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Do Bugs Wear Shoes? Book Launch: for the next 48 hours FREE on Amazon!

It's celebration time at Two Umbrellas Media.
You will surely remember my review about Do Bugs Wear Shoes? a funny children's book about the most common or unusual questions about bugs; an interesting reading for little readers.

Good: the finished e-book is now available for FREE on Amazon but hurry!!! because just for 48 hours only!

Authors and staff asks for reviews, opinions about this book to be left on Amazon after that you will download it.

This book has had tremendous positive feedback from the scientific community and early reviewers as me :-)

Anna Maria Polidori

venerdì, ottobre 19, 2018

180 Devotions for When Life Is Hard Encouragement for a Woman's Heart by Renae Brumbaugh Green

180 Devotions for When Life Is Hard Encouragement for a Woman's Heart by Renae Brumbaugh Green is a religious inspiring book published by Barbour, in grade to speak to the heart of us, women, in moment of difficulties and when, sometimes, not all the times, we doubt of the action of God in our existence.Why? Because most of the time we imagine God as a warrior in grade to protect us, maybe because we are "good Christians" by all the possible external attacks.
But life is long and problems appear, and sometimes they have devastating consequences for our existences and families; but so; where is God during these times of sorrow? Where is God while we are in trouble? For all these reasons, this book was born: for bringing light where there is obscurantism; for new hope when a woman lives a hopeless situation; for bringing new energy when there are big problems that she imagine she won't never in grade to sort out. Most of these ones are also reflections about our daily life; how we spend our time, stress, work, sick, hope, relationship, interactions at work, sadness, depression, solitude. Beautiful and sincere, this book  is the perfect gift for a discouraged woman.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Dreaming of Christmas: The perfect feel-good festive romance for this Christmas! by T.A. Williams

Dreaming of Christmas: The perfect feel-good festive romance for this Christmas!  by T.A. Williams is a wonderful love-story with beautiful locations and a dreaming happy end.  Grant, Zoe's boyfriend decides of leaving her alone after many years spent together; the girl is devastated because she knew him from a life and all she would have thought but surely not to being abandoned for another girl close to Christmas. Shocked for this unexpected and unpleasant Christmas's gift, Zoe tries all his best for not
thinking the following months. She works as a reporter for a celebrity magazine. In the past she worked for a biggest and
prestigious reality but she was fired when the newsmagazine restructured the place. In general she writes about celebrities. When she was young she spent years with a group of friends and now one of them, William but everyone call him Bill, invites all the group to joining him in an exclusive Austrian hotel and resort. Billy made wagons of money thanks to new technologies and became a real celebrity.
The editor of the magazine asks to Zoe to try to interview him. Billy opens his heart to Zoe, telling her a lot of personal facts during the vacation...

Happy end, this one is beauty book speaking of new beginnings after some sadness.
The cover is magical.
This one if the first book I read about mr Williams and I found it beautiful.

I thank NetGalley for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

The Nose that Nobody Picked by David Parkin

The Nose that Nobody Picked by David Parkin  is the perfect story for you if you love nonsense as I do. I am a nonsense book-addicted and when I find a nonsense book I try my best for buying it.
I felt immediately attracted by this book because of the plot, the topic, and I can tell you that I was right. The book is beautiful.
We all know that noses, if they are not part of a bodies, couldn't live, but once, Christopher a kid found one of them; and the little big nose was alive. Christopher, a curious kid couldn't believe at his luck:  a real living nose: what a precious creature that one. He immediately brought the nose at home, hiding and feeding his new friend with great love and passion. But...what a nose eats? Christopher discovers
veggies habits, water-lover; the little big nose will start to tell him his poor existence where no one
wanted him although he was adopted at some point...Plenty of curiosity, when Christopher discovers in a newsmagazine  the existence of a doctor in grade to modify the body of people, in grade to change
them, in grade to fix problems, he thinks that maybe he can also be helpful with this friends, but...What
a big error was that one. Doctor Skinner in fact was a man plenty of problems,in particular with his dad and a crazy man. The little big nose will risk a lot being after all one of his creations, but the happy
ending thanks to the help of Chris and more friends will save him, with some surprises as well.

Written brilliantly, I suggest this to everyone, to children and teenagers in particular; you will find it hilarious, tender, nice: there are also moral messages: to be helpful, to stay close in times of difficulties sorting out problems together; there is also another important message, the one of friendship in grade of not abandoning in times of difficulty or peril. This book is a story of solidarity, help, new life.
Starting with a problem-solving story.

I thank NetGalley for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Gracie meets a Ghost by Keiko Sen translated by Mariko Gharbi

Gracie meets a Ghost is a fantastic children's book written by Keiko Sena and translated by Mariko
Gharbi. The story the one of a tender bunny called Gracie. She lost her glasses when she went on the mountain with some friends, and now what to do? Oh, well although she can't see clearly, she knows the road. She meets along her way a lot of animals,thinking that their eyes could be the glasses she was searching for; disturbing also a pretty upset owl, but no, nothing to do. A ghost in the while, was pretty bored. He
couldn't scared anyone and after all no one maybe can be scared anymore; so he can't believe at the luck
when he meets Gracie. "Oh, this one is a tender bunny. She will die when she will see me." But Gracie can't see him because without glasses so she asks him if, please, he can helps her to find the glasses, and to the ghost this one is a great invitation; oh it will be wonderful when he can sees me; she will die for the fear and terror, thinks the ingenuous ghost. And so he starts to search with great passion for sure. He searches and searches here and there, up and down and voilà! at some point Gracie's glasses appeared to the horizon. All thrilled the ghost will bring back the glasses to the bunny hoping in a terrifying surprise but Gracie won't never be in grade to thank  the poor ghost for this favor, because a clear sunny day is born where life can re-start again, sunny and joyous as always is.

I love the illustrations of this book, and also how they have portrayed the characters.
Japanese books are very tender.

I thank Museyon Inc. for the eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

giovedì, ottobre 18, 2018

The Annotated Prison Writing of Oscar Wilde Edited by Nicholas Frankel

The Annotated Prison Writing of Oscar Wilde Edited by Nicholas Frankel is a moving book published by Harvard University Press about the saddest chapter experienced by this beloved and wonderful author; the years spent in prison after a long trial for homosexuality, a serious crime, in the past, in the UK. I am always conquered, pleasantly conquered by the beauty of the writing of Oscar Wilde; I read two times De Profundis in italian; an emotion to read it in original. He is fantastic. There are not other words for describing this writer: maybe, yes another one: sublime. What I appreciate the most of Wilde s his soul. He is profound, honest, he analyzes his story of perdition for Douglas under all aspects in this long letter; at the same time he is conscious that the feelings he felt for this boy meant to him prison, bad reputation.

In a passage of the De Profundis he explains, after some considerations about the departure of his mother: "She and my father had bequeathed me a name they had made noble and honoured not merely in Literature, Art, Archeology, and Science, but in the public history of my own country (Oscar Wilde was irish), in its evolution as a nation. I had disgraced that name eternally. I had made it a low byword among low people..."

Oscar Wilde during the years spent in prison experienced a terrible illness at one of his ears; not cured properly he lost most of the hearing; his mental and physical health in general deteriorated,  but he remained extremely vivid, frank, honest and vibrant telling what he felt for his beloved Douglas.

De Profundis remains a literary masterpiece. I read it during my teenage age the first time. "Melodic" in his writing there's no doubt that Wilde was a real Lord of Words. Gentle, passionate, sincere, he is a blanket of tender and passionate words for every reader; when you read his books you know that every phrase is sincere, that every passage is written with sentiment and intention without hypocrisy.
There is clearly a honest intellect and brain; when he wrote he didn't never search of hiding himself, or his sentiments and feelings.
His genuine touch, his integrity, his honesty in writing are part of who Oscar Wilde was; these characteristics exalt, thanks also to masterpieces of literature of incommensurate value, the person he was, giving back to us a beautiful soul.

During the years spent in prison he also contacted a newsmagazine the Daily Chronicle with two touching letters about the sad, horrible, poor conditions of prisons. Children in particular were at the attention of Wilde because of the poor treatments reserved them, the impossibility of eating properly; to Wilde children hadn't to stay in prison; but, if necessary,  they should have spent a complete different rehabilitative passage; they hadn't to stay closed per 23 hours in jail; not without food, but doing exercise, continuing to learn or maybe starting to become acculturated in  jail, eating properly.
He won't also forget the case of a prisoner, who, slowly slowly was losing his mind. The Chronicle will start thanks to Wilde's suggestions a long battle for best conditions in prisons. The second letter in fact will focus about this battle started by the newsmagazine. To Wilde it was important to insist for a better reform.

The relationship with Douglas and other men portrayed in De Profundis, leave us a long wonderful letter, and the most powerful legacy of this writer. An honest legacy, of a man who loved and was betrayed; of a man who, thanks to his position, was used and lost everything. Money, success, fame, his family. His reputation. Everything. 

Elegant in his writing, Wilde at some point at the Clemency Petition to the House Secretary: "It is but natural that living in this silence, this solitude, this isolation from all human and humans influences, this tomb for those who are not yet dead, the petitioner should, day and night in every waking hour, be tortured by the fear of absolute and entire insanity."

From De Profundis: "In the perturbed and fitful nights of anguish, in the long monotonous days of pain, it is myself I blame. I blame myself for allowing an unintellectual friendship, a friendship whose primary aim was not the creation and contemplation of beautiful things, to entirely dominate my life."

Oscar Wilde thinks at some point that Douglas was not worthy of his love.
But he adds: "...Love does not traffic in a marketplace, nor use a huckster's scales. It's joy, like the joy of intellect, is to feel itself alive. The aim of Love is to love: no more, and no less."

Oscar Wilde characterized this unlucky friendship with Douglas as "fatal" because changed the course of his destiny; a radiant one. He closes this letter with this terrible phrases: "You came to me to learn the Pleasure of Life and the Pleasure of Art. Perhaps I am chosen to teach you something much more wonderful, the meaning of Sorrow, and its beauty."

Enchanting work the one created by mr. Frankel. On the pages in your left you find the explanation of the various texts taken in considerations and on the right ones the text with Wilde's written words; included  also the Ballad of Reading Gaol.

Some verses...

The watcher watched him as he slept,
And could not understand
How one could sleep so sweet a sleep
With a hangman close at hand.

But there is no sleep when men must weep
Who never yet have wept:
So we-the fool, the fraud, the knave-
That endless vigil kept,
And though each brain on hands of pain
Another terror's crept.

We were as men who thought a fen
Of filthy darkness grope:
We did not dare to breath a prayer,
or give our anguish scope:
Something was dead in each of us,
And what was dead was Hope.

Highly recommended.

I thank Harvard University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

lunedì, ottobre 15, 2018

Bah! Humbug! by Michael Rosen illustrated by Tony Ross

Bah! Humbug! A Magical Retelling of  Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol by Michael Rosen illustrated by Tony Ross is a beautiful wonderful and multi-tasking children's book: not only devoted, first of all at the beloved masterpiece written by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol; this book includes at the end of the story other special sections with recipes, games for all family.

The originality of the story is that while A Christmas Carol will be a theater's script de facto, and so told in direct language, with the various characters we meet along our way everytime we reread this moving classic, at the same time we will read also the story of the family of Harry, the teenager who plays the role of Scrooge at school. Ray, Harry's dad will discover that he would want to be a better man; Harry's mom discovered A Christmas Carol: never paid too much attention to this classic. Not only: the protagonists in particular the adult ones will discover in profundity what it means to be a family.

The story starts in this way: Harry will portray Scrooge, and he doesn't know where he has put his mask; you know when you are in a hurry and you need to remember, pick up everything and your parents tell you that you must do pretty quickly. That kind of sensation.
Harry would want to be accepted by his dad, pretty skeptical and critical regarding him and this play; distracted by his life it seems that for that man nothing is anymore important.

Ms.Cavani the teacher who helps these students in these drama lessons tries her best for giving at this story the best directions giving the best suggestions to all the various protagonists, although after all it will be life, intuition, to give an inspiration at the various protagonists, thanks to the Christmas's Spirit, let me add this.

This book is an original idea if you want to perform A Christmas Carol in your church, during the Christmas's Time with all your family or also on stage in your little town: buying various books you will assign the various characters, and there you go.

I did it when I was little: I confessed it: we typewrote decades ago, it was 1982, thank Debora! all A Christmas Carol; the novel appeared in the italian Mickey Mouse  magazine and it was very well done. We were little and plenty of ideas. I thought that this one could have been the best play to put on stage for Christmas for a magical theatrical representation. I still can't think at another more powerful tale for speaking at the heart of people so profoundly as Dickens does.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I thank NetGalley for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori