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The Business of Writing for Children An Award-Winning Author’s Tips on How to Write, Sell, and Promote Your Children’s Books by Aaron Shepard

The Business of
Writing for
Children An Award-Winning Author’s Tips on How to
Write, Sell, and Promote Your Children’s Books by Aaron Shepard is an indispensible tool if you want to start to write children's books.
You musn't never think that it is ssimple to write good children's books
Personally, when I pick up a children's book I am very selective. As also said Isaac Bashevis Singer in a famous quote: "In our time, when the literature for adults is deteriorating, good books for children are the only hope, the only refuge."
This book will help you to understand tips and tricks that, differently you would learn after a lot of years of experience in this field.
The first that should be understood is that it is not simple to make some money with children's books, if not after a lot of years of practice. 
If in the chapter Thruths and Myths we will see what it is real and what it is just a myth in the editorial field of children's books, in the second chapter, The Basics, the author will define the field of your work. Are you interested to work for beginning readers or for teenagers? For everyone tips and tricks, for creating a good and captivating story.
Then the submission of the story and what it is now a publishing house, with all the possible differences existing in the sector; a big one, an independent, an epublisher etc treating alsocontract and rights, royalties.
Shepard will also write down several pages about the distribution of the book once published. The second part start with the suggestion of scripting the story, where there are not too many dialogues,in particular when the children's writer writes mainly for toddlers and so he lacks some fantasy.
Dialogue and action must become two words close together. I also found interesting and funny the ways for promoting a first children's book.

Beautiful and interesting for sure, highly recommended to all the future children'swriters of this world.
Good Luck!

I thank NetGalley for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

Antonio Ligabue Gli anni della Formazione (1899-1919) by Renato Martinoni

Antonio Ligabue Gli anni della
Formazione (1899-1919) by Renato Martinoni analyzes the so-called formative years of his existence. Born in fact in 1899, and adopted by another family, the Gobels, when just 9 month old, this book take in consideration the first 20 years of Ligabue's existence, the years in grade to make the difference in the existence of a man for the rest of his life. It's a pretty sad and realistic book under many ways, plenty of documents, letters, certificates of psychiatric structures, articles of newsmagazines, because as you will read, not just the existence of Ligabue will be devastating, but also the one of his family of origin. At the same time also the adopting family experienced heavy problems with Antonio because of his difficult character, cause, this one of big sufferance. Plus there is the personal calvary of Ligabue, an immensity of internal sufferance, genereting later violence against her adoptive mother. The original family of Ligabue will be decimated on 1913, you will read the reason, a sad story and only the husband, the step-dad of Ligabue, Laccabue, will survive at that devastation, dying with tranquillity when old.
The new family of Ligabue hoped in a brilliant future for this poor baby, but little Antonio was a problematic human being so he started to spend most of his time in private institutes for special children and later in psichiatric structures. The family followed the mental illness of their son also changing house periodically for staying close to the various institutes where Antonio would have spent years sometimes.
There's to add that at the age of 7 little Antonio fell down from a tree injuring the head; said that, you musn't imagine that the toddler, the kid, then the teen-ager he became didn't have a formation. He studied and assimilated culture; he was fascinated by painting and sculpture, thanks also to the two years spent at the school of Marbach,  an innovative institute in the sector of curative pedagogy. Each student was stimulated in base at their natural tendencies. What this school wanted to do, was at the end, to trying to create a good manual job for all these people with some mental disturbs. For many reasons anyway the institute decided at the end of not keeping Antonio anymore.

Extremely complicated, Antonio was later expulse from Switzerland.

Ligabue became famous thanks to his paintings made in Emilia. Hills, fields, people and animals of that italian region; he lived there for more than 20 years!

A book that will reveal to all of you the tragedy and geniality of an existence still young lived in marginality. Ligabue was considered in Italy, "German", or Crazy and loved to spend more time close to animals than not humans.  

Antonio Ligabue, is called the "italian" Van Gogh. Same, in part, path, this painter has experienced a much more difficult existence if compared to the one of Van Gogh to my point of view. 

Van Gogh was supported by a lot of members of his family, and had excellent skills; he was a letter-writer, he read a lot, he had culture. He didn't suffer of particular deficincies. He travelled and stayed distant from his family at long. 
He was a brilliant man, with, of course, a lot of demons in his soul, but... He was surrounded by quality-friends and great artists. He didn't live marginalized but was part of the tissue of the society and operated in connection with the artists of the Impressionist's period.

Of course no one, if a real creative, would become great, if he wouldn't suffer a lot during the existence. 

This cover brings a curiosity: the painter, the Self-Portrait with Scarecrow was part of the collection of the ex patron of Parmalat and will be sold again soon.

I thank Marsilio for the physical copy of this book.

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Collection of Love Gifts by Helen Steiner Rice

If you need a book in grade to cheer you up, changing the course of your day I would suggest this one by Barbour. I just jope I haven't reviewed this one. I discovered it in a folder classified as EPUB, PDF. I miss and I miss a lot reading and reviewing Barbour books,through NetGalley and I count to sort out the problem of my reader soon.
It's a real Love Gift A Collection of Love Gifts by Helen Steiner
Rice. When I started to read her reflections, her poems I remained surprised by their profoundity, their humanity and delicate touch. Written and dedicated to all of us, these poems and reflections are great because they  inspire only positive vibes, just words of encouragement if you need it. Of course you can read these phrases also when you want more energy, or when you are searching for a most profound connection with life, God, situations. Sometimes life is unfair, other times can be upsetting, although there is no problem that the author hasn't touched for cheer you up leeting you feel not just that you are alive, but important, and taken in consideration by God; your work is important whatever you do, and you life is precious. So let's stay cheerful everyday as suggest the author, because it is a mental state more healthy. Plus, when our heart is cheerful, fear can't stay close to us.

From a chinese proverb:

For you can't do a kindness
without a reward,
not in silver nor gold
but in joy from the Lord ---
You can't light a candle
to show others the way
Without feeling the warmth
of that bright little ray----
And you can't pluck a rose,
all fragrant with dew,
Without part of its fragrance 
remaining with you.

Beautiful, highly suggested to everyone! 

Anna Maria Polidori 

Books for Dogs stellarly on the net

It's with great joy that I can announce to all my local readers that the charity Books for Dogs created several years ago by a bunch of british and Americans ladies located in Umbertide, close to Perugia has a website: where you'll find a lot of news, photos of dogs in adoption and much much more.
If you are also curious, you can visit the profile of the various ladies behind this charity, sometimes "lived" as mysterious, because unknown, with a brief biography of some of them. Gill the scones lady, Penny, the founder, Angela, as the name tell that, the messenger of news for all estimators of the charity. 

Not only: the ladies launched themselves and the charity on Facebook creating a page called booksfordogs_libripercani, very well done and where you can post impressions, asking info if you want to adopt a dog or if you need to donate something to the ladies for this good cause.
The ladies are exttremely active and only on 2018 they accumulated more than 12.500 euros for the charity. "Never seen all that money before. It has been a wonderful year." 

At the moment Angela shared with us the news that the charity recently donated 3.100 euros to Ponte Pattoli refuge for various urgent urgently needed things. "We are very pleased to be able to be of help to Lia who runs the refuge and works tirelessly for the dogs in her care" confirms Angela while she sips a warm cup of tea, eating a delicious scone while we are talking.

It's a never-ending job the one of a charity like Books for Dogs, because shelters, refuge, dogs, first of all need constantly something else.

"At the moment we are searching for a new home for Rambo. This dog is 7 years old microchipped, vaccinated, sterilised, and has a passport, if you love to travelling a lot and you don't want to stay too distant from your beloved dog. His previous owner is dead and at the moment the dog is alone waiting for someone else in grade of loving him as his previous owner did."

The ladies are also searching for used books, DVDS, used cloths but in wonderful conditions, puzzles, games of various genre, kitchen items, cups, plates, forks, candlesticks, sofas, chairs, furniture, items for living rooms: whatever you can think at.
So: if you are throwing away something remember that these ladies will be more than happy of accepting your old but good clothes, your books if you can't keep them anymore because too many, DVDS and all the possible stuff you can think at.

These ones the latest books I brought home.
Tell if I don't have a great taste, and if they don't keep great literature. The best store where you can find great books.
I love spending a lot of time in their shop on Wednesday and Saturday. There is also a comfy chair where I can sit and read, while I am choosing the various books; but it's not just books.
If you need warm blankets for the long approaching winter-time you can find them at a cheap price; if you search for hot bottles of water, well, go for them, because they have them. I bought two hot bottle of water and they are of great quality!

I also bought a beautiful red shirt; wonderful color and again great quality. 

If you search for a good used bag, it's the best place where you can find it. 

It's not important the reason why you can stop by at the second hand bazar and bookstore of the ladies of Books for Dogs. I just know that in that place you will find what you are searching for.

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Think in Public A Public Books Reader Edited by Sharon Marcus and Caitlin Zaloomis

Think in Public A Public
Books Reader Edited by Sharon Marcus and Caitlin Zaloomis is a new book published by Columbia University Press.

These essays, divided in three parts, Ask in Public, Think in Public and Read in Public are published in 

This association was born years ago for discussing all together important thematic. Books are incredibly relevant, in an age of big ignorance as the one where we are living in, where news can be fake, reality distorted, and culture, real one always more unexistent. But what is culture exactly? 
As also remarked by the editors of this project, a place where everyone must live and nurtur himself/herself, not a place for snobs, not an unaccessible place just for few people. Knowledge must be shared if we want to build a better world. 

These essays are written clearly, because they want to reach everyone and because they want to remark the importance of being understandood, for developing, later, a dialogue with the reader; stimulate new ideas and trying to see where this society is going on is fundamental for a best future. 

Universities sometimes build walls, not just outside the but also inside. It's important, as remark the editors to build bridges both within  "the academy and beyond it if we want to preserve what is essential and expand our collective sense of what is possible." 

Public Books open the doors not just to academics, but to creatives ones of every sorta as well because these first ones can't live anymore without the creativity breathed outside; it inspires the latest "news" from a world sometimes seen as stranger from most of them.

These writers are very young, absolutely unknown to the largest ones. 

Public Books treats essays of the latest published books, but also other themes; for example Elena Ferrante's big success inspired an essay asking: who is writing these books? They are beloved in the USA as well. 
People whisper of two authors, a man and a woman but who knows. 

These essays  take in consideration black literature, but also what global english means for world literature. 
Authors will treat climate change, Silicon Valley and the world created by PCS, moral, an interview with the most beloved writer of sci-fiction Le Guin, but also Kafka and the importance of reading fairy-tales to our children, taking it seriously.
This dad, Daegan Miller read more than 30 books to his two sons in 2200 days and he did it because books at the end of a day brought tranquillity to his children, stimulating their intellect, and the one of the reader, of course;  Miller affirms that at a certain point he started to take that children's books as seriously as the books "I read for my PhD advisors." Why? A children's book means always a big morale that with tranquillity can be adopted by adults. 

A book highly recommended if you want to explore reality in all his meanings.
Friendly, open, written with warmth and accessible to everyone, you can also join the website, so that you will always stay informed reading the latest essays posted by the various contributors.

I thank Columbia University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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The Little Queen by Meia Geddes Audiobook

The Little Queen by Meia Geddes
Illustrated by Sara Zieve Miller becomes for whoever is interested also an audiobook. I personally prefer audiobook when I drive somewhere and I can't physically read. It is a pleasant experience.

It's difficult to find another more delicate, precious and tender audiobook than this one by Meia, a trip that the Little Queen, once dead both her parents, attends in her fabulous country. 

There, she  will meet, extravagant, wonderful people in grade of opening her eyes, letting her discover the fascination of reality and dreams mixed together; diversifications and life-experiences of her new friends sure will make the difference in her personal growth.

The universe of Meia in this tale is colored and poetic; colored by dreams, by expectations, by enchantment, by that stunning visual perception of reality that each of us would want to see and read all the time: a commixtion between real and unreal, dreams and opportunities, poetry and life, following our dreams, following our path, but at the same time reinventing and imagining a different world where inclusivity is a reality, where distances are broken, and where people are friendly with everyone.

Some of the characters we will meet?

The dream writer, a man constantly writing down dreams, and be careful because if the dream he is writing is great for you, you will obtain it automatically. Then there is the dream counter, a more problematic character,  but also the book sniffer, the thinker, thinking about...thinking, then there is someone who create special jars putting in them feelings, tastes of the four seasons.

When you'll finish to hear this audiobook, you will be like awaken. Distracted by the beauty of the words used by Meia, by the little and big worlds she imagined, the tenderness she used for describing the world's of the various characters, your self and perception of your reality will change if you'll want it, seeing, mostly, the beauty of this world and how you can make a difference in the world.

This trip, physical and intimate at the same time is a modality for discovering the real self for The Little Queen; she is still unsecure, she doesn't know what direction to give at her life and her country and she is still in great sufferance because her parents passed away, but once the trip will be over she is sure of something: that healing the world will be one of her priorities. 

A glorious audiobook about departures, sufferance, inclusivity, friendship, love, trips, new encounters, friends, and the desire of changing for better this world.

Highly recommended, in audiobook as well.

I thank Meia for the audiobook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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Chronicles Of Old Los Angeles Exploring The Devilish History Of The City Of The Angels by James Roma

Chronicles Of Old Los Angeles Exploring The Devilish History Of The City
Of The Angels by James Roman is the account from the birth to recent times of a special city: the one that created the most lucrative and beautiful activity in the world: cinema. If Los Angeles is now synonime of cinema, stars, showbiz, you must know that the past centuries was a land populated by a lot of Native Americans. They lived peacefully and the arrival of Europeans broke their harmony forever.
Los Angeles, at that time was called Yang-na. These Native Americans were fishermen mainly and they stayed naked all the time. They believed in the afterlife and maybe a tradition adopted by the so-called white man, they practiced cremation; they also loved hallucinogens.
The real big problem appeared when a big colony of catholic imported many dangerous european illness. Native American's bodies were not prepared for them and more than 6000 of them died abruptly.
After this episode, the birth of Los Angeles. A city with a complicated life-story as you will see, but plenty of fascination. The book will drive you at the discovery of the first pioneers of cinema for later offering to you also the fascination of the important love-stories born in Hollywood; one of the saddest episodes of all the times the assassination of Bob Kennedy the brother of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on 1968. That hotel closed forever and then destroyed. 

This book can't end without a complete tour in the city of stars, angels, sun.

Tour One is about El Pueblo and Chinatown; the second Bunker Hill, the third one Hollywood, the fourth Hollywood Heights, then  Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills for ending with Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

A paradisiac guide, pretty informative and historic, for a dreaming city!

I thank Museyon Books for the copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori