wealth, good looks, sunny disposition, character, knowledge, material possessions, power, title job, status, and can you imagine it? The envious envy also the freedom from enviousness that the other person experience!!!

The author later will explain the various differences between envy and jealousy. Jealousy in general involves three people and it is related at a love-sexual feeling, while the envy is a much more nasty sentiment.

There is not humanity, not any kind of humanity in the envious.
He must destroy and he doesn't do that accidentally but deliberately. The envious is happy only when he can sees the person damaged, inflicting him any kind of punishment.

In envy we just can speak of hate.
The envious hate, and just hate the other person and in his state, in his world doesn't exist anymore his self, but a sort of distortion of projection of the poor envied person in his own personality.
The envious tries to understand how he would feel for example if he would have the characteristic of the envied person.
But, the envious knows for sure one thing: he must destroy.

Envy is the desertification and desolation in term of every kind of good feelings.

The envious is a person capable of all the most outrageous actions for arriving at his purpose: the destruction of the other human being.

It's simply scaring just to think at it. Well also pretty comical if it wouldn't have dramatic aspects...

There are many levels of this sentiment and of course various situations. For example siblings, says the author can feel envy for the other one. It happens when they could have felt a sense of injustice and deprivation, when there were comparisons with someone with more things than us, and the most scaring factor that the envious thinks that he can't have what he wants as long as the other person has it.

Psychologically, explains the author it works with this internal mechanism: the other person, the poor envied one, can't have what he has, because the envious feels that he is less than who he is.

The envious insists the author is able to envy not just possessions but also certain characteristics of the envied one, like the goodness, the innocence, peace of mind.

Immanuel Kant a philosopher said that: "Envy is a hate that is not open and violent. The complete opposite of human love."

Envy is pure cruelty.

The envious is a sick person or anyway a person with a lot of problematic for sure.
There is not sufficient self-esteem, because someone with a good character would understand that there is no reason for being like that.

An envious become that also thanks to the social environment and family he is surrounded by.

And now relationship between men and women.

Freud as all we know invented psychoanalysis, but being a man he elaborated just the concept of "penis envy" so looking in a man's perspective the relationship between men and women and thinking that maybe a woman would have wanted to be like a man but avoiding to take in consideration, as says the author, the big power that there is within a woman and the envy felt by men thanks to the sociological role that a woman plays in the society. Who is a woman? Someone able to give life. Someone able of perpetuating life thanks to the maternity, an experience this one unknown to men.
This envy and this hatred brought men to try to put down since now women in the society dominating them at work. Just for not being considered inferior.

Another kind of dangerous envy the one can involves a workplace.
Not only it can be devastating because a place contaminated by envy is not joyous but oppressed and poisoned but also because the organization where we work can start to suffer seriously for this condition. The best team is the team where leaders are in grade to put all their workers in condition to work with great serenity and enthusiasm for giving all their best.

Every chapter will be illustrated with clinical examples of psychiatrist cases.

A special chapter treated the case of Oscar Pistorious the notorious runner without legs, that in a moment of desperation and jealousy killed her girlfriend.

It will be analyzed the first period of life of this man, both legs amputated for a serious illness at 11 months, and at 14 prosthetic new legs,  At 17 years he starts to run and he tries his best for being admitted at the Olympic category for normal runners and not for people with disabilities.
There was an involvement of press incredible regarding his case. Anyway he did it.
He had everything. Wonderful sponsors, wonderful life, wonderful girlfriend, but maybe his internal conflicts biggest than not what they appeared at first in the surface.

Anna Maria Polidori