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domenica, agosto 12, 2018

Of Green Leaf Bird and Flower Artists' Books and the Natural World edited by Elisabeth Fairman

Of Green Leaf Bird and Flower Artists' Books and the Natural World is a joyous catalog born for accompanying the art exhibit Of Green Leaf and Flower Artists' Books and the Natural World; the catalog was released by Yale Press in collaboration with Yale Center for British Art.
A poetic homage of passionate lovers and curators, edited by Elisabeth Fairman senior curator of rare books and manuscripts at the Yale Center for British Art, with essays by Robert McCracken Peck, Molly Duggins, David Burnett.
Yale University was gifted by a passionate naturalist Paul Mellon, founder of this Yale's branch and although American, Mellon was a true lover and estimator of the British countryside, houses, parks. With the time Mellon accumulated a lot of prestigious, beautiful manuscripts, rare ones sometimes, and once dead most of this stunning collection donated to Yale.
This exhibit reveals thanks to the pages of passionate authors, observers, known people devoted to the natural world for the most diversified reasons, the absolute stunning beauty of nature, thanks to wonderful imagines, sketches, pictures.
This catalog and exhibit takes in consideration books starting from the XV century.
There was who tried at first to classify plants, animals; soon in UK people created a lot of nature local clubs for all passionate; later in particular women's traveller during the 1700s created beautiful journals and books thanks to scrapbooking, collages, annotations,  observations. Men were also voracious botanical passionate. John Stuart Mill didn't pass at history just for being a philosopher and a great, important thinker but also for being  a great collectors of herbs; his massive herbarium counts twelve thousand plants; yes the man didn't joke! at all and thanks to his numerous friends and connections and the ability of sharing, swapping he collected herbs from places that he has never visited, located sometimes in the most remote corners of the world.
Analyzed also Victorian period and the reaction at the beauty of natural world, and a stunning portrait of an artist of 70 years in a wheelchair, great collaborator of Oxford University Press and children's book's author Sister Margaret Tournour.
Enjoy The Field Guide to the British Countryside where the most magnificent illustrations, paintings, modern realization will let you discover the beauty, dreaming landscape with its flora and fauna of UK.

While I was reading this catalog, observing these poetic pictures, images, drawings I thought that it's inspiring. Inspiring for going into the wood, into that wild world in particular for people living in a big city for searching for a wonderful connection with nature, animals that want just to welcome us and let us celebrate their beauty. It is possible to share this catalog with children as well encouraging them at the creation of beautiful journals, or scrapbooks where they will collect tree-leaves, flowers, starting to discover nature. If they are also talented little painters, it would be great to see their creations in motion. It's important to appreciate, love and nurture nature and its poeticity. It will save our world and our soul presenting us beauty and relaxation.
I was watching last night on TV the second movie of The Lord of the Rings and I thought at the last name of mr. Mellon; in the elfic language invented by Tolkien it means friend.

Highly recommended to all the adventurers, explorators and appreciators of the natural beauty of the world.

I thank Yale University Press for the physical copy of this catalog.

Anna Maria Polidori

venerdì, agosto 10, 2018

The Return Reflections on Loving God Back by Lacey Sturm

What happens when a teenager wants to die, try to kill herself, survive  and is back to life? What is life for someone who didn't want to live anymore?
It becomes the best trip she has ever experienced and all of it, thanks to the help of God.
The Return Reflections on Loving God Back by Lacey Sturm is an intense book of reflections regarding the love God presents us, unique people in a world sometimes upsetting but always wonderful.
Lacey does more: she presents us many pages of her journals.
She reads Bible two times everyday; she doesn't never forget to thank God for the second chance presented to her; back to life, she is grateful, recognizing that the beauty of life is everywhere and we mustn't never forget it.
Twelve chapters with meditations, succulent recipes, prayers, poems,
what-to-do lists, pictures, drawings, shared with her readers.

Wonderful, inspiring book for not losing hope; for continuing to see the light also during a long dark night, because where there is God obscurity can't reign.

I thank Baker Book Bloggers for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

giovedì, agosto 09, 2018

The Bookstore of Beauty Thoughts

Located close to Bar Bosone and Ottica Baldelli, its name is The Bookstore of Beauty Thoughts, La Libreria dei Pensieri Belli. It's the new, magical bookstore opened at Gubbio.
I discovered the publishing house Edizioni del Baldo eight years ago. When my brother fell sick and stayed per months to the hospital of Foligno, I found two beautiful books published by them in the newsagency of they hospital. They intrigued me for their beauty. They relaxed my mind. I interviewed mrs Zanoncelli later about the publishing house, their future projects, how they work, what they search.

It's a wonderful and sunny space the one created by these ladies. They admit that no, they're not from Gubbio.
All these bookstores are pretty nice in terms of price because there are no other passages apart publishing house and bookstores. No distributors; just them.

At the moment The Bookstore of Beauty Thoughts discounts a part of books, the one close to the corner, along the street: the one close to the so-called ex Bruna's Bar.
Three books for just five euros.
You can find Astrology, all Salgari's books, if you want to present an important gift to your children, some classics, a lot of guides; I loved the one for the creation of artificial nests for local birds. But also: beauty thoughts, religion and spirituality, journals for every occasions; books for the garden; there is a little booklet with various enchanting greeting cards ready to be cut, written and shipped; horror books, if you like the genre; a lot of books of recipes. From bread to desserts, you will find all that you want.
If you'll shop why not buying also a tote bag? They are colored, all beautiful, with a special thought and a fantasy that will enchant you. They are discounted: one costs 6 euros each but if you buy three tote bags they cost just 10 euros.

Del Baldo desires to create a beauty and colored world, and it is what each book does, with precious, old-fashioned illustrations, devotion, research and love.
It is not important if it will be a cookbook or an inspirational book. Go for it with the certainty that it has been written with love and dedication.

Launch yourself in a never-ending adventure plenty of great readings and happy and beauty thoughts.

Anna Maria Polidori

ps: curious to see what I bought for five euros? Here we are...

Catalina and the King's Wall by Patty Costello, illustrated by Dianne Cojacaru

Catalina and the King's Wall is a children's book written by Patty Costello, illustrated by Dianne Cojacaru, released by Eifrig Publishing with profound meanings: the fear of the other, the inability of being opened with the so-called strangers, the impossibility of dialogue.
Catalina works at the dependence of a King and this King goes crazy for her cookies and her sweet treats. Catalina is happy to work in such a beauty place, the Court, being an appreciated appreciated, but she is still missing her family. She counts to see them soon, but the idea of the King shared also with her is pretty scaring: the king would want to create a wall of separation with the closest kingdom where his relatives live.  Why? He doesn't love that people at all. Better to stay away from them.
What to do? She tries all her best, with spectacular solutions at the end she will win against the terrible idea of the king of creating a wall of separation in the area.

In Europe we experienced it with the city of Berlin; just in 1989 that wall that, de facto, divided a city in two parts, the Communist one and the Occidental one was destroyed; entire families, separated just because they lived in different areas of the city, reunited.

This children's book is indispensable for let appreciate to kids their freedom, possibility of traveling, seeing the world and experiencing a world free from walls but it wants to be also a reflection because we must pay attention: walls of every kind, symbolic or reals are built everyday: where walls are physicals they want to avoid the passage of people in a land where there is maybe more freedom and possibilities or for political reasons, for not being in contact with a certain government.
Strong of the fact that history repeats itself, it's important to monitoring what it is going on in the world for building a society composed by freedom, peace and harmony.
It's up to us and to our integrity, honesty and open-minds, and it's up to educators, parents, relatives and friends to growing up children opened and inclusive.
I love the illustration plenty of strong and vivacious colors.

I thank Patty Costello and Library Thing for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

mercoledì, agosto 08, 2018

Minds Make Societies How Cognition Explains the World Humans Create by Pascal Boyer

Minds Make Societies How Cognition Explains the World Humans Create by Pascal Boyer published by Yale University Press, is a profound reflection about humanity, and the meaning of it, seeing in a kaleidoscope where nothing is left out, and "visualized,"observed thanks to the incorporation and integration of evolutionary biology, psychology, sociology and much more.
Definition of humanity, groups, ethnicity, political parties in grade to incorporate a lot of people "under their wings," social conditions and variants that can occur, situations of conflicts, religions; differences between  various situations that men experience choosing of embrace a religion or just asking for an advice at a religious specific character as a shaman can be; the born of religions for the soul as I would define the Hinduism and Buddhist ones, the meaning of information, crusades of every sorta of problems in grade to attract people causing conflicts and debates, their power and their lacks; the  junk culture permits to experience various kind of distortions in the beliefs and certainties of people.
The author will also analyzed the meaning of family, and the invention of modern western family as we know this little society, the various different typologies of families pretty diverse in the world, passing through the attraction of a man and a woman and how a man or a woman picks up a potential partner, defining also the domestic oppression that a woman can suffers at many levels.
The final chapters are dedicated to the cooperation between minds, asking in the final chapters if humans minds understand societies, in all their complexities.
Yes, because what it is real for us, and a certainty, for other societies not true because there are another systems of living and loving, thinking, creating an existing.

Beautiful, captivating reading, I couldn't put down this book.

I suggest this book to everyone interested to discover more about ourselves, our minds, why sometimes we act and reacts in certain ways, why sometimes we can't understand other ones, felt as enemies or "strangers"; but the most important aspect of this book it's that it will open a lot of chances and possibilities of inclusions thanks to a new modality of understanding of this world, minds, societies, human beings in a world always more projected to create a humanity close, peaceful, united, thanks also to its differences and diversities.

Highly recommended.

I thank Yale University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, agosto 07, 2018

May I Quote you on That? A guide to Grammar&Usage by Stephen Spector

May I Quote you on That? A guide to Grammar&Usage by Stephen Spector published by Oxford University Press is a solid, funny, grammar book in grade to conquer everyone for sure.

Teachers can make the difference and mr.Spector is in grade through quotes of celebrities like Johnny Depp, Billy Crystal, Lady Gaga, Woody Allen, but also writers as Mark Twain and many others to explain us with great lightness and a joyous approach formal english and how to use it properly in every situation.

The approach with people can't be too informal if we don't know them well: if we speak or interact with someone important we must keep a decent distance and a different, more polite language.
Is it difficult?
No, if we follow the directions and advice of a passionate grammar teacher like Stephen Spector is. There is not another best book to me for learning a wonderful formal english than this one. I am a passionate of every book written by mr Spector, because thanks to him, it's simple and a pure pleasure to learn a language - I am italian and so my process of learning will continue forever -
Original approach, inclusive, passionate, intense and felt each lesson explains the rules of words, their best usage in modern formal english, history.
If you are a writer, a journalist, a student, a teacher, you should read this book, but...If you are single as well!
If you are looking for someone, remember that a good grammar is one of the most important qualities in a romantic partner.
People with a solid grammar knowledge are in grade to write beautiful romantic, passionate letters.

Highly recommended grammar book.

I thank Oxford University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

lunedì, agosto 06, 2018

La ragazza che cuciva lettere d'amore, The Forgotten Seamstress, by Liz Trenow

La ragazza che cuciva lettere d'amore, The Forgotten Seamstress, by Liz Trenow , book published in Italy by TEA and Mondolibri is the touching story of Maria Romano. After that she lost her mother Maria was brought in an orphanage where she learned the art of sewing. Because particularly good Maria and Nora, her best friend were requested at Buckingham Palace.
One day they met also the young and future king, we are in the 1910s . He is still a teen-ager and a boy constricted at a rigid education considering his future role.
The Prince of Wales, expansive, finds fascinating Maria from the first time. Maria at the same time dreamed to meet one day the prince alone.
The prince was searching for the normality of some moments spent with a common girl; Maria for the exceptionality of these meetings.
A love was born; but, an impossible one treasured by Maria for the rest of her life thanks to her stunning and precious quilt prepared with all her love for all the protagonists of her tormented life.

This secret union will bring the arrival of a baby and Maria, for this reason, still pregnant, will be removed from Buckingham Palace and placed in a psychiatric structure where they will steal her newborn baby and where she will be kept sedated the first years; she will live there for more than 50 years, rescued just by Nora, her best friend at the times of Buckingham Palace.
I tell the truth: this part didn't make me sleep well per two-three days, thinking that, a "problem" like this one could be sorted out with such heartless perspective; the entrance in scene of masonry, a "phantom" that knew everything of it destabilized me a lot as well.

London, our times, present us Caroline, a girl plenty of problems. She lost her job, she left her boyfriend, her mother suffers of Alzheimer and she finds the quilt of Maria one day at her mother's house. The adventure starts from that moment and Caroline will discover a shocking truth hidden in that quilt, plenty of love and, after all, no regrets.

Highly recommended.

If you are interested to create Maria's quilt here the directions


I bought this book at Club per Voi a very good italian book club.


Anna Maria Polidori