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La Lettera di Gertrud by Bjorn Larsson

La Lettera di Gertrud
by Bjorn Larsson kept me busy for several days. Published by Iperborea, this book is pshycologically complex, but wonderful I want to add immediately. And I am still here still unsatisfied of my work.

It's a book about discoveries. Discovery of origins; maybe for a genetist like Martin Brenner this unexpected news is more devastating than for other people. Who knows if this one can be an answer at this complicated story.

Sometimes discovering the origin for a person is a relief, for understanding better the past, for living with peace the present and the future, accepting what it was; past behaviors, discriminations of family members or neighbors can be understood rationally. 
I don't think that a secret, revealed, is a quiet process for the person involved and for his/her soul  but surely it set free the person from a past of secrets - they kill entire existences and families - and lies - they're horrible - Not only, but there is a sensation of freedom and possibility of choices.

Said this, the story lived by the protagonist of this book, Martin Brenner is completely different.
There is a revelation but this shocking discovery will cause interior and exterior difficulties. Why? Because Martin doesn't accept his new reality.

Martin at the beginning of the story is portrayed as a successful and happy man. He is in his early 50s, he has a wife that he simply adores, Cristina, and a daughter, Sara. 
He is the successful director of a center where people asks for analysis for understanding if they are the real parents of their children or for discovering if they will become sick of certain illness.
His life is perfect. 

When his mother,  Maria, dies, Martin doesn't feel real sadness. They didn't have a good connection and all their existence was characterized by something not-said. The distance created by her mother built a sort of wall: he has always understood that his mother had erected that wall; he hadn't never understood the reason and of course he didn't live well his relationship with maybe the most important person of our existence.
This "feeling," not feeling anything strong for the departure of his mother departure puzzles him, because Maria is his mother.

One day Martin is reached by an attorney, old friend of his mother. This man has in possession a letter for him; from his mother. 
Her real name was Gertrud and she was a Jewish. Martin is a jewish.

Martin doesn't jump from the chair for the joy and happiness of this news: jewish are prestigious people. No: it happens the opposite and this opposite will bring him to his ruin.

It starts for Martin a complicated season for understanding who realistically he is. He doesn't want to be classified as a jewish, being an atheist, and he doesn't want to live his existence as a Jewish. He wants to continue to eat ham, and he wants to continue to live his life as he did before to discovering this story. But: is it possible?
New medias won't help him either. Also during a protest, one of his gesture is misunderstood by everyone, jewish and protestants and attacked. 

That days, Martin thinking that it is better to keep the secret (this secret will ruin his family as you will read later) starts to read wagons of books about people who discovered later in their life that they were jewish. 
You will read that some people were absolutely furious with their parents, other ones, simply tried to understand, releasing later books about the topic.
A Jewish is considered Jewish if the mother is Jewish; Martin, simply, can't accept it. He doesn't want to change his status. No one can let him changes this idea. 

Martin knows that Jewish people don't have particular signs in their DNA for saying: that one is a Jewish for his/her DNA.  Same is for other ethnic groups, after all.

It's this "unwanting inclusion" in  a group, in an ethnic group, that Martin doesn't want. Martin wants to stay free. 
Simon, a Jewish man working in his laboratory is his best friend, but not because he is jewish, but because they have always been friends, and Martin refuses the idea of searching for friendship because a person is part of an ethnic group. And this one is an intelligent treat of Martin.

Nothing give consolation to Martin. His researches are incredibles. I understood the history of Jewish people, discovering that I had a great ignorance on the topic reading this book.
A story, the one of Jewish people plenty of misunderstanding, a story, the one of this group, that has known an escalation of violence with the arrival of Jesus in the scene.
Jesus was a Jewish, but he was  a revolutionary man and created a new religion. This new religion started to be known, and Jewish after the birth of Catholicism were always more discriminated.
In my mind I thought that Jewish people loved to live without intromissions because part of their character, while it was the opposite. Discriminations  Crusades, then the Holocaust, have been created also by catholics like all the possible distortions regarding Jewish people.
When a damage is so profound, of course a group will protect itself from external aggressions, in many different ways.

What it is shocking in the story by Larsson is this fear: this fear of being Jewish. 

When Martin will reveal that he is a Jewish it will happen this world and the other and no one, jewish, protestants, will see in him a person with a good integrity, but just someone who doesn't want to accept the reality. Jewish will be offended by his behavior, nazists will try their best for damaging him and his family. Martin will remain at the end of this story completely isolated, protected by no one, left by his wife, hated also by his beloved daughterisolated by Jewish people at every level and his desire, of being simply Martin won't be taken in consideration. He is a lost soul.

Martin's feelings after all are the one of a shocked person grown up into a big lie: that he was a Christian. He thought that he was a Christian for more than 50 years; this revelation changed, completely changed the perspective of his existence. Not only: in this book being Jewish is seeing negatively; I read of a massacre in a sinagogue, acts of vandalisms perpetrated at Martin's daughter, because the daughter of a Jewish; Martin lived nightmares, but reality can also be pretty different.

There is in fact to add that borning Jewish is a priviledge. Jewish, as admits Larsson in the book are not born for being God's Believer, but for increasing their knowledge, for studying, for bettering through books their culture without forgetting the other ones. Jewish people are erudite, fascinating, creative; the most important discoveries were made by Jewish; personally in our extended family we had a jewish member once and when things changed it was as a bright, and lucky star disappeared to the horizon. He hasn't never been forgotten.

It's horrible to classify people for their creeds, for their God, for their status, for their existence, for their sexual orientation. Once I remember that, during a confession, when I confessed to my priest Don Marino that I didn't know anymore who was God, Don Marino intelligently let me understand something: "That being born here we call Him God; if we would have been born in India, God would have been Buddha, if in Asia, Allah and so on." To me it meant opening my mind in many other directions, where possible. God is God, and there are no differences. 

Martin to my point of view paid a lot because he didn't tell the truth: he started private crusades, he tried to define his territory, losing his territory, and his loving family, because he wanted to overprotect them because of this news; his friends, his workplace, his house. He had the terror of the repercussion of being a Jewish, when his chief was a Jewish, his friend a Jewish and they lived peacefully.
Martin created by himself this discrimination in big part thanks to his not-acceptance and no one was in grade of helping him because he refused every sorta of dialogue. There are Jewish completely atheists and they live well. 

A big role was played by Maria/Gertrud: realistically this woman set free his son Martin? To my point of view no, but caused a lot of mess in his existence with this revelation, a symptom, clearly that maybe she didn't know him too well. 

This book is extraordinary; it is erudite, you will learn a lot about DNA, RNA,  new methods for understanding our genetical past, but also, as said before the entire story of the birth of Jewish, and their history, plenty of fascination and sufferance; it is a book that describes pretty well the society where we live in; talk shows, fury, chaos; a society lost in words, without any conclusion and any kind of solution at the problems that there are in the world and close to us.

Highly recommended.

I thank Iperborea for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

venerdì, ottobre 18, 2019

The New Cersorship Inside the Global Battle for Media Freedom by Joel Simon

The New Cersorship Inside the Global Battle for Media Freedom
by Joel Simon is a book written by the executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists and published by Columbia University Press.
His long career as foreign correspondent in sensitive places of Earth, and his analysis of reporters in risking everyday of dying (most of them were killed) for reporting truth permits to the author, a real fighter of rights of journalists  to seeing if exists real freedom of expression in all countries, analyzing various realities and his personal history. You will see that there is still a lot of work to be done.
Very often journalists are under attack, or they are killed or they are treated very bad because they report what they see, what they are experiencing; a reporter remains a voice too dangerous for any government at every level.
But the main question is: what does a place without the free press mean? 
If censorship is a characteristic of a dictatorship, free press is direct sign of democracy of a democracy. We will also see that keeping internet a safe and free place where people can express their emotions, feelings, spreading news without to be blocking will also mean for free press that is marching always more close with this new way of communicating, the possibility of a real expression at various levels.

The book is clear, so it is for all readers and for all that people interested in discovering the difficult world of medias and freedom. 

I thank Columbia University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 


The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo

It was an age that I wanted to read a book by Michael Morpurgo
but for a reason or another I hadn't never found a copy. I found a children's book written by him at the second-hand bookshop of Umbertide. The title, The Butterfly Lion. I finished this children's book in 2 hours or so.
The story is absolutely fascinating.
Written on 1996, this one is the story of a friendship between a kid and a white lion, a rarity, but sometimes it happens. 
Modern times: a boy decides of going away from the horrible school where his parents put him.
Walking in the countryside he meets a big house with an old lady. She asks him if he wants to come on in, offering him a lot of scones and various cup of teas. They start to talk and the story is this one. 
Bertie lived in Africa, we are at the beginning of the 1900s and once he discovered a mother lion with his little one, completely white. Once returned home he tells the story to his parents but no one believe him. Then, the tragedy: the white little lion becomes orphan because his dad killed the mother. Bertie, meeting again the little lion asks to his father if he can keep him home. All the family accept. That little lion is nice, he is not violent and he grows up  peacefully, till the day that the parents of Bertie decide of selling it to the owner of a french circus. They could not keep a lion forever. They become big animals.
For Bertie is a real shock, but the promise is great: once he would have found him again and they would have been reunited.
From Africa, Bertie affords in the UK for studying. He wouldn't want to study too distantly but after all he will be more close to his white lion. 
He grows up with close to him another friend, who later would have become his wife; at first, played together, then when in the teen-age age they not understood that they loved each other; they were separated by war, and only later their reunion and the discovery of the white lion.
The end if wonderful; I do strongly believe in these magical meetings.

It's a children's book written incredibly well, with great love, passion and I adored it.

Anna Maria Polidori 

giovedì, ottobre 17, 2019

Perché comincio dalla Fine by Ginevra Lamberti

I lost a lot of people during these past years. With this spirit I asked to reading Perché comincio dalla Fine
by Ginevra Lamberti published by Marsilio.
This one is a real dark and lucid analysis of the situation paradoxically lived by living ones: finding answers for the other world thanks to a miriad of opportunities that the market of the sector offers. Ginevra's tale starts from old memories, remembrances of a lost time, and her real situation: the one of a girl without a place in the cemetery when she will pass away; honestly a house not searched spasmodically by anyone I guess.
This book is great because it takes in consideration all the voices of a sector that, if you don't know that, it's in expansion and try to offer all the time the best for the dead one.
The writer doesn't leave alone all the creatives who treated death in various measure and moments of their existence.

Beauty, strong, absolutely very well written.

I thank Marsilio for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

Le livre de Decisions De Bourdieu au Swot, 50 modeles a appliquer pour mieux reflechir by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler translated by Amelie de Maupeou and adapted in french by Mathieu Jehanno

Le Livre de Decisions De Bourdieu au Swot, 50 modeles a appliquer pour mieux reflechir by Mikael Krogerus
and Roman Tschappeler translated by Amelie de Maupeou and adapted in french by Mathieu Jehanno is a great self-help book that wants, through many pshychologicals and not only models to trying to suggest to you the best way for taking decisions. Big decisions, but also little decisions.
We know all that most of us are procrastinators, that sometimes we don't launch ourselves in new adventures and decisions and that sometimes we are like trapped in a sort of multiples, different decisions that create confusion in our minds; because our interests, because our hobbies, we can't focus with attention on the important things of the existence.

Eisenhower, loved to saying that "les choses urgentes sont rarement importantes, et les choses importantes sont rarement urgentes", the urgent choices are rarely important, and the important choices are rarely urgents.

Men focus mainly on two kind of choices: urgent and importants.

Seeing and analyzing various methods and helped also by important tools in grade to clarify in your mind (this book contains pages where you will write down your priorities) choosing should become more simple and your mind more vivid and motivated.

Following the method of Warren Buffett you can write down a list of priorities that need to be done today trying to see how it works, starting from the first one. 

SWOT analyzes not just projects but also their Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. 

Obviously when a person is close to a dilemma it's also important, remark the authors to trying to understand what is your most important quality. Knowing yourself is a great method for going on well in life, taking the best choices for you.

The example in the book the one of a marathon. A person not too much trained can't think of running a marathon.It's too long. Maybe it would be better to thinking of running for 30 minutes everyday. 

It's important to control our thughts. 

The Talmud says: 

Surveille tes pensées, car elles deviennent tes mots.
Surveille tes mots, car ils deviennent tes actions.
Surveille tes actions, car elles deviennent tes habitudes.
Surveille tes habitudes, car elles deviennent ton caractère.
Surveille ton caractère, car il devient ton destin.

When our choices are important and our expectations big there is the big risk that they won't work and so Barry Schwarts recommends to focus on a choice. When you go to a restaurant, tries to focus on a certain dish. It would be better and so on. 
Profusion when ideas not too clears, add the authors create a lot of confusion.

This book is pretty long, I received a long extract, but for every voice of the existence, from cars to trips and much much more you will receive tips, suggestions and how to take the best decision.

Surely a great book for chronicle unsecure people!

I thank Editions Leduc for the copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

martedì, ottobre 15, 2019

Antidemocracy in America Truth, Power, and the Republic at Risk edited by Eric Klinenberg, Caitlin Zaloom and Sharon Marcus

I start to be a fan of Public Books. The second book I just finished to read is Antidemocracy in America

Truth, Power, and the Republic at Risk edited by Eric Klinenberg, Caitlin Zaloom and Sharon Marcus and published by Columbia University Press it is a great account of what it is going on these years in the USA.
Where to start? It's a beautiful book, and what I read created me a great sufferance. 

President Trump is the son of these times; populistic times. Citizens can't find answer in the establishment and the so-called "elite" and so they vote for a populist candidate. Because of wrong choices made in the past by other politicians. 
Trump wouldn't never been elected if times would have been different, more happy, cheerful and plenty of good answers. 
Three wives,so a divorced man, when in the past candidates couldn't run anymore for the Presidency if they had cheated their wife also once, strong opinions regarding women, sex and power, Trump received anyway wagons of votes also from women. 
Being business man, he acts as a business man also in office; and he has a a great ego. 
President Trump is a weird creature, in grade of capturing the votes of suprematists, white ones, people anti-semitic and racists.
Not only: his policy of anti-immigration has caused a lot of chaos and sufferance, let's think at all that children divided maybe forever by their families, or the ban established against some countries considered nests of terrorists.
His position regarding foreign policy remains embarassing, like also what he is creating everyday in the domesticity of his country.
Knowledge and education for Trump are not important and his opinion of public schools remain poor as remarked; Trump doesn't think that environment, climate change are priorities. He doesn't mind of scientists, he doesn't appreciate who, in various fields of knowledge try in a way or in another to bettering this world.
His lies, admit contributors in this book are many: media are constantly telling lies, everything is wrong; the truth just the one he tells to his electorate.
Twitter became with the time the most crucial instrument of communication of the President, more important than his briefings with reporters. 
The ObamaCare, a first temptative of a different health system, more human has been deleted. 
Teaching, remarks in a chapter a contributor is becoming always more difficult in the age of Trumpism, because it's difficult to explain rationally what it is going on at various levels.
The country wanted by President Trump is extremely divided; people voted him in search of answers, because too unsecure of their future. This one is the certainty but who knows if all these people found answers or their personal situation is the same one of three years ago. 
In the USA there is a heavy air. Old phantoms that people thought buried forever as anti-semitism, are re-starting to take some shape. You will read a vivid analysis of the situation starting from the 1930s.
Racism is incresead, thanks to the messages spread by the President and the anxiety regarding the wall he wants to build. 
The USA remains a country of immigrations. Realistically the only real citizens of the USA and entire America were the Native Americans ones. Killed and dilaniated by the arrival of Europeans.

A beautiful book this one divided in three sections: Part I. The crisis: where we are. Part II. The Collapse: How We Got Here. Part III. The Solutions: What We Can Do.

Written with extreme clarity, Antidemocracy in America is for everyone, for understanding the moment, but also the past; and for trying to see a different future where people will be more united.

I thank Columbia University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

lunedì, ottobre 14, 2019

Shannon Eizenda New Executive Director of the Gubbio Project

Shannon Eizenda is the new
Executive Director of the Gubbio Project. Founded by Fr. Louie Vitale on 2004, the charity assist the homeless located in the area of Tenderloin, a place pretty poor of the city of San Francisco.
Eizenda has experience leading collaborative teams as director of academic programs of a progressive multi-religious, justice centered seminary; she has experience working with street-folks because she worked in a health center focusing in particular on mental problems. Third, she is an experienced fundraiser. Douglas Pierce from the Board Chair of the Gubbio admits that he is thrilled at the chance of working with her.
At the same time Shannon introducing herself to the community of the Gubbio Project remarks that "The Gubbio exists as a hope in a time of crisis - Hope in another way for us to be together." Eizenda adds that "We are living in unprecedent times pf dramatic inequity and injustice."
The final words are for donors and supporters: "There is much to be done as we work towards a more loving and inclusive world and we cannot do it without you."

To Shannon Eizenda, all the staff and guests of the Gubbio Project a big hug from Gubbio.

Anna Maria Polidori 

Questione di Chimica by Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim

Questione di Chimica
by Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim is an electrifying new book published by Marsilio. Have you ever seen The Big Bang Theory? Right: the approach of this young chemist is this one: absolutely wonderful and unique in the genre! This book can be read pretty quickly but at the same time will leave you more conscious of the world where we live in and what happen in our daily life. While I was reading it I thought at the big difference that there is when someone is prepared in the topic, and others are not. You can't never appreciate a topic like physics of chemistry if, at school you don't meet a "divulgative brain." Mai Thi is all this; starting from his daily life, her companion, her best friend Christine, analyzes in detail what happen in a day or more seen and read with the brain of a chemist.
Reading this book it was clear to me that this past summer I left my smartphone in areas of the house too much warm sometimes for example. Many years ago my private english teacher of the high school, I met her at the supermarket sounded pretty scared: "Oh no, not this one and neither the other one. I can't buy these toothpastes. Why, I replied? No sure you, I have some favorite brands and in general without too much thinking I put them in the basket.
"They contain a mortal substance. It causes cancer," she answered me back.
I was deadly scared at the idea. I clean my teeth, 5 times per day. Bloody hell, I thought I will die pretty soon. In this book I found a good explanation and I am reassured that I shouldn't die for any mortal illness caused by toothpaste.

Substantially Mai Thi's family 8s largely composed by chemists and Mai Thi  started to appreciating chemistry since she was little and her dad started to explaining her the world seen and read with his eyes. It's a creative world, where there are little little particles that can be seen just in lab.
Once completed her studies and a master at the Harvard University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts Mai Thi decided of opening a YouTube channel for speaking something about The Secret Life of Scientists. She thinks that it's important to let know to everyone how beauty chemistry is. According to her there are too many false myths that must be corrected regarding this job and people working in the field.
I always say that we live in a world populated by chemistry, physics, math and geometry.

With the eyes of a chemist, Mai Thi will guide you in a fascinating trip, with experiments that you can repeat at home, speaking about what happen everyday in our existence, and our interactions with the most common tools, substances of our daily life.
In a divulgative way Mai Thi teach to all of us chemistry, entering in details in the various segments she analyzes in the chapter taken in consideration, so she will introduce us atoms and the world surrounding them; or what happen in our mouth when we eat and at our teeth in particular; but she will also explain us what happen chemically to food and ingredients like coffee, chocolate, telling us what makes the difference in the various fats and why some of them are more nocive than other ones. Not only; water, smartphone, name a daily activity. It's here!

I would suggest this book to everyone but in particular at students and teachers as well. 

I thank Marsilio for the physical copy of this book composed by a lot of particles as my body, my keyboard and the entire world surrounding me.

Anna Maria Polidori 

domenica, ottobre 13, 2019

Choose Kindness 3-Minutes Devotional Inspiration for Kids by Joanne Simmons

Choose Kindness 3-Minutes Devotional Inspiration for Kids by Joanne
Simmons is an original  new book by Barbour all dedicated to children. This time it's their time for reflecting, with devotionals clearly dedicated to them. Great profoundity these prayers are written for let understand to all children their role as christians in the world and how they can play a good job in the society, helping others, being kind with other people but also in their family and with themselves, praying, being grateful for good situations, and when things are hectic at home asking to being more patients for not altering much more the atmosphere  of pain and sufferance.
At the same time there are prayers for being kind to older people; for being there to them, for being helpful, for listening to them and their wise words. There are prayers for every occasions; schools, friends, for homeless and needy; but also thinking at funny moments, when children play at the park or in the kitchen; children can ask to being peacemakers, good people in the sociel tissue, but devotionals are absolutely many and all in their beauty, of great help to these children.

I found this book fresh, and absolutely a good reading for your children.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley and Barbour for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

Praying your Way to Joy 200 Inspiring Prayers for a Woman's Heart by Donna K.Maltese

Praying your Way to Joy 200 Inspiring Prayers for a Woman's Heart by Donna K.Maltese is a book soon released by Barbour. It is about all that joy given by God and His wise words. Thanks to these prayers every woman can find inspiration for a day plenty of great promises. In periods of uncertainties, when you think that your faith is a bit gone, but also when you are experiencing some diff
iculties or just when you need extra help this book is here, waiting for you with its wise words.
We all need words of encouragement and as I say often God is a great resource for finding inspiration in a daily base and for not get lost.

Beautiful illustrations, delicate, as always another great reading from Barbour. I fall in love for the cover, romantic and tender at the same time.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

When did the Stature of Liberty Turn Green? 101 Other Questions About New York City written by the Staff of the New-York Society Library

It's a beautiful and sunny book When did the Stature of Liberty Turn Green?
101 Other Questions About New York City written by the Staff of the New-York Society Library. If you love New York, if you want to discover realitistically the story of New York in a light way, passing through characters, places, people and what and who made the story of NYC, this one will be a great reading. Published by Columbia University Press this book is divided in various sections: Firsts and Origins, History and Politics, Curiosities and Wonders, Buildings, Streets and Neighborhoods, Arts, Leisures and Diversities. New York: known for his Christmas, and his Christmas's Trees, the first one vendors started their commerce of Christmas's Trees in the city was on 1851. The first book printed thanks to William Bradford in 1685. Although the New York Times is famous internationally, there is to add that the New York Post was the first newsmagazine released in New York, and it was at the end of 1800s, beginning of 1900s that some locals started to being identified as gay-ones.
You will learn that the New York Historical Society was founded by John Pintard, who had previously also founded the Massachusetts Historical Society. At the moment the Historical Society continues to play an important role in the cultural and educational life of the city. You will learn when slavery was suppressed in New York City and an important voice will involve also the so-called "orphan trains" trains of orphans fostered by families in the mid-west or in the west of the USA. 
A club the Harmonie one was founded by a German Jews attracting all that people refused by the exclusive clubs of New York City.
The Club was opened to everyone, not just Jewish people of course. With the time some polemics. Bloomberg resigned from this club and other three ones because he thought that there wasn't too much diversity and Barack Obama gave up from hosting a fund-raising because there are still no blacks in the club. The Harmonie accepts all people and at the moment blacks often visit the club as members's guest.

It was a terrible winter-time that year in NYC.1888, Roscoe Conkling, a senator of 59, successful, great life, plenty of health had had a life still to be living at the fullest. A heavy snow was descending from the sky. When he left his office and took a taxi, considering the 50 dollars that the man pretended, Roscoe preferred to giving up, starting to walk. His end was terribly sad.
Madame C.J. Walker was famous because she was the first millionaire woman. She sold all her life products for improving the quality of hair and fought against discriminations.
John Purroy Mitchel was the youngest mayor of NYC, but his history dramatically sad.
Although Sept 11 2001 that let us see with terror what it meant the impact of two airplanes in two skycrapes, you will read that NYC's problems with airplanes and buildings "existed" also in the past.
The story of mail deliveries in NYC is tremendously interesting but also the story of the research of corpes will intrigue you a lot for sure.
Considering that there wasn't any kind of regulation on the matter, it was custom in the past in NYC at opening graves for searching  for corpses necessary for experiment in laboratories or just for research. If at first this activity was done with a certain discretion, later became morbid and obsessive. 
Let's just add that someone, pretty upset caused a lot of mess because of the disappearance of the bodies of his beloved ones from the cemetery. 
The story of premature babies and Coney Island is captivating like also the one of Topsy an elephant who killed several people. For this reason she was killed as well. 
Balto, differently was an heroic dog. He saved thanks to his work, the existence of many people, and so someone thought that it would have been great remembering this dog with a statue, giving to him and the rest of dogs, dignity when alive.
A voice is dedicated at New Year's Eve; how New Yorkers celebrated the festivity and the arrival of the choice of Times Square iconic place attracting every end of the year New Yorkers and tourists from the world.
There is a statue of Edwin Booth in New York; he was the brother of John Wilkes Booth the killer of Abraham Lincoln. Edwin was a great actor, and he played a crucial role for the city.

Many more voices, many more facts, events, people in this book, fresh, quick, but at the same time informative and very well done.

Highly recommended.

I thank Columbia University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

mercoledì, ottobre 09, 2019

Il Tribunale degli Uccelli FugleTribunalet by Agnes Ravatn

Il Tribunale degli Uccelli FugleTribunalet by Agnes Ravatn published
  • by Marsilio is a powerful book for sure, because will act psychologically and at different levels on the readers. If you have a certain imagination you will notice it. Plus this tale will also put in evidence the profound and distorted relationship of a sick person in confrontation with women.

While I was reading this book I thought that I would have run away as soon as possible from a guy like Sigurd Bagge being extremely talkative; that man was so closed that you had to pay attention at what you said him and the way you said that, words you used for expressing your thoughts couldn't be wrong and so on. Just this a real nightmare!
The story: Allis is an important TV presenter, but she cheated her husband with someone more powerful. People discovered in a pretty devastating way their relationship. She escaped away; without husband, technically Allis is still married of course but... without lover; without anyone.
Without anymore a good reputation and she is jobless, of course. One day he reads that someone needs a housemaid for cooking, keeping clean the garden, the house. Allis thinks that maybe, leaving the city, leaving her old life will be just reason for bettering her emotional situation.
Sure: that house is isolated, that man, all alone in the house a sort of bear. A 40s year old bear, absolutely attractive but at the same time with something wrong in his heart; he doesn't love to communicate at all; he doesn't love to interact with Allis.
Allis tries her best. She doesn't know gardening but slowly she improves; she discovers a notebook with a lot of recipes in the kitchen and she will cook always great meals.
The man is married but the lady is strangely disappeared somewhere. Allis is curious to understand where Bagge's wife disapperead developing at the same time a sort of jealousy for this mysterious lady. A lady, surely with a lot of qualities. A musician.
She imagines her tiny, slim body; her class and grace.
What Allis doesn't know is the profound attachment of Bagge for wine and liquors in general. Allis, there is to add, will be of great company in this sense.
I consider Bagge a bipolar person; someone absolutely not in grade of understanding the dynamics of life; the dynamics not just of unhappiness, but the ones of happiness as well. Bagge would want an exclusive, quiet total control on the other person, something that no one should have. Not in this sick way.
The rural life is beautiful and the imagine portraid by Allis, a life spent with him 'till the end (maybe in a too isolated way also if the relationship an healthy one) absolutely rational: the problem is that when there are people like Bagge around, you can't never know what they think and when they can break also the most beautiful moment of happiness.
I thought: why a man became a complication for others so big? Was it because of his childhood? Because of a unhappy past?
The result of the actions of Bagge can't be circumscribed "in the now," but in a past of desolation, in a past where no one took great care for this ex kid; or just, it is part of his human nature, his abuse of alcohol, a constant unhappiness, a constant being unsecure of himself and the other ones; his inability of giving trust to anyone, and his inability of believing in what others are saying him with open hearts and sincerity.
It's the normality that becomes abnormality that in this book will shock you the most. Coping with a guy like Bagge also not in this scenario is never simple.

I love this books also because the narration is precise, punctual, vivid,  dreaming, scaringly true.

The title of the book is referred at a Bagge's dream where he is judged by a tribunal of birds.
Not only: the book will also reveal the entire story of Baldr, killed thanks to the help of a beautiful Christmas's apparently, innocuous plant: the mistletoe. It's beautiful, I treated it in another review and I leave you the joy of a complete explanation of this myth, following Allis's words.

Highly recommended.

I thank Marsilio Editori for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

domenica, ottobre 06, 2019

Il Piccolo Virgil by Ole Lund Kirkegaard

Il Piccolo Virgil by Ole Lund
Kirkegaard is a wonderful sunny and funny children's book published by Iperborea.
Ole Lund is one of the most beloved Danish writer of children literature.
Virgil lives in a hen house and as companion a rooster only with a leg. Virgil is happy to living there; he doesn't have other places where to go. He goes to school and he has two other friends: Oskar, an avid reader, and Carl Emil a pretty rich kid.
Adventures that these three buddies will live are the most diversified ones. In an adventure they will try to find a good spouse for a stork. They end up thinking that the goose of a strong, fat lady living close to them can be a great solution. In the night they steal the goose but immediately after in the morning the lady notices her goose close to the house of the owner of the local grocery store. The lady pretty upset promises to that man of not buying anymore anything in his store, thinking that the goose stolen by him.
An episode I found hilarious and fascinating the one of the birthday of Carl Emil. Invited by him, Virgil and Oskar will bring him two special gifts. Oskar presented him a toad, Virgil a box with an invisible gift. At the same time in this episode as you will read will happen this world and the other and for Carl Emil's parents the experience is more than stressing.
At the same time the celebration of birthday is lived by these two children as a great novelty, because in the case of Virgil I guess he didn't know when and where he was born; in the case of Oskar, maybe her mother didn't remember. A lot of time ago it happened. 
Another episode will involve a vagabond who must return in a special town called Giappia where people are constantly happy; they eat  rays of the sun, they are constantly happy and joy, joy, joy in Giappia is always warm!!! 
In every chapter you will discover imagination in motion, a lot of fun, and sometimes these children will become troublemakers listening what adults are saying or suggesting. Trying to better some situation they will create more chaos. Always appearing innocents.

I really enjoyed reading the adventures of Virgil and his friends. It's a great and funny reading that I am sure will be appreciated by everyone.

I thank Iperborea for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori  

sabato, ottobre 05, 2019

Pearce Trenary remembers his dad

He was killed a year ago on Sept. 27th while walking  on the street in downtown Memphis after an event organized by his chamber. He was in the wrong place at the wrong moment.
Phil Trenary was synonime of Memphis. He donated to his adoptive city, a city that hugged him and loved him a lot, all the best he could give at. 
CEO at first of the Pinnacle Airlines, at the moment of his death was the CEO of the Great Chamber of Commerce. 
The main passion of Phil Trenary were airplanes; a passion that meant work as well and a passion transmitted also to his son Pearce who, in an interview at a TV station of Memphis remembered his dad and his profound connection with him. Phil Trenary has always been a father close to his children. Pearce remembers that he received two calls from him everyday;  he loved all his family tenderly and was close to all of them.
Another big love of Phil Trenary was his adoptive city, Memphis: the legacy left by his dad, Pearce says is strong in this sense. Phil Trenary had clear ideas about Memphis.
It was indispensible to "Make the city the best that can be" a legacy that the family Trenary want to perpetuate. Memphis won't remain without them now that Phil is disappeared in such a devastating way. But Pearce is also firm: "Memphis is my dad, aviation was my dad, not what happened." 
Pearce adds also that the place where he finds the most profound connection with his father is the airport: "We became buddies here."

Anna Maria Polidori 

venerdì, ottobre 04, 2019

KETO La Dieta per bruciare i grassi, resettare il metabolismo, potenziare il cervello, e ridurre il rischio di malattie by Dr. Josh Axe

KETO La Dieta per bruciare
i grassi, resettare il metabolismo, potenziare il cervello, e ridurre il rischio di malattie by Dr. Josh Axe, from Nashville, Tennessee, is a book by Marsilio Editori that wants to speak an old message to the newest generations: it's important to try to follow what the oldest generations ate for living a best life.

But, let's start from the beginning. What the Keto diet wants to do? 

First of all the promise is that abolishing carbohydrates, just 30 grams per day and introducing good fats, body will be forced to use the material "put aside" previously; the fat accumulated. In this way you will start to losing weight.

I tell that I love this diet so badly because it's fresh, plenty of beverages and water (I think more than 2 liters of water everyday) and I use some of the ingredients described by Axe.

Today for example for dinner I decided for a broth, one of the most important components of the Keo Diet. Keeping alive as long as possible our collagen is important and using broth prepared with parts of domestic animals, rich of collagen will help us to preserve it as well.

Sure the list of food you will need to avoid are many starting with every kind of sugar, cereals, bread, industrial products (thumb up), coke, milk and fresh cheese.

I see you all scared: possible? What should we eat? Organical food, the best one: the author expresses the desire that people shouldn't never look at industrial food for losing weight, because buying that food would mean to reduce the curative power of this diet. You won't just lose weight, you will build also another identity, with more freshness, with more freedom, more lightness.

Organic foods admitted are great: from lattuce to coconut milk; for preparing your dishes with flour, you will use the almond one, sugar will become stevia in your dictionary and your...cupboard. Veggies of every sorta will be deliciously present on your table. Powder proteins will become collagen proteins. Spaghetti-zucchini will become the answer to pasta. Beverages involves green tea, tea in general coffeeine, broth. 

You won't lose just fat with this diet, but you will avoid a lot of important illness.

Mr. Axe wrote this book also taking in consideration the great amount of obese Americans. The South of the US, with their robust and delicious food doesn't help at all.
A fat person is more lazy and can develops various problems with the time. Keeping under control weight is crucial.

To my point of view this one can become a life-style. Just I think that this diet is potentially expensive, and not everyone can buy always organically.

For the rest, this one is a wonderful book and an exciting diet for all that people in love for veggies and natural food; highly recommended to everyone.

I love so badly the second part dedicated to delicious recipes. Truly inspiring!

I thank Marsilio Editori fot the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori