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domenica, agosto 28, 2016

Story of the Wreck of Titanic by Marshall Everett

Story of the Wreck of Titanic by Marshall Everett republished by Endeavour Press, was written the same year of the departure of this ship, a big coffin for more than 1595 passengers.

The Titanic will remain  a myth for the materials used by the White Star for the construction of the ship. That was why everyone said as a sort of litany: "This ship won't never sink..."

On April 10th 1912 this glorious, beautiful wonderful ship left for the inaugural trip Europe from Southampton directed to New York City.
Many people on-board. There were a lot of reporters, business men, very wealthy people, and poor people who decided to leave the Old Continent for searching some fortune in the New Continent.

There was as always, joy, excitement, great expectations. In itself this ship donated these feelings for the richness proposed. It was immense.

For the passengers, not important if rich or poor was like to living a stunning dream.

The first four days were perfects.

Ocean was calm, and the night of April 14th there was a sky populated by myriads of stars.

Who knows if stars ask for the Children still on Earth?

We can't understand all the secrets of the Universe, but at 11:40 of the night while many passengers were drinking something in some rooms, discussing of various topics, or just playing at cards, the Titanic impacted with a big iceberg. Captain Smith hours before asked to his men to give a joyous speed at the Titanic, so the ship was running at 21 knots during the impact with the iceberg.

It was tried all the possible for avoiding the collision with the iceberg, but without any great success.

At first someone noticed this noise, - the impact - but most of people apart the ones sleeping on the side where the Titanic was "injured", didn't consider the story important continuing to do what they were doing.

This one is not the first book I read of the Titanic.

I also read: A night to remember by Walter Lord, but in this one, and I am grateful for it, it is remarked, and the eBook insists on it many times that there hasn't been any kind of discrimination between rich or poor when, once psychologically and practically understood that the Titanic  in 2 hours and half would have wrecked, where possible, evacuated.

But...which was the main problem of this terrible sink? The sink in itself?

No. A sink can happens.
Just it's necessary to be prepared.

The Titanic, although the promising name wasn't prepared for it.

The Titanic didn't have sufficient lifeboats for all passengers. There were 2340 souls in the Titanic but just 750 people saved their life. All the rest, including many officers and the captain died with the Titanic.

The numbers of the passengers: First class: 330, second: 320; third (the dreaming ones): 750 for a total of 1400.
Officers and crew: 940. Total: 2340 souls.

This one the horror.

The ship was in the middle of the Ocean not close to a river but surely if life boats sufficient the estimated numbers of dead ones I guess irrelevant. Maybe all of them saved. Who knows?

But there were just sixteen at the end lifeboats available, because four damaged by the iceberg. With that sixteen remaining lifeboats officers, men and everyone interested in keeping alive some dear ones worked actively during all that frenetic hours. Until their own end.

It's strange how a wreck it's a story of powerful connection between life and death. Someone will die for leaving the place at someone else. It's not just a gesture of big courage, or heroism but it will establish with that person an invisible wire no one will never break anymore. It gives the perception during that frantically moments (let's also remember the movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) of how precious, real, Life can be and how it is felt and lived courageously in that final moments.

It was a surreal atmosphere the one of the sinking of the Titanic, because the six elements of the band continued to playing til the end. The latest song was: "Nearer, my God to Thee" told the survivors.

Then some explosions, then the final black out, the ship in vertical for 5 minutes and the the final disappearance in the Ocean.

Broken dreams, broken lives, broken expectations. Just death, sadness, crying. Someone told that a man cried: "Oh my God, Oh My God" per  minutes.

No one of the lifeboats could go near the survivors. Many people who, jumped from the ship before the Titanic sank rescued by the lifeboats. A lifeboats was so plenty of people that they started to embark water and a survivor told that if the Carpathia would have waited more time probably also their lifeboat... sank.

You will find many many many interviews with the survivors and the description of that night and of course also the heroic gestures of many people.

Yes because the sinking of a ship presents its priority: women, children and at the end if there is place, men.

Entire families decimated. Couples separated forever, women with children without anymore the help of a husband and father supporting them. Each of them knew that this one would have been a farewell.
It was a story of 2 hours and half. In two hours and half 2340 men, women and children understood that their life was changing... forever.

Act of heroism like the one of Mr.Butt. He left his place to a lady saying her of not forgetting him. He was largely remembered later. There were many important reporters and business men who lost their lives because maybe simply they lived this one as another adventure or because they simply accepted their destiny, preferring to donate their life at a mother and a kid.

Perpetuity of life...

1595 people sank with the Titanic, number more, number less.
The Carpathia, alerted by the Titanic, arrived four hours after. The Titanic sank at 2:20 of the night, survivors rescued scared, shocked. Some of them in the while died in the lifeboats.

Time passed by for each of them, most of these people died very old (Rose Dawson, Titanic movie) but I am more than sure no one forgot that incredibly horrible night.

The Titanic: a perfect ship, became a coffin for more or less 1595 souls.

Of course once arrived to NYC, - in the while the survivors escorted on-board, fed up, warmed, - received the same treatment.

It was choral the help through the various countries once understood what happened and the USA. UK donated a lot of money, like also NYC, Chicago, Washington...

You will also find the investigation that followed this incredible tragedy.

Sometimes man think that can win against nature, but it is not true.
A ship although big can sink and the Titanic sadly didn't lose time.

At the end of the book pages and pages of the names of the people missing at the appeal and dead the night of April 15th in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

I love this book so badly. Sometimes I found it a bit redundant in certain points.

The author treated the same topic various times.

I would have wanted to see each chapter separated better for avoiding confusions and repetitions.

There is to add that the book was written in 1912 the year the Titanic sank so understandably who wrote it was a man plenty of shock. It doesn't happen all the days to lose all these people at once during a pacific trip from Europe to the USA with a ship defined very strong.

Apart it, the eBook cost 0,99, go for it. Immediately. Money very well spent. It's a terrible description of that night, very informative and felt.
I consider the preface lyric.

Thanks a lot Endeavour Press for this ebook!!!

Anna Maria Polidori

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