martedì, dicembre 02, 2014

"Our answer to the Black Friday?" Giving Tuersday" says Laura Slattery from the Gubbio

 Donate with generosity to the Gubbio Project of San Francisco

Yesterday the celebration of CymberMonday and previously the Black Friday with which de facto started for most Americans the rush to the Christmas' presents and gifts. The net celebrated the Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well with a lot of discount and offers. My e-mail an ocean of discounts and offers.

Today Laura Slattery the coordinator of the Gubbio Project, from San Francisco, USA, sent me an e-mail.

As maybe you all know the Gubbio helps homeless based in the poorest areas of the city of San Francisco and in particular in the Tenderloin, one of the poorest part of the city.

The church of Saint Boniface offers to the guests, men and women, the possibility of having some relaxation in their church, sleeping on the benches, having the possibility of eating and washing and just resting from a bit. Guests are always more followed by the Gubbio with a lot of initiative.

"Did you know that 94.5% of Americans donate to charitable and community groups each year?" asked Laura. "Most small non-profits rely on this sort of investment from the community. Each year around 40% of the entire Gubbio Project budget comes from individuals donors".

Laura affirms strongly: "We couldn't do this work without all of you".

Laura informs that from three years at this part they joined with The Gubbio Project GivingTuesday, a national day for supporting non-profits. It's a sorta of answer to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

"GivingTuesday is an opportunity for sharing gratitude and fulfillment many of us feel around Thanksgiving with those who are marginalized in our communities".

Laura asks to everyone of donating: "Consider giving whatever amount you can and if we each do this, imagine the impact it could have on The Gubbio Project and those we serve in the coming year! "

Anna Maria Polidori