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giovedì, gennaio 18, 2018

The Birth of the Past by Zachary Sayre Schiffman Foreword by Anthony Grafton

The Birth of the Past by Zachary Sayre Schiffman Foreword by Anthony Grafton will be a beautiful fascinating trip through the past for understanding the perception of past cultures regarding it.

Being the USA a new country people look forward and don't tend to cry too much for the past.Once an American correspondent said me that Americans tend to forget. People, facts, everything. It's a society that doesn't give importance to the past in general.

But...Is it past important for us and how the perception of the past has been lived from other cultures?
Greek people didn't disconnect past and present. According to my modest point of view they have lived for being remembered and for their immortality in art, more than any other culture.

Storytelling was extremely crucial (and still is) as remarked by the author and past was connected with present because it was told, shared. The same Homer maybe didn't exist. It's a discussion that it is still vivid. Maybe Iliad and Odyssey works born thanks to storytelling, created by soldiers, implemented by someone else who would have loved to see an epic tale told forever.
Storytelling where there is not culture of writing and reading is the best way for preserving, facts anecdotes, legends, and for remembering the past.

Renaissance saw the re-discovery of the past and the return of the past under many ways. The biggest inspirations of painters, sculptures were Greeks, Latins.
That cultures saw perfections in bodies, sculptures, paintings, and Renaissance tried to research for that beauty, for that perfection.
The research of that perfect past, that perfect bodies, meant also the re-discovery of immortality and a present made of beauty, harmony, perfection destined to be immortal exactly like the golden ages created by Greeks and Latins.
When the past is back for good for bringing new immortality during a certain historical period it's more than welcomed and appreciated.
Not only but during Humanism and Renaissance a painter wasn't just a painter, but a scientist, a chemist, an astronomer, an astrologer, a magician. You mustn't just search for Leonardo for discovering it. It was a common custom started with the Humanism.
Culture wasn't specialist as it is today, but embraced every possible field. Wonderful.

The latest part of book involves Enlightenment, a period in which God was buried for other ideals and another interesting chapter is dedicated at Christianity.

It's a stunning book this one by Schiffman because he will let us discover again the importance of past. Past has a history tells the author and discovering it, with a fascinating erudite trip to Europe will be wonderful for all of you!

Highly recommended.

I thank Johns Hopkins University for the physical copy of this beautiful book.

Anna Maria Polidori

Christmas Bride - True Love this Christmas by Terri Grace

Terri Grace is a spectacular writer. I just finished to read her Christmas Bride - True Love this Christmas published by Pure Read Ltd. and I found it very touching.
The story is the one of a girl fatherless. Her mother told her that her dad went away with another lady and didn't want to have anything to do with her.
Rhoda grew up the girl without any kind of Christmas Spirit and to them Christmas was in general a day like another one, lived by her mom with great irritation.

When her mother died, the day of the funeral Emma is reached by a boy, the son of a very close friend of her dad living in Seattle, and she will discover that maybe the reality she lived in wasn't the one pictured by her mother.

Emma lived in New York but after all she will move to Seattle where this new family will embrace her as if she would have been  their own daughter feeling for the first time in her life what it means the real Christmas Spirit and the real meaning of family.
A beautiful story, with inserted a love-story as well.

I discovered Pure Read when I downloaded many Amish eBooks on Amazon and I think that all their tales make the difference.

Anna Maria Polidori 

Anne of Green Gables A Graphic Novel adapted by Mariah Marsden and illustrated by Brenna Thummler

What a beautiful and sunny book is Anne of Green Gables A Graphic Novel adapted by Mariah Marsden and illustrated by Brenna Thummler. Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing the book is dedicated to Lucy Maud Montgomery "who reminds us that nothing is more powerful than a girl with an imagination."

The magic of the story is completely captured thanks to wonderful illustrations, captivating dialogues and a new dynamic perspective of Anne Shirley's story.

This one is the first graphic novel about Anne of Green Gables and I am more than sure that it will be in grade to capture new and old readers. It can be suggested to people in love for this genre as well, and it is a precious gift.

Anne Shirley is a girl who lived, when the story starts, in an orphanage, but very happy now because someone requested her at Prince Edward Island.

Her life has been populated by a lot of misadventures.

She lost her parents when very little, and Mrs Thomas the housekeeper of family Shirley, Anne's parents were both teachers, decided to grow her up with her own children in change of some help.
Mr. Thomas was an alcoholist and Anne for trying to protect herself, her happiness and joy invented an invisible friend with which she could talk when too stressed; unfortunately mr.Thomas died abruptly and for Anne starts a new adventure at Mr.Hammond's house plenty of children and work and a new invisible friend.
Mr. Hammond will also die for a heart attack and Anne's destiny this time was an orphanage.

This one a great occasion for living in a real family and for finding her place in the world.

Marilla and Matthew Cuthberg didn't wait for a girl but for a boy in grade of helping them in the fields and other hard domestic works in their farm Green Gables.

The arrival of Anne will bring a big turmoil. The girl feels again of being refused because the Cuthbergs didn't want her but a boy, neighbors didn't salute her with enthusiasm, what a mess.

Matthew, touched by the profundity of this girl, by her soul, speaks with Marilla and asks her of keeping Anne although it will mean to him to continue all alone the hard work in the fields.
Marilla is touched as well by the moving story of Anne and decides of keeping the girl.

The story continues portraying the beautiful adventures of Anne, vivacious, sometimes messy but asbolutely intellectually honest, at the Cuthbergs.
School, friendship, discussions, love, Anne has her own character but she is a devoted girl as well.
A girl who, in a moment of sadness will also be in grade to take important decisions for herself and other ones considering also the spirit of gratitude Anne feels for her new family.

Sunny, beautiful I suggest this edition of Anne of Green Gables to everyone. A fresh reading with Anne in grade to speak to the heart of every person as only Anne is in grade to do. From one of the latest dialogues, after Matthew's death and the proposal of Marilla of selling Green Gables, Anne will tell her:
"I am home now, in the place I love...I mean to prove it to you with my happiness every day with you, Marilla. It's not a sacrifice. My ambition has just changed. I am going to make you happy Marilla. I imagine those are pretty wonderful ambitions..."

I thank so much Andrews McMeel Publishing for the physical copy of this enchanting book! and NetGalley where at first  I requested it. I tried a lot of times but it was impossible to download it.

Anna Maria Polidori

mercoledì, gennaio 17, 2018

The Oxford Handbook of Sex Offences and Sex Offenders Edited by Teela Sanders

The Oxford Handbook of Sex Offences and Sex Offenders  Edited by Teela Sanders is surely a book pretty interesting considering the times in which we live in.
The book is divided in VII parts and explores this complex world of sex offences and sex offenders in all its complexity.
Considering also the thematic and recent coming out of many people, known, VIPS, but also common people and abuses lived at work, domestically this book is extremely important for trying to understand.
This Handbook takes in consideration who the sex offenders and their victims are analyzing social and cultural field of action of predators and victims.
This book doesn't leave alone any aspect of the thematic and I am sure that you will find it accurate and informative.

I thank Oxford Press for the copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, gennaio 16, 2018

Homemade Bread Cookbook 25 recipes for Baking Bread at Home with Ease by Martha Stephenson

Homemade Bread Cookbook 25 recipes for Baking Bread at Home with Ease by Martha Stephenson is a new cookbook with plenty of delicious recipes about bread, from the most difficult to the simplest one.
The electronic book is directed to all that people who, tired of buying bread in a bakery store want to try this new-old experience and adventure: homemade bread offering a comprehensive and complete little version of the most important recipes about bread for every occasion!
Be sure of it, you will find the best recipes you need for unforgettable meals.
From french bread, to rosemary focaccia bread; from challa bread a typical Jewish bread to cinnamon apple bread, passing through the whole wheat Oatmeal and Honey Bread, or the classic italian bread choices are delicious.

I appreciated the beautiful pictures in every recipes like also the sunny and attractive cover.

I downloaded this ebook on Amazon.

Anna Maria Polidori

Living Sugar Free - Sugar Free Baking and Dessert by Karen Iakhani, M.Sc

Living Sugar Free - Sugar Free Baking and Dessert by Karen Iakhani, M.Sc is a Four Point Publishing Book. The author wrote it because there is a real emergence of sugar addicted people in the USA and exactly of artificial sweeteners.
Once someone said me that sugar would have been the most powerful drug of XXI century and under many aspects the story is more than real.

Too many people abuse of sophisticated sugar and I am sure that they are ignoring it.
Different kind of processed sugars can be found everywhere in industrial food, in fact.
At times just because we rush when we do some shopping we don't tend to read labels putting everything we do think could be healthy in the basket.

Some beverages are plenty of sugar as well.
The list of products with some sugar and artificial sweeteners is endless and sugar addiction is a real drug exactly like all the other addiction existing in this world like alcohol, drugs and so on.

This book thanks to delicious recipes will re-direct the attention of an intoxicated body in the proper direction.

Let's start to say that these recipes are not exactly sugar-free. If you don't have any kind of specific illness but you want to avoid artificial sugars because you want to live a healthiest life you will see that you will find different kind of good and healthy "sugars."

Honey will play a big role in this eBook. Why? Honey is the best "sugar" you can find around.

The action of honey is more lazy, less rapid, but more profound than not the one of sugar is and it's the best "sweet condiment" you can think at. Another one will be stevia a new kind of sugar with zero calories. Not bad, don't you think so?

What this eBook wants to offer to its readers after all is not to avoid sugar, but artificial sweeteners.

Trust me, this one is a completely different and healthy approach to a new life-style more conscious and more free.

And these recipes are seriously good!

I highly suggest this eBook to everyone.

I downloaded this ebook on Amazon.

Buon Appetito!

Anna Maria Polidori

Becoming the News How Ordinary People Respond to the Media Spotlight by Ruth Palmer

Becoming the News How Ordinary People Respond to the Media Spotlight by Ruth Palmer published by Columbia Press is a very good book if you want to understand our work as reporters.

Ruth Palmer years ago interviewed 83 people, the most common ones you can think of, removing from her list VIPS, important politicians, connected with press in a daily base, for asking them something about their reaction when they "became the news."

Why a common person ends in the press and let me add: always more often?

For a joyous reason, a prize, or because he/she is witness of a sad or  joyous fact.

Because thanks to his/her hard or good time, this person can be an example for other people.

Some illnesses can be at the attention of media, for trying to understand better what happens and why.

He/she can be a source, and so not mentioned in articles, because too dangerous.

For Spotlight the team created by the Boston Globe common people meant a terrible revelation: stories of systemic abuses perpetrated by many priests of the city  per decades and with terrible psychologic repercussions for all these common people.
These people became real protagonists, crusaders bringing new light into a terrible darkness and for changing thanks to the pen of  that team the state of the things.
You can see in this case the importance of an ethical journalism and what it means for a community a good information.

In that case we see that the news of sexual abuses and pedophilia was in grade to become a big wave in grade to break the borders of a country revealing in many other countries as well a terrible horrible situation.

We mustn't never forget the importance and power of a good information. A good information can change the world and the face of our reality for better.

Ruth Palmer working in New York City, took in consideration mainly newsmagazines of the city like the New York Times, The New York Post, because as she added in the book, if a person is in a newspaper is more than sure that later he/she will end up also on TV.

Highly recommended.

I thank Columbia University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori