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mercoledì, novembre 22, 2017

The New York Nobody Knows Walking 6000 Miles in the city by William B.Helmreich

When you afford to New York again or maybe for the first time, please read The New York Nobody Knows Walking 6000 Miles in the city by William B.Helmreich because it's plenty of informations and you will be prepared to visit the Big Apple with different eyes and a different conscience. Plus, the author is plenty of humanity and I find the narration captivating, felt.

While I was reading the book I could imagine the author  walking along the crowded streets of New York searching for an interesting story, something to report.

It's a city-story and it's a common saying this one: you can't know a big city very well if you don't start to walk discovering its inner sides.

It's a saying known for every big city of this world. Walking is a natural activity and walking in a big city can permit us to discover hidden spots, faces, something peculiar that differently couldn't never be seen.

The author took the story pretty seriously. This book is the result of his main activity during that period: he walked. Yes:  also in the most dangerous places, neighborhoods of New York Per miles and miles everyday and then once returned home he wrote down what he thought without any interruption for not losing the fresh perceptions, the fresh intuitions he perceived while he was "on the road." His feelings, people he met, little interviews with strangers, with important people, feelings, sensations, mixing all of it with the cultural history of this city, and its important and main resource: immigration, the pulsing heart of New York City.

William B.Helmreich hasn't never been injured while he was walking, but he previously read a book about the correct behavior to keep when a person walks in difficult places and it helped a lot, like also it helped to wearing the perfect outfit for every occasion and place.

New York is a city populated by the entire world! Italians, Irish, Jewish, Muslims, people from the most distant places try to reach a better future in this city.

New York City doesn't have a lot of clandestine immigrants but according to Ed Koch in an interview of 2012 the city shouldn't cultivate illegality talking about illegal immigrants.
Mayor Bloomberg said to the author that they did all their best for helping the change. More beautiful schools, parks, places, safe streets and cultural opportunities.

Immigrants: they love to keep some contact with their distant land and Mr Helmreich discovered it happens with....flowers as well! A man created a garden with exotic flowers: the flowers of his land, Guyana. That man told him that planting these flowers important for not losing a contact with his distant country.

Each ethnic group keep its own traditions. Italians, Irish, Jewish, Muslins, for example love to bring their children in their own schools, maintaining also the "heart" of their own culture: language, traditions, food, music, movies and each community in the most diversified corners of NYC lives united like a little big village but they are also known because of their professions.

Parks, sports, beautiful spots of New York: William B.Helmreich photographed an interesting city, less violent, more friendly than not the New York City of 30 years ago. Substantially 9/11 changed in better paradoxically the face of this city.
New Yorkers understood that unity is better than division.

I thank so much for the physical copy of this beautiful book Princeton University Press.

Anna Maria Polidori

domenica, novembre 19, 2017

Italian Millionaire, Runaway Principessa by Sun Chara

Are you romantic and you love sexy, romantic books? You can't miss to read in this case one of the latest books written by Sun Chara: Italian Millionaire, Runaway Principessa.
The sexy beast this time is Peter Medeci, italian origins he grew up in Little Italy baby, New York City. He became a very successful and rich doctor and fell in love for Ellie.
Ellie has always been his reason of life but, Ellie, less acculturated than him, less opportunities, a shadow of this important man, decides to move on.
Peter is devastated because he still loves this wonderful girl and he doesn't know how to re-conquer her.
The big opportunity appears to the horizon when thanks to a domestic incident Ellie injures her head with a prognosys of three weeks and a request from Peter: to return to live with him for  three weeks as wife and husband and then if she truly wants this, they can divorce.

Ellie is skeptical because she still loves Peter and at the same time she dreams her own independence...

Such a romantic, nice, sexy story this one written by Sun Chara, with a lot of italian words! as well inserted in the dialogues between the two protagonists.

Highly recommended for sure!

I thank Sun Chara for the advanced copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

Greek Millionarie Unruly Wife by Sun Chara

Greek Millionaire Unruly Wife is a romantic, sexy book written by Sun Chara and published by Harper Impulse.
Intense love-story, in this book we see a sexy, fascinating millionaire, Michalis, who falls terribly in love for Julia. Julia reciprocates his interest, and she is pretty absorbed by this charismatic man. Although this love-story sounds endless after three months and a marriage it miserably collapses. But there is a gift, the gift of life in Julia's belly and who knows if the entrance in scene of their beloved daughter won't help them to re-discover the sunny and lost happiness?

Writing-style of Sun is never boring, pretty quick, many dialogues and interactions between the various characters, this book confirms the bubbling personality of the author, positive and optimistic. If you want to spend some time dreaming of wonderful men and romantic sexy stories go for this book! :-)

Sun Chara a HarperImpulse/HarperCollins author has been one of the first authors I interviewed on my blog.

I thank Sun Chara for the advanced copy of this eBook :-)

Anna Maria Polidori

venerdì, novembre 17, 2017

Earline's Pink Party The Social Rituals and Domestic Relics of a Southerner Woman by Elizabeth Findley Shores

Earline's Pink Party The Social Rituals and Domestic Relics of a Southerner Woman by Elizabeth Findley Shores is an immersion in the most authentic profound South of the USA starting from the beginning of 1900s seen through the eyes of the protagonist of this story: Earline Moore Findley. Describing her life will mean to being catapulted in the old southerner atmosphere.

The author has never known Earline, her grand-mother, but thanks to a profound and detailed reconstruction of customs, familiar habits and traditions of the South,  Earline will be more than alive through the pages of this book, with a lot of pictures as well! and will guide us in this fascinating trip in the past of Alabama and Tuscaloosa in particular.

We will discover that a great novelty, and reason for celebrate at the beginning of 1900 was the arrival of photography. Adults and youngsters wore for the big event, their best clothes, because they knew that they would have lived a magical adventure: they would have been immortalized in a picture, precious and unusual for that time. A picture precious because a rarity.

Did you know for example that a sign of distinction in a wealthy family was painting the house?
An unpainted house meant that the family was not economically good. Earline received a first declaration of love at 16, and she wore for the occasion a beautiful opal ring in a picture, but then the story for a reason or another interrupted. Earline would have passed at her daughter the "saved ring" and her daughter passed it at the author of the book, always at the age of 16.
Earline studied for becoming a teacher but at the end she was a mom mainly and wife. In fact later she would have met a good man, Herbert, a lawyer with which she built her existence with.
Earline although a lady we can think without too many worries was devastated during all her life by many departures and sad ideas: that she was unattractive, unsave and unlovable.
These three sad ideas, like also the the ones of remaining alone and suffering of some contagions kept her life constantly vigil under many aspects. 
Earline was a passionate of good food, but she left at servants the preparation of firsts and seconds, thinking that these ones were not noble dishes, and leaving for her the joy of baking. She was a passionate of baking and she asked for recipes to all her friends and relatives trying to better each time their recipes.

Earline was scared by the social condition of his time but she hasn't never taken a real position about it. She remained at the window looking at the events that were going on and at that time situation in Alabama, racism, tensions between black and white pretty complicated.
This, maybe because of the education received.
Earline kept a journal but she hasn't never written more than what it was necessary to write.

Earline's Pink Party is plenty of great anecdotes and life-stories, don't forget the pink party one! and you love history, customs, I am more than sure that this one is the book for you!

Highly recommended to everyone!

I thank University of Alabama Press for the physical copy of this romantic book.

Anna Maria Polidori

giovedì, novembre 16, 2017

Beautiful in God’s Eyes The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman by Elizabeth George

Beautiful in God’s Eyes The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman  by Elizabeth George is a book published by Harvest House plenty of grace and wisdom.
I picked up this book because fascinated by its wonderful cover and I admit that reading it has been a great pleasure.

Who is a good and first of all beautiful woman for God? Someone wise, wealth, someone responsible of the good administration of money in a family and someone who pay attention to her life and the one of her dear ones.
She won't speak a lot but she will act more; she will be a so-called good woman giving with her actions good example to her community, friends and family.  This book wants to encourage you of living a good life following Christian principles and adding religion at your existence and at your daily life.

I highly suggest this book to all women!

I thank NetGalley and Harvest House for this ebook!

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, novembre 14, 2017

The Card Catalog Books, Cards, and Literary Treasures - The Library of Congress - by Carla Hyden and foreword by Carla Hyden

The Card Catalog Books, Cards, and Literary Treasures - The Library of Congress - by Carla Hyden and foreword by Carla Hyden Librarian of Congress is a superlative book by Chronicle Books.

A celebration this one of the historical Cards of Catalog Books associated with the most celebrated and beloved books and items at the Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress is the biggest American reality with more than 165 million items, 38 million cataloged books, and for not forgetting  anyone and any country the Library contains print material in 470 different languages! The story of this Library, the oldest federal institution of the USA is fascinating.

In the remote past the most remarkable library created by Alexander the Great.
Library of Alexandria of Egypt the biggest reality of the past.
The cataloger was Callimachus.
Unfortunately a big fire deleted that temple of culture and just tales of what it meant that library can report us its lost magnificence.

Libraries became with centuries impressive considering that more books were in the while published.

1774: in the USA it was revolutionary time, but although people were breathing an atmosphere pretty warm, the idea of a Library of Congress started to take shape considering also that politicians had chosen the city that would have been the capital of all the USA in Washington D.C. That first library has been destroyed in 1814 by the english during a war and then it was completely re-built.

Now: time passed by and new systems, more moderns replaced the old ways of cataloging books and other items. Question was: what to do of all that amount of cards accumulated?
Because History is not just a first edition of a book entered in the Library, but also that old card, witness of the physical presence of it, written by a librarian in a certain day, month and year.
If  a card was written in 1880 or before shouldn't be considered a historical piece? Of course it should and it must.
For this reason this book wants to celebrate that little, oldest cards that made possible the existence of Library Of Congress and it's immense catalog.

Old handwriting, I tried to imagine the faces of the librarians who wrote that cards. Someone who did care the moment, someone in love for books and someone who provided a great service for the community.

You will see more than 200 full-color images of original catalogue cards and many first editions of beloved books in this book.

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, The Cat in the Hat by Dr.Seuss, William Tell Told Again by P.G.Wodehouse one of the funniest authors of this world, Francis Scott Fitzgerald with The Great Gatsby, William Faulkner, E.B. White with Charlotte's Web and many, many others starting with the oldest books you can imagine.

The purpose of this book wants, in a crucial moment in which digitization  doesn't pass anymore through paper, to remember and never forget what the old Library of Congress' system has been.
No one knows what the future will bring, time will tell, but it's necessary to remember a romantic age when men and women in libraries cataloged millions of books manually.

I thank so much Abrams&Chronicle Books for the physical copy of this dreaming book.

Anna Maria Polidori

Amish Cooking Class Cookbook Over 200 practical Recipes for Use in any Kitchen by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Amish Cooking Class Cookbook Over 200 practical Recipes for Use in any Kitchen by Wanda E. Brunstetter, an authority and one of the founder of Amish novels and literature, will be published on February 1 2018.

This book wants to be the sum of The Amish Cooking Class series of novels written by ms Brunstetter.
There is a lot to learn about Amish baking and cooking.
Personally I focused my attention on some recipes discovering for example an interesting novelty: for what I can see Amish people love to bake and cook differently from traditional American recipes  adding oil and not butter in most recipes I know where butter is used the most.

The Amish don't live with our commodities and they decided to continue to breath the atmosphere we lived before the arrival of newest tools for simplifying our life, but not only: they refuse the use of cars, tractors, of every kind of novelty and their clock is interrupted in a timeless moment.

These women work hardly and a lot of chores wait them outside and inside the house because these families of Amish have all a farm.
They love to cook and bake with joy and dedication. Robust breakfasts, good cakes, delicious treats, at the beginning of the book some tips and advice for every cook.

Each section will be a great discovery I can tell you that.
I found delicious in the Bread section  the famous Amish Friendship Bread and the Amish Cinnamon Rolls. The first recipe can be the base for more dishes.
In the cake section a great Strawberry Shortcake, but if you want to make happy your children why not to try the candy caramel?
Bars and Cookies will reveal a wonderful recipe for sweet chocolate cookies, a bit different from the most common one we know.
I noticed that Amish recipes are more "abundant" in terms of quantity of ingredients for a richest result and more available food.
A lot of pies for all tastes, Puddings section starts introducing us banana pudding. Latest sections are about Icing, Creams, and Sweet Sauces and Amish Canning.

I highly suggest you this yummy cookbook!

I thank NetGalley and Barbour for this eBook!

Anna Maria Polidori