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Seeing the Getty Center Buildings & Gardens

Seeing the Getty Center     Buildings & Gardens are two little booklets published by Getty Publishing House as souvenir books.

These booklets explain the philosophy of the Getty Center and its expansion.

At first the Getty was a little museum wanted so badly by philanthropist J. Paul Getty.

There were just three collections of old antiquities in the first museum, while later after the transformation the Getty became a beautiful environment of serenity, harmony with the surrounding city of Los Angeles.

In the project, before the construction started, were involved scholars, scientists and educators for trying to understand the "how to do this."

The Getty wanted to become the center for international research in visual arts and humanities in a fusion between architecture, environment, art, nature, speaking all the same harmonic language of beauty and posterity.

At first the Getty Trust bought 700 acres of land in the Santa Monica mountains.

Richard Meier, the architect created and thought at a space of inclusion where the main structure harmonically set like a gem in the surrounding area made by courtyards, gardens, terraces.
This land preserved intact in its magnificence and beauty.

The Getty was created in 14 years.

Modern forms, it is structured in this way: J.Paul Getty Museums, the Getty Research Institute of Art and Humanities, the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Information Institute, the Getty Information Institute for the Arts, the Getty Grant Program, and last the Getty Trust's administration offices.

There is a restaurant and a café and an auditorium with 450 seats.

The Getty gives hospitality at lectures, films, concerts, and many other events and it's one of the main choices for families in search for some peace, when, in particular they want to spend relaxing time a bit distant from a crowded city like Los Angeles is.

More than 16.000 tons of travertine from Bagni di Tivoli a locality close to Rome, Italia, chosen for created stunning facades but also pavements.

The beauty of the Getty looking also at the pics of these booklets is this: you don't miss air.
You can breath. It's like to enter in an immense peaceful place where you can feel the soul fresher and restored by the sometimes small problems of the daily routine.

There are no claustrophobic places, there is air, a lightness that will enter in the heart of visitors of the Getty Center.

You have the impressions, looking at the pics in these booklets that you leave in the city all the problems and you are invigorated by a visit at the Getty.

And now the gardens of the Getty: I just hope to return to the topic with other books, but in the while I can tell you that the gardens of the Getty are the pride of this structure.

Harmony, beauty, art, color what it was searched and researched by the creatives inside the gardens of the Getty was this.

Many oak trees, but also fruit trees, abundantly, and plazas, fountains, now a paradise for birds, butterflies and other animals.

In the Getty it's possible to admire the change of seasons.

Many plants adapted at warm seasons (I love to compare California at our South Italy) like cactus with its diversified shapes. You can also find aloe, and many culinary herbs, let's mention rosemary planted in the Getty Gardens. In the rock garden as I love to call the Central Garden, typical flowers from South Dakota.

These booklets are a joy for the eyes.

The concept of museum is lived not anymore as a space in grade to restore a stressed spirit passing just through statues, and painting that the visitors will see and that surely will help him/her spiritually but in a symbiotic condition with the environment created for enlightening and elevate the spirit: spaces in grade to offer spiritual answers also thanks to a land very friendly and close to the human being.

I thank Getty Publishing for these booklets.

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, maggio 23, 2017

Gracious A practical primer on charm, tact, and unsinkable strength by Kelly William Brown

Do you want to live a happy, relaxing, satisfying, honorable internet life, avoiding all the stress that trolls can bring to you, being also able to cope with all the nasty and frustrating people who wait just to go online for exploding there all their frustrations, if they of course disconnect sometimes? And are you interested also to spend a great, good, peaceful quality life in a daily base, in your environment, home, work?

Great: so, Gracious  A practical primer on charm, tact, and unsinkable strength by Kelly William Brown published by Rodale Books is the answers to all your torments.

This book will explain you how to be gracious in all these occasions and more.
William Brown searched for the Best part of the Society asking to the most diversified people how they do it. How they can be gracious in a society so ungracious like this one is.

A person with grace, someone gracious is a complete person because this word pretty old from the pre-sanskrit involve charm, social, physical and emotional world.
Being a good person, someone kind, makes the difference.

But in our society remark William Brown being gracious seems like to be "less" because we can lose freedom and progress we have developed.

Thinking better being gracious is extremely good. People would want to see you around. Someone normal, someone with ethic, someone you can trust. Priceless.

In Virtually Gracious a chapter of this book you will discover how to navigate through the net without falsity, arrogance and there are tips and suggestions for every case, also when you write an e-mail.

The third chapter is Grace Under Fire.
It's simple to be gracious in normal conditions, but what happen when there are stressing conditions close to us that can let us change the cards on the table?
Can we continue to be gracious and how?
Don't worry: it will be possible thanks to the great suggestions William Brown the author of this bubbling book will give us all.
From work to relationship with your dear ones tips and suggestions for sorting out your life successfully and with extreme...grace.

It's also important to be Gracious to Ourselves and in chapter four of the book many exercises to being gracious with ourselves.

The fifth chapter involves our most direct environment: the house where we live in.
Gracious in, around and generally regarding the home.

A warm house should have always these characteristics writes the author: welcoming, cared for, tidy, comfortable, lived in and full of interesting things, avoiding: spotless, minimalist, sterile, intimidating, hoardery, sticky, oppressively pinterest-y. Advice for your house and yourself and for discovering a wonderful environment, gracious, where to live in, in perfect...grace.

Chapter six: The gracious host and hosted.

It's great to invite all the world at our home but how to do that?

The author says that the two main things substantially important when hosting people are two: our joy and happiness that they come over and less romantic, a functioning toilet.

Try to avoid any conflicts, choosing people who you know can have great conversation together and that can let you also feel comfy.

And avoid certain topics: policy, religion, body, no one wants to talk of his/her body.

Ask interesting questions and be curious of hearing the answers.

Try to avoid to enter too much in details if you are not interested in certain topics. If they tell you that someone died just reply: "I am so sorry, how awful to hear that" but don't ask: "What happened?"

It's important to serve people quickly.

If you host a lover  William Brown suggests a great and "light" dish eheheh like carbonara.

Chapter seven: let's make this day gracious, as heck!

Let's try to be elegant inside and outside, in our proposals, like also in our appearance to the world so that everyone can say: how gracious is that girl or that lady. We can also be gracious while driving.
We can be gracious everywhere and we can be good everytime.

What at first I loved so badly of this book was the cover, but I can tell you, when I saw the electronic copy of the book, I also fell in love for the inside. It's a beautiful book, researched with a touch of past that you will love so badly.
The structure and the language are pretty modern and bubbling.

Highly recommended.

Anna Maria Polidori

lunedì, maggio 22, 2017

The Well by Marie Sexton

Obscurity, water, confusion, profundity, perdition.
A well is this one.
When I picked up this book I did it because there were all these elements.
I haven't been deluded.
The Well by Marie Sexton is a very interesting quick, dynamic thriller.
The story starts twelve years before, when a group of teenagers decides to spend a night, séance included in the notorious abandoned Gustafson's house, where in the past died tragically two people: Cassie Kennedy and later, because of suicide Joseph Gustanfson the oldest son of the Gustafsons.

No one lives in the house anymore but the house is known for being haunted.

The atmosphere is different close to this house, there is a lack of peace, there is a lack of harmony, there is a lack of life and this group of teenagers, with their own troubles and problematic can feel and taste it.

It was an adventure. An adrenalinic experience, but nothing more to them.

Elise the cousin of Haven one of the protagonists of the book now a writer of paranormal fiction the most exciting one for this unusual experience.

She was the one attracted by Gothic, the one who was searching for these kind of experiences.

She also seemed to know a lot of things about this house, (a lot of lies) and a lot of secrets, but it's when the séance is going on that there is a big change of all the events that will follow.

During the trance, asking for the ghosts of the house, Cassie in Elise's body (completely transformed) will talk to them of a well close to the house with bodies buried there...

Elise, Jordan Craig, Pierce, Haven, Linsey will search for this well, but at the end of this adventure what happened? Elise and two of the other boys missing.

Thinking that, it was night, they were somewhere and they would have returned later everyone decided for some rest.

Pity that no one found Elise anymore.
Not the day after, and not the day after tomorrow.
Exactly as the ghosts she loved so badly.

Police, alerted when the girl the day after didn't return for dinner. It was a crucifixion of searches, interrogatories, suspects.

The body of the girl never found, Haven thinks she is dead and buried who knows where.

Twelve years after this terrible and sad fact, Pierce and Jordan the authors and producers of Paranormal Hunters, are back in their town. They learned that some children playing in the haunted house of the Gustafsons spotted two female ghosts. Cassie and Elise maybe?

They could be skeptical but the purpose more than clear: to close this circle, to give at least a name and last name at the killer of Elise, hoping also to find Elise's body; to write the word end at this story for finding their own peace.

Pierce has been the great love of Haven and he contacts him as he does for the rest of the ex teenagers involved in the evening of terror at the haunted house.

What these three "investigators", will discover will be shocking.

This book is quick but intense. Penetrating although altruistic, very sweet and fresh, tender and genuine.

Thematics treated are the most diversified ones, and the typical ones of teenagers. Discovery of sexuality, the book will also treat very freshly the discovery of homosexuality, trouble of various genre. We will discover what happened to Elise sentimentally but also many other sad and happy realities for the other protagonists.

I absolutely loved the end of the book! I don't know why but I would have done the same. Bravo Haven!

A house able to change also in better the destiny of so many people, because at the end these men lived thanks to these professions "inspired" by the facts of that night of twelve years before, is blessed.

Blessed by the sunny, positive character of a special guardian angel: Elise.

I thank NetGalley and Marie Sexton for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

domenica, maggio 21, 2017

Liturgy of the Ordinary Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison Warren

Liturgy of the Ordinary Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison Warren is a book that you can buy online or in stores. Published by InterVarsity Press, it's a book of great religious reflections starting from about our ordinary day.

It's impressive for profundity of feelings, thoughts, perception of religion, daily life, each chapter start innocently from a common action. And example?  "Sleeping" and the author from this innocent word starts a digression about the meaning of sleeping time, the importance of it, the lack of sleeping time and why we lack sleeping time, how we can better our quality sleeping-time, sleeping seen as a sort od "death door".

What it is more beautiful of this book are the elevation of thoughts.
It's not just a self-help book but this book wants to be a moment for re-thinking our daily life.
The book is written in fact by a campus minister, an Anglican priest, friend, wife, and mother and you feel all her theological erudition when you read each word of each page.

At the end of the book, a special chapter called: "Discussion, questions and practices" suggestions and reflections for the readers.

Many thanks to NetGalley and  InterVarsity Press for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands Romance Collection A Newspaper Ad for Husbands Brings a Wave of Men to a Small Kansas Town by Susan Page Davis, Susanne Dietze, Darlene Franklin, Patty Smith Hall, Cynthia Hickey, Carrie Fancett Pagels, Gina Welborn

Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands Romance Collection A Newspaper Ad for Husbands Brings a Wave of Men to a Small Kansas Town by Susan Page Davis, Susanne Dietze, Darlene Franklin, Patty Smith Hall, Cynthia Hickey, Carrie Fancett Pagels, Gina Welborn is a new book that will be released by Barbour this June first.

I choose to read this book because I heard of the custom of  newspaper ads for husbands and I didn't understand the reason why at a certain point in the USA it was indispensible to start this custom.

Well it was simple and for a very serious reason: after the war of Secession we are in 1865 a lot of women remained widows and alone and it was necessary with the courage typical of the Americans, after a bit of mourning and tears, to re-start their life. 
To ask for other husbands.

I loved the first chapter of this story, the story of Abigail, her mom and the ladies and girls of Turtle Spring, Kansas where all the stories are set in.

For avoiding problems and for keeping the community numerous, with new children, new life, more hands, the mayor, Abigail asks the permission during a reunion to posting an ad in a newspaper for requesting husbands for them all.

At first women and girls scared: "And if we fall in love for the same man?" "If we don't like these men?" the most common questions, but something was more than sure: Abigail buried her husband and her dad. They needed someone else in their lives and she couldn't permit, firstly that the town would be abandoned by lack of men.

In the while in the town arrives a new man Josiah. Abigail thinks he would be great as sheriff and something starts to grow up between them although Josiah is allergic to relationships and Abigail is not sure of her feelings yet.

At the same time the sheriff is requested by a lot of women for silly reasons and just for knowing him better.

At the end love will triumph and what I love the most in these stories are positive ends, positive characters and life.

This life that also a terrible war didn't kill with the death of so many men  but continued with more enthusiasm and joy for building this beautiful country that are the USA.

I thank NetGalley and Barbour for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

venerdì, maggio 19, 2017

Becoming Bonnie The crash of the century: when Bonnie met Clyde written by Jenni L.Walsh

Contacted weeks ago by Tor&Forge Books, they asked me if I was interested to read Becoming Bonnie  The crash of the century: when Bonnie met Clyde written by Jenni L.Walsh.

The book will be launched the day of the death of Bonnie&Clyde in Louisiana on May 23, 1934.

What I noticed was an immediate welcomed atmosphere from the publishing house and it helped a lot. I love enthusiasm. It's contagious.

At first I was skeptical. I didn't know a lot these two gangsters and the only phrase I use to say is: "They're like Bonnie&Clyde" but substantially without to know a lot of this couple apart that they were two very famous American criminals.

My latest experience with a real gangster, "Whitey" Bulger, because Johnny Depp filmed Black Mass at Boston very positive.

I thought: why not?

It's a quick reading book Becoming Bonnie and the "narrative voice" the one of Bonnelyn Parker, Bonnie.
Remember just this dear reader that this book is not an "easy" book, because it will let you think about choices, growth at different levels, poverty and richness.

I would suggest it for high school students and their teachers for the thematic contained, most of them pretty actual.

Bonnelyn, great ideas, a good boyfriend, Roy, she was still going at school in 1927 when the story start.
She didn't want to continue to become poor.
She wanted to become rich, someone in this life for giving all the best to her dear ones avoiding the life of sacrifices that they were doing because of lack of money.

When she lost her job as waitress, his biggest brother in the same condition, she starts to take in consideration the option: "Blanche."

Blanche was her best friend. A hurricane, very different from her. Bonnelyn went to the mass, still virgin because there was time for herself and Roy "to do that," devoted to her family, sacrificed to her family for the good of everyone.

Bonnelyn was searching for solidity also in her relationship with Roy. She wanted close to her an adult tooth as she told later, not a baby tooth, while Blanche devoted for adventures with men more adult than her for money.

Blanche didn't believe at family because her family just didn't exist and so when Bonnelyn talked to her of family, Blanche irritated.
If you haven't never had a family you can't understand the meaning of family.

Blanche met one day this guy, Buck.
Buck asked her and Bonnie to start to work for him at Doc's.
Well it was a place pretty illegal, you know with girls, men in search for sex or gambling. Bonnie once said it was possible to feel the perfume of sex. A place like that.

At first Bonnelyn says no, but then: "If I obtain the money for going on, Blanche in one night receives the money I receive in a month, why not?"

And she starts.

She starts this life as the other "Bonnie" or Saint Bonnelyn as they call her.

They needed someone virginal for keeping curiosity in this sort of illegal club and Bonnie was the best choice for everyone.

She was loved.
Loved and appreciated and money started to make the difference. New hair cut, colored lips, shortest dresses, while Roy, still unaware of what was going on worked hardly for creating with Bonnie the house of their dreams that in the while he bought for Bonnie and himself and their future marriage.

Bonnie starts at the same time to feel something for Henry a charismatic man she met often at the club. It was a delusion to discover he was married and the wife was waiting a baby.

She asked to Roy to marrying her and Roy, considering that in the while she introduced him in the new environment where she was working for, accept.

It's symbolical what happened to this couple: Bonnie changed of course her vision of the world enlarging her horizons.
The introduction in a different environment change everyone and surely a place populated by gangsters is a place where you grow up fastly. You don't never know what will happen. It's not a joke.

Bonnie grew up, but never-changing what she wanted to do in her life: marrying Roy, becoming a teacher, while Roy would have studied for becoming a great reporter.
But, this choice, this personal choice she made once searching for big money would have changed the life and destinies of all the people surrounding her.

I loved for example Roy Thornton's character. He was a devoted boy. Someone solid, very in love for her Bonnie. He was touching and I felt a great freshness while this couple projected their future together.

But, at least Roy will be the one who will lose the balance, his personal interior compass, devastating himself, becoming someone else, drinking too much and acting as a fool.
It's him who acts as a deficient, gambling, searching for other women, giving up with school and his work as a reporter. And what for?
Separation necessary.

And then in the final pages the fatal encounter with Clyde.
The magnetic, big love of Bonnie.
The adult tooth.

I looked at an identification picture of Clyde Champion Barrow. WANTED for 250.000 dollar.
Very young, sticking-out ears, apparently just an insolent boy with a touch of goodness in his face. And a hard face.
If you search for the couple you find a beautiful, smiling couple. You wouldn't say Bonnie was a moll of a gangster.

The book is written using a colloquial "dialect", the one we guess talked by Bonnie.

But what this book wants to remind us is the power of our choices in our life.
Choices that we make everyday will affect our dear ones as well.

A wrong or right choice means the end of a life and the start of a complete new one.

Highly recommended.

I thank Forge for this book review copy!

And here a test for you: Which Member of Bonnie and Clyde's Gang Are You?

Anna Maria Polidori

mercoledì, maggio 17, 2017

Many thanks Tor-Forge for Becoming Bonnie!

What an adventure the trip of this book arrived just today. I experience courier problems because I live in a rural locality but at least I received it!

It's wonderful, I am reading it, I promise a review very soon!

This one is the story of Bonnelyn Parker passed at the story  for being the companion of Clyde.


 Thanks again!

Anna Maria Polidori