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The Practice of Mindful Yoga A Connected Path to Awareness by Hannah Moss

"Mindful Yoga is a primarily spiritual discipline, connecting our body, our breath and our mind so that we can turn our inwards and start getting to know ourselves a little better."
This one the description given by Hannah Moss the author of this new and fascinating book by Quarto: The Practice of Mindful Yoga A Connected Path to Awareness.
Hannah decided of writing this book because once she experienced yoga, but she added it became to her like another insignificant moment of her day. It lost all the fascination it had and most important, the purposes and reasons why she did it. Then thanks to a local teacher she discovered Mindful Yoga, a Yoga in grade to let her keep focused in the present and in her most vivid experiences and positive sensations blocking the sadness and frustrations in grade to keep her body sick.

Mindful Yoga is important because it gives you consciousness about problems. With Yoga you don't escape problems but you see them under other perspectives.
Divided in five chapters you will discover everything about this ancient way of living in grade to help you in a daily base, from breath to posture, and at the end, following the steps of ms Moss you will be regenerated and more conscious of your self.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, dicembre 11, 2018

Our Little Secret Il Nostro Piccolo Segreto by Ninni Schulman translated by Stefania Forlani

"We knew all, but we haven't done anything" and "What's wrong in some men?" are two phrases that synthesize well the new and waited book by Ninni Schulman, Our Little Secret Il Nostro Piccolo Segreto translated for Marsilio by Stefania Forlani.

We speak of domestic violence; we speak of a thematic, unfortunately  common in our society and that possibility of escapism, the mirage of another life where no one harm a woman, where there is freedom, where a woman or a girl are free from everyone; where brain is washed by sadness, sickness; by an internal pain more strong than the same life. We speak of survivors, but also of broken existences under many aspects, because healing from domestic violence is a long process.

But this book is not just this: it examines the delicate, intricate relationship existing in a couple and that invisible wire that let thinks to a lot of women: "It's all my fault" analyzing courageously what happens when a woman thinks: "Wait: maybe it's not my fault. Maybe I can change my existence and my destiny."

The story is this one: Anna-Karin Ehn is a social assistant and one night she doesn't return home; disappeared in the scene of this hypothetical murder there are evident signs of blood. 

Investigations are conducted by Petra Wilander and Christer Berglund.

It's simple to understand that, after all, the life of this lady was not so simple as at first everyone would have thought that it was.

But it's Magdalena Hansson the most important key of this tale: the reporter is back to work after an absence for maternity.
The case sounds immediately complicated.
Domestic violence, horrible abuses, a suicide.
A complete mess and the devastating mental and physical hell experienced by a lady and her daughter.

It's a strong book this one that should let us reflect about the possibility of being free from a sick man and the modality of our possible escapism from the horror.

Many surprises, I can tell you that there is the happy end.

I highly suggest to everyone this book.

I thank Marsilio for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

domenica, dicembre 09, 2018

Il Libro delle Piccole Rivoluzioni Il Magico Potere dei Gesti Quotidiani El Libro de las Pequenas revoluciones by Elsa Punset translated by Laura Scolari

Il Libro delle Piccole Rivoluzioni Il Magico Potere dei Gesti Quotidiani El Libro de las Pequenas revoluciones or in english The Book of Little Revolutions The Magical Power of Daily Gestures by Elsa Punset translated by Laura Scolari is an energetic important and beauty self-help book published by DeAgostini, italian publishing house.

All dedicated to girls and women, the purpose of this book is this one: taking good care of us once and for all, cuddling soul and body at the same time.
Stress, anxious moments, disconnection from the beauty of the world creates ugly situations, depression, stress, apathy.

Don't worry: this book will be of great inspiration and will help you if you need a tool for sorting out some of your problems.

Divided in four sections, nothing is left out, from work, living, growing, personal priorities, negative and positive people, to serenity, joy, happiness, and how to reach, avoid, build a different self, remaining...yourself, but with a different strength.

Many intuitive tips, advice that I am sure  you will find stimulating; other tips inspired by words of wisdom always actual, modern. The main problems for us, women is that at a certain point, we dedicate to other people a lot of time; we are busy and soon we lose the essence of ourselves: who are we? What did we love? What did we want?
What do we desire in this life? How can we rediscover that joy of living that we once had? How can we abandon bad habits?

Posture, chats, being friendly and amicable, teas, yoga, writing down our auto-biography, the ability of saying no, keeping out from our life nasty people with negative energies, this book is a splash in the colors of life.
Sometimes we forget the beauty of life, with its essences, with its delicate touch; when the game becomes too strong, when we are too sad, when we are not in grade to see an escapism we must remember that there is always a way.

Interactive under many ways this one is a wonderful gift for a girlfriend in difficulty!

I thank DeAgostini/DeaPlaneta for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

sabato, dicembre 08, 2018

Le Caffettiere dei miei Bisnonni La fine delle Icone nel Design Italiano The Mokas of my great-grandparents The End of the Icons in the Italian Design by Chiara Alessi

I was prepared to read a book about sweet memories of a family who created an object that will continue to be used per generations although not anymore Made in Italy in the strict sense of the word.
We speak of the italian moka, the caffettiera, where you taste the best coffee that you can dream in this world.
It was the opposite: Le Caffettiere dei miei Bisnonni La fine delle Icone nel Design Italiano The Mokas of my great-grandparents The End of the Icons in the Italian Design by Chiara Alessi is a polemic, disenchanted book about our times, consumers and their relationship with objects passing trhought the history of her family and the one of  historic brands.

Published by UTET this book is wonderfully beauty.

Everything started with Alfonso Bialetti and his moka. The invention would have meant for the second generation of the family incarnated in Renato the chance of feeding wagons of people thanks to the abundant work that there was: million of people at the same time tasted in the wonderful moka the coffee: 300 million caffettiere have been sold thanks to the geniality of a visionary man sold.
At the moment the Bialetti is just the pale memory of the old good times.
Alfonso Bialetti was a relative of Alessi: both of them remembered because they marked the old Made in Italy with good products that, simply, made the history of Italy.

In this sense the author is pretty polemic regarding the new times where objects are not anymore icons; maybe because icons just don't exist anymore, replaced by objects discovered for their functionality and lived without that love, affection that in the past there was for the caffettiera, the moka, for example.
Let's say that our times have lost that preciosity for the objects that there was in the past.

Not only; the author writes of a past, present and future that are a continuous present at the moment. All the possible complexity of time is disappeared.

Icons, writes the author, became icons because they were defined in a certain time where present and time meant a lot.

Present at the moment doesn't give any stability or credibility at the future.

Bialetti with the moka became a synonymy of modernism fighting against classicism; the author remarks that there is not anymore originality and uniqueness, but just products without soul. And people? Consumers? They are confused.

Modern icons, the so-called status-symbols work for remarking that the consumer is in grade of buying it; these modern objects are not symbols as in the past, of an affectionate, indispensable tool in grade to recognize not just a family but a country. A country. It's an enormous concept but real. Why? Because an icon is not just an icon: it's the symbol of a country, of memories, it speaks of the place where it is born in; it serves for obtain the best, but at the same time it incarnates the spirit of the country: and the country whispers through that object.

Icons remains. When an object is beauty, functional, remains young also if time goes by.

An icon is ageless: it's present, past: it speaks of people, aspirations writes the author.

Not only: there is more. In the past objects where made for being part of the daily rituals of a family. They were warm, they were part of the life of people.

At the moment publicity created, writes the author the desire from masses of entering in aliens and unknown worlds; these worlds will remain aliens and an object, also the most expensive one is not chosen because good but because a "status-symbol." In this poor scenario objects don't present anymore any kind of passion and enthusiasm as it was in the past, but worries, stress.

A big role is played by technology and the modifications created in people's behavior; "all and now" are constant of this world. We experience, writes the author a desire of having something that once realized don't interest us anymore. We want something else.

This comparison is very good to me: the author thinks that the consumer is like Vladimiro and Estragone the protagonists of Waiting for Godot by Beckett.
The protagonists wait and wait: they don't know who Godot is...Their waiting is pretty dangerous for their existences.

At the same time the consumer doesn't know what he will buy but he stays in line per hours for buying a product because trendy and because everyone want it.
We desire to desiring. We desire to be like all the rest of people.
Beautiful book this one, written with heart and written with that melancholic touch presented by our modern age.

A society this one, unable to speak to the heart of people (if looked in the surface) and unable to  remain; the only consolation? Our past, made with heart, with friendship, love, work, and real values.
Since we won't return at that point, humanity will be a desolated land with less heart and less humanity.

Many example will involve also other objects of designs.

I thank DeaPlaneta for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

giovedì, dicembre 06, 2018

L.M.Montgomery A Name for Herself Selected Writings, 1891-1917 Edited by Benjamin Lefebvre

L.M.Montgomery A Name for Herself Selected Writings, 1891-1917 Edited by Benjamin Lefebvre the editor of  the L.M.Montgomery Library was published recently by University of Toronto Press.
This one is the first of three books entirely dedicated to the beloved author of Anne of Green Gables; the project was born for let us discover the rest of her writings.

Mr. Lefebvre is also the the director of the L.M.Montgomery Online and his life has been mostly dedicated, like also his publications, to the beloved author of Anne of Green Gables.

Mrs Montgomery transmit all the best: real values, but also sacrifice, fight, dedication, and she is in grade of enchanting all of us with her wonderful, tender delicate touch while she describes a stunning nature, situations, or like when she donates us in one of her writings the recipe of a Scripture Cake suggesting in another one that there is not any other more precious gift than books for Christmas.

Montgomery is a lady in grade to bring to our soul calm, good feelings, that precious gift that is attention to life, to reality to what it is seriously important in life.
Her eyes were enchanted eyes in this world in grade to capture the best, leaving the rest alone.

In a society like this one, pretty confused and scared, this author is more than indispensable because she is in grade to re-put reality in  focus; I said it previously and I will continue to say this, because it is important.

Anne Shirley: her character is a tenacious and strong kid and teen-ager, plenty of optimism and with that touch of desperation and research of mental escapism from the hard reality she lived in, in grade to let her goes on in an hostile world since she doesn't find happiness.

Anne Shirley is without doubt not just a fictional character but the alter-ego of the same Montgomery; grown up close to Cavendish by her maternal grandparents she missed a lot her dad, with which she remained affectionate all her life, although Montgomery didn't never find a good connection with the second wife of her dad, suffering a lot also for this reason.
Her grandparents didn't love to read books, a passion that young and talented Montgomery cultivated a lot, although in that family there was a lot of oral storytelling as it happened once and it helped the author as well.
Thanks to these influences and her readings, very young, when she was taking an undergraduate course at Halifax, Montgomery started to being published. Teacher, once returned to Cavendish because her grand-mother lost the husband, she started to write full time, earning a lot of money in comparison with the one of her teaching job.

The writing activity of Montgomery can't be just defined by Anne of Green Gables adds the author, because Mrs Montgomery wrote voraciously and there are something like five hundreds short stories, five hundreds poems and more material available although til now unknown to the most.

For this reasons these three books as said before are born: for let show to everyone the versatile character of Montgomery and her ability of writing of different topics; it could be an essay, it could be a short story, nothing was impossible to her.
That's why her enormous success as a writer. Let's remember she lived with her writings.
In the first part of the book Early and Student Publications the first works appeared between 1891 and 1899; the second part will treat "Maud as a Newspaper Woman" where we find all the collection of her columns "Around the Table" really beauty, published in the Halifax Daily Echo with the nickname Cynthia.
The third part is about "The Upward to Heights Sublime;" we will see in this final part Montgomery as an established, famous author.

You will fall in love for all these tales, trust me.

If you love L.M.Montgomery, if you appreciated her in Anne of Green Gables, you can't miss to buy this book and to read these tales, because they're absolutely stunning; the best of the best and during this period of the year, it is simply fascinating ending the day with a warm blanket, a good cup of tea, and some tales of Montgomery, that you can read to your daughter as well! They're amazing.

You will meet the same intensity experienced by the author in her beloved classics books and her attention, devotion, love, passion, cure, for nature, animals, human nature that we all know very well. Positive spirit for sure, she will be in grade to add sun to you or your dear ones also during a cloudy day.

Highly recommended: the perfect gift for all your family!

I thank University of Toronto Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

mercoledì, dicembre 05, 2018

En Plein Air Watercolor: Expert techniques and simple step-by-step projects for creating dynamic landscapes in the open air with watercolor by Ron Stocke

En Plein Air Watercolor: Expert techniques and simple step-by-step projects for creating dynamic  landscapes in the open air with watercolor by Ron Stocke, published this  December 18 by Quarto, is the perfect book for learn how drawing and painting in watercolor in the most diversified environments. For starters and for painters this book introduces also the art of drawing for passing later at real examples for capturing the best subjects in a city, in a countryside or seaside.
I warmly suggest to everyone this creative book.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Lost Railway Journeys From Around the World by Anthony Lambert

Magic of trains is impressive. It has always been (never catch an airplane so I can't tell you any impression yet) my favorite public transportation service; it's possible to discover in fact an universe pretty different and diversified, meeting always wonderful people and chatting with them of a lot of topics. At the same time it is great for socializing, but also for staying alone, thinking; a train means freedom, landscapes, new places, new faces.

For this reason I decided to see this book by Quarto: Lost Railway Journeys From Around the World by Anthony Lambert a writer addicted and passionate of trains and their history.

What a remarkable nostalgic, beautiful photographic book about remarkable lost railway journeys, using the expression of the author across the world. These realities don't exist anymore, replaced by quickest methods of transportation.
Passing through Europe to Asia, Australia, America, this book takes in consideration all the most remarkable realities,  sometimes legendaries, like the Orient Express was.

If you love trains, if you think that old-fashioned transportation was poetic, beautiful, this book is for you.

Perfect book for a gift to a passionate of trains.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, dicembre 04, 2018

The Not-So-Brave Penguin by Steve Smallman

The Not-So-Brave Penguin by Steve Smallman is an interesting reading for the thematic treated and a great gift, if you have a kid plenty, for many reasons, irrationals or rationals but that they can't be rationalized, every personal story is complicated, of a lot of fears.
Fears are terrible because they can't permit a progression of the personality, let's use this expression, but a regression, and kids can't go on in life with the tranquillity that they deserves.

You mustn't never think that children's books can't be helpful in these cases because sometimes they are the best keys for enter in the soul of your kid with more simplicity but at the same time profundity.

The author chooses for treating this important thematic a sunny penguin called Posy; in english this name means as explained me a British friend called Posy, a little bouquet of flowers.
So, a tender name.

Posy the penguin is plenty of fears and for this reason she doesn't live well her life. She doesn't want to jump, she doesn't like snow and snowstorms, strange, don't you think so? being a penguin. But Posy's character is this one because of her fears she can't enjoy her being a penguin.

Plus, this little penguin has another big fear: the one for dark and obscurity. She imagines terrible monsters, horrible situations.

Oh no, not darkness in her life.

Then one day Percy, a friend of her, notices a beautiful, big iceberg. Oh, what a joy playing with that in every possible way! Posy as always doesn't join him, but she starts to be worried when she sees that he Percy doesn't return home.

All the rest of this penguin's  colony tells her that, come on, it is normal and considering also the apprehensive character of the little penguin they all thinks that maybe she is exaggerating a lot; but this time Posy is more than brave: she jumps in the cold water, reaches the iceberg, for finding Percy with some problem...So she was right!

Dark is coming and Percy and Posy stays in the iceberg, although there, Posy learns an important lesson: that after all darkness brings special gifts with it. A good friendship as well.

I strongly recommend this book to all that parents with children that must still metabolize the idea of the obscurity and general fears. Reading this book together and speaking about fears will help your children and they will heal.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

domenica, dicembre 02, 2018

Books, Baguettes & Bedbugs The Left Bank World of Shakespeare &Co. by Jeremy Mercer

Everyday switching on my smart phone I visualize the wallpaper of Shakespeare and Company and their most important motto: "Be not inhospitable with strangers. Lest they be angels in disguise." It's
encouraging and optimistic and a window in the world.

We return to Paris thanks to the extraordinary book written by Jeremy Mercer: Books, Baguettes & Bedbugs The Left Bank World of Shakespeare &Co. published years ago by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

If the first bookstore created by Sylvia Beach at rue de l'Odeon 12 was the excellent and exclusive refugees for promising, excellent intellectuals and writers like Ernest Hemingway, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound and many important publishers, without of course forgetting James Joyce, who received a crucial help for the publication of his Ulysses and Finnegans Wake thanks to the devotion and dedication of Sylvia Beach, the new reality of Shakespeare and Company located at 37 rue de la Bûcherie changed song.

Shakespeare and Company became thanks to the new owner, George Whitman, who opened the bookstore in 1951, a healing place thanks to his philosophy: a free bed, free meals to whoever wanted to spend a short or long period of his/her existence in Shakespeare and Company.

The bookstore became the refugee of people who desired to heal  from the wounds of the past, from a loss, from a traumatic experience, from a sad past; we speak of young and less young people, as you will read.
Yes, because the universe of Shakespeare and Company was plenty of diversified realities.
Not only: each person was a tale, still unwritten, walking and working in that store.

They recovered: while they read, while they wrote, while they worked, while they moved books from a room to another; while they suggested some books to customers; while they took pictures with customers; while they studied; while they chatted, drunk, smoke, loved, again re-discovering themselves before to start to return "out," in that delusional world that once betrayed them, or more than once.

Shakespeare and Company was a place where to find answers and protection.

In that store no one would have damaged them; no one would have betrayed them; no one of the guests would have experienced a strong delusion and nothing, culture apart would have passed through the door of the bookstore once opened; a lot of peace once closed.

As says at a certain point by the author, time was fluid in Shakespeare and Company; everyday an adventure, with the certainty that there would have been protection. People living in Shakespeare and Company became all friends.

The story of Jeremy the author of this book is remarkable. He was a good crime reporter in Canada, but then terrorized because he published the name of one of his main source in a book, adding also other facts he was involved in, he decided to resign from his job, leaving for Paris, where he would have studied some french. Canadians speaks fluently two languages: french and english.

Jeremy Mercer didn't resign from a starving position, I want to clarify: he was a successful reporter, he lived a beautiful life, just... lately crime absorbed too much his mind and he became stressed by what he saw. Also the most normal scene, a parent accompanying a little kid to school became to him something else: a horrible pedophile close to a poor kid ready to experiment real hell. There was a clear distortion of the reality.
It was the end of 1999; the arrival of a new millennium; exciting, fear. Paris was beautiful as always, the end of that year.

Money run out quickly and Jeremy didn't know anymore where to go.

He didn't want to ask for some money to his parents; he needed to find a different place, someone in grade of giving him hospitality or a job for paying the hotel where he lived in. But where and who?

It was a Sunday day when he noticed Shakespeare and Company. Tourists in general are addicted for this place when they afford to Paris, but you see, Jeremy hadn't still visited that store. No sure why, he left it behind, arriving in the right moment in the right place.
A girl offered him a cup of tea, asking him if he wanted to spend some time with them, all together, upstairs.
An old man told Jeremy that he knew he would have asked him of living in that bookstore. Grumpy person, Jeremy didn't know anything of the possibility offered by Shakespeare and Company of a free bed and some free food but he tried, because he didn't have anything to lose; and George, the day after, offered him a bed; a roof where to sleep; some new certainties and a new start.

George Whitman, the new owner of Shakespeare and Company was a  singular person. Born in Massachusetts he studied at the Boston University.
A real communist in Paris; he told to everyone that his grand-dad donated to his dad the Bible, but that his dad donated him the Manifest of Karl Marx.

George thought that it was indispensable to donate to others; to share, to be compassionate. His time, a bed, something to eat; after all we don't need a lot for a living.

"Give what you can; keep what you need" he repeated.

Frugal man, he loved to spend very little amount of money for feeding himself and his guests. And the young guests at Shakespeare and Company learnt how to shop following the philosophy of George.
They waited the end of the market for buying or just bring home some veggies. Maybe not the most beautiful ones, but eatable for sure. Whitman could do scenes if they bought sugar spending more than the necessary.

George Whitman had a wonderful habit: on Sunday morning loved to prepare pancakes for everyone. A long tradition waited from all the guests with great pleasure; it was another way for staying all together, chatting, eating something different; it was Sunday, it was a day of feast.

At some point Jeremy understood that maybe he was becoming always more slim. Substantially, people in Shakespeare and Company were fed by culture; but it paid in the long distance.
Guests sleeping in Shakespeare and Company where from the most diversified places; Italy, USA, Canada.

Without George Whitman, seriously, most people, most men and women wouldn't never have found a way;  they wouldn't never discovered what it was wrong in their existences and how to fix their problems for then, going on. Whitman was a souls-savior under many aspects.

George Whitman was 86 when Jeremy started his experience at Shakespeare and Company discovering that married a girl in her 20s and something when he was 70 years; that he had had a daughter and was plenty of problems: he thought that once dead Shakespeare and Company would have been sold by his ex wife; later Jeremy assisted at the love-story born between a girl of 20 years for George; he wrote her poems; she kissed him for later move on, leaving George in a tremendous, depressing state. George became a man of 86 years not anymore a young spirit in the body of an old still energetic man. Jeremy started to be worried.

Jeremy fell in love for a girl, Nina, and as you will read it was an adventure: bathrooms in Shakespeare and Company were antiquates so it was necessary to go to a public place, the ones for homeless for a good shower and for appearing decent at the eyes of the beloved girl.

But you know: these broken existences, these destinies channeled in this bookstore by a sort of serendipity, by a mixture of events and misfortunes couldn't proceed harmonically together, because they met each other in a moment of stress; in a moment of lost of identity; each of them was searching for answers about their existences and once obtained them, they were ready to return outside, leaving  the protected, blessed walls of Shakespeare and Company, George and the companions met in the bookstore.

Slowly, the group, for a reason or another started to lose pieces; and each person returned in the real world, searching for that bit of personal peace, success and satisfactions.

In the book you will find the complete story of George Whitman and family, the arrival of Sylvia Beach Whitman thanks to the help of the author of this book Jeremy Mercer; now she is the owner of Shakespeare and Company.

With the time, added Jeremy a lot of things changed in the bookstore. Now credit cards are accepted, there is a phone and let me add, internet connection.

Maybe Shakespeare and Company changed some bits, but the legacy created by George Whitman is incredibly important and crucial, and maybe also for this reason, that place is so magical.

There are the breaths of thousand lives and existences passed through that bookstore absorbed in that walls; like the ones of used books passed from an owner to another, all these invisible voices whisper to readers and tourists of all the world their stories and the enchantment of a place where they rested, worked, where they re-discovered the pleasure for living.

"We were through the rabbit hole and into the world of Shakespeare and Company, where down is up white is black and nothing is ever normal" writes Jeremy.

Splendid book, highly recommended, if you love Paris, if you love books, if you love altruistic and problematic people, if you love the dimension of dream as well.

Anna Maria Polidori

A Fire Story by Brian Fies

A Fire Story, written and illustrated by author Brian Fies is amazingly shocking considering what happened also this year in California.

Global Warming helped by people not too educated who leave in the woods pieces of glass in grade to become real "bombs" of fires, create a point: California is burning and every tree burnt means less oxygen for the Planet and for the population without counting what happens to the population if in grade to run away as soon as possible in term of stress, in term of a new re-start, tragic, and never simple.

At the moment, an entire town of 27.000 people, Paradise, paradoxically became a real hell: destroyed weeks ago, like also localities chosen by the stars of Hollywood and rich people because beautiful locations where to living in.

In this new book by ABRAMS that will come soon the first account of what it meant in the Napa Valley Fire of last year to leave, if not forever, for a long while, the house where Brian Fies lived in; it will be necessary to re-build completely the home where people spent many years of their existence but at the same time everyone know that it won't have the same taste, because the place radically changed after the fire and it will take decades for seeing the lost scenario left behind and eaten by the fire restored as it was previously.

The story starts from an alarm and once the couple know that they must leave, what they want to keep and what they want to leave; a brief selection of the most important items of the existence made in a few minutes knowing that maybe all the rest left behind will be destroyed forever. Animals, some clothes, maybe the smart phone, some photo albums for not seeing destroyed all the existence also fixated in pictures; some special items.

Behind an entire existence of objects speaking of special moments that burning will become sweet and lost memories.

Sometimes there were precious items left alone in a  drawer and not immediately remembered because old more than 20-30 years; sometimes objects speaking to the soul but that couldn't accompany people who left the house rushing and searching, first of all to save their existence.

This account will introduce us, sometimes ironically, also the problematic of the "immediately after" reporting also an account of  many other people who, that October 9 2017 lost everything. Numbers are immense also in the big fire of the past year: 6.200 homes and 8.900 structures were destroyed.

This book was previously launched on the net and with great success.

I strongly recommend it to all of you, for trying to understand what it means to lose everything in a few seconds for re-build an existence ex novo.

I thank NetGalley and ABRAMS for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

sabato, dicembre 01, 2018

The Amish Chef Amish Siblings 1 by Sandra Becker

The Amish Chef is the first short novel of Amish Siblings  by Sandra Becker.
I love Amish baking and cooking and I try to save all the times their delicious recipes.

Composed by four little novels this first one tells the story of Sandra and her joy for cooking and baking. Nothing strange, apart the fact that being an Amish maybe it's impossible also to become a successful lady in the field, opening a restaurant.
Plus the arrival of James an intriguing Amish boy, complicates the situation, because James but also other people close to her are, at first, strongly disappointed from the purpose of Sandra. Why should she want to feed people when she should marry a man, becoming a mother and a wife?
At the end a compromise will be reached and everyone will experience joy and happiness.

Highly recommended.

Anna Maria Polidori

The 30-day Money Cleanse Take Control of Your Finances, Manage your Spending, and De-stress your Money for Good by Ashley Feinstein

You need just 30 days, for learn how to save money becoming an  expert of your budget.
How, and how much you want to spend it, keeping the rest wisely safe.

Come on, it's not a secret: money is becoming the biggest problem of this world, because of lack of work, or less paid work; our latest generations won't never know the richness accumulated by our parents. It's a big problems this one and saving, or trying to keep our financial budget under control is more than necessary in this moment of crisis, uncertainty and misery.

How to do that?

Thanks to the good guidance of in 30 days you will all become money savers.

Her latest work, in fact, The 30-day Money Cleanse Take Control of Your Finances, Manage your Spending, and De-stress your Money for Good opens in fact our eyes about all that expensive voices that can be cut out; parsimony, frugality, another way of living will be the main philosophic voice that readers must adopt for living well and spending less.

Electrifying book this one; starting from real voices of your incomes and outcomes, the author will address you in the right, correct direction and thanks to a journal that you will keep during these 30 days, you will see the progression of your saving. The book is divided in four crucial weeks.

Saving, spending.

Most people don't have at all any kind of notion about this existential sector and what to do with their own money.
If someone know how to save, or how not to spend, it's because of sacrifices that he/she did before, but no one, adds the author, at school introduced any kind of topic for let understand better to the youngest population how to save and manage money.
This one is a problem adds the author, because if substantially all the rest of math, and other abstract subjects studied at school later will remain just... study, a topic like this one would be helpful for all of us all along our existence.

Money is a taboo.
People speak of everything but they try to avoid the voice money. Money remains a status-symbol of this society, maybe the biggest recognizable sign that someone "is arrived" and he/she is a successful person although at the same time money remains precious and spending or not spending makes the difference.

Enjoy this book, and happy life.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Sisters of Binghamton The Prequel by Charity Phillips

Sisters of Binghamton The Prequel by Charity Phillips introduces readers to the saga of the four Perry sisters Sarah, Margaret, Ann, Lizzie.
Beautiful family this one of the Perry.
They live in East Coast of the US; united, happy and cheerful to the world and life, it happens unfortunately during a feast that the patriarch of the family, mr Perry collapses: the diagnosis is consumption.
Their life changes; the girls know that they must continue to be helpful to their family but in heaviest ways. A good work and more money will be necessary. What to do for earning much more?
One day in a newsmagazine the girls read some interesting ads of men searching for women in the East Coast.
The girls waiting for some money for a subscription to the newsmagazine start to make money selling their mother's jam, painting portraits.

More In the complete Historical Mail Order Bride Series Sisters of Binghamton.

I found this chapter interesting because I see unity and I see a common project: the one of helping the family, at the same time searching for a future in a moment of uncertainty.

Highly recommended.

I thank the author for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

giovedì, novembre 29, 2018

The Artful Liar Reflections on Betrayal and Deception by Cynthia Leeds Friedlander

Beautiful. Impressive, not just well-written but a real meditative reading this one, plenty of letters, advice, suggestions, tips, every chapter is closed by some suggestions by the author to her affectionate readers  for trying to avoid or better, survive at the failure of a long relationship.

Written superbly well by Cynthia Leeds Friedlander The Artful Liar Reflections on Betrayal and Deception is a book where each of us can recognize a piece or more of ourselves.

It's for this reason that this book is crucial and interesting. For understand the profound dynamics of two people in a relationship but more, the real purposes and expectations that each of them cultivate.

Stunningly beauty, I loved its profundity, reflections, intensity of living and new re-starts.

Highly recommended.

I thank Library Thing for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Gon, the Little Fox written by Nankichi Niimi Illustrated by Genjirou Mita

Gon, the Little Fox written by Nankichi Niimi Illustrated by Genjirou Mita and published by Museyon is a cute and hard children's book where, this time kids will also experience what it means negative actions, how we ca repair them and much more.
If children who will read this book don't live in a countryside, parents must explain them the danger and beauty of this animal.

The story was told once by a man called Mohei and there is a big moral inside.

Gon was the little fox of the countryside. He loved to steal every sorta of food from various houses.
A common reality that everyone living in a countryside experience soon or late.

Hyoiu was a man who tried all his best for feeding his old mother decently. She was not fine and she stayed to bed all the time; Gon stole from his basket the fish necessary for the old lady. When the old lady died, Gon understood that maybe he played a role in this story and tried all his best for recuperate.

Everyday he brought chestnuts and other delicious food to Hyoiu; Hyoiu was amazed because of it, and at the same time he could not explain rationally the arrival of such pleasant food in a daily base in his house. Talking with a friend, they concluded that this story had a divine touch.

Gon, listening what the men were saying about was upset because he thought that there wasn't any divine touch in this story, just his generosity and his way for recuperating; so one day he manifested his presence at Hyoiu.

Pity that the man thinking that Gon wanted to steal something opened the fire.

Gon tried to recuperate, but could think that a fox could have a gentle soul.

Gon did want to let see to Hyoiu that he was after all a good beast and he felt remorse for what he had previously done.
At the same time Gon didn't trust the divine touch of this story; but it existed. God manifested His presence using the little fox, but Gon didn't understand it and so was punished by life.
Gon had a heart. Big. Considering his human nature.
He was a gentle fox and when he understood that maybe he played a dirty role in the departure of that man's mother, he didn't hesitate for helping.

Highly recommended. This one is a beautiful and inspiring book.

I thank Museyon Books for this children's book.

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, novembre 27, 2018

Ashley's Amish Adventures: Attending an Amish Wedding: A true story by Ashley Emma

Ashley's Amish Adventures: Attending an Amish Wedding: A true story it's realistically a wonderful portrait of Amish society before, during, after a wedding.
Everything you want to know about an Amish wedding will be revealed in this real captivating story experienced by the author of this book Ashley Emma.
Ashley in fact, was formally invited at an Amish wedding in the community of Unity, Maine. Not only the community didn't forget her, but their friendly approach continued to be more than welcomed in Ashley's life.
So we will return to Unity, the beloved community of Amish that followed Ashley, introducing her in their culture and customs, and we will assist at the wedding, but also preparation and what it follows.

This eBook is plenty of pictures, from bedrooms, barns, kitchen, stoves, chariots; there is also a pic of an Amish hat.

I thank Ashley Emma for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Ashley's Amish Adventures: An Outsider Living with the Amish: A true story by Ashley Emma

Ashley Emma donated me for being reviewed a sample of Ashley's Amish Adventures: An Outsider Living with the Amish: A true story.

Speaking about this sample I can tell you that it is amazing!
Everything started when Ashley, decided after wagons of Amish's novels read in the past thanks to her mother, of writing her own Amish novel. It sounds simple at first sight, but accuracy is important and Ashley wanted to be serious and as more correct as possible about Amish's customs. Her idea? Living for a while with an Amish family.

I love Amish because they remind me of old times when life was much more simple, and the solidity of a structure like that one gives certainties.

Ashley found a young family in the one of Caleb: good, serious and populated by eight children! The Amish community was the one located in Unity, Maine. Ashley was accompanied by her mother.

I thank Ashley Emma for this sample.

Anna Maria Polidori

Til there was you A St.Mary's Academy by Seven Steps

Til there was you A St.Mary's Academy by Seven Steps is a short novel pretty intriguing because everything rotates on the disappearance of Janice, the beloved dog of Poppy's parents, a teenager.

Left alone with her, Poppy lost Janice in Central Park and Poppy hates Central Park, NYC because once she saw an episode of Law and Order and you see, she remained traumatized by what she saw. Substantially, pity, she avoided Norah Ephron's movies, which would have added romanticism to that place.
Said that, she contacted immediately some of her friends, because Janice needs to be found, absolutely, or her parents would, metaphorically, let me specify this, kills her, insists Poppy; her mother would call also the President of the USA for trying to find Janice.
Avoid all these potential problems and dramas Poppy, with the help of Caleb, Mya, later Josh a beautiful boy, will search for Janice.

There is not just the happy end, but maybe a new love-story is born...

Fresh, quick, but at the same time bubbling, I loved the location, I loved the story, and I love the centrality of the thematic that was developed wonderfully well.

Highly recommended.

I thank the author for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Dare to Share a Dream (A Dare Romance Series Book 2) by Lorri Moulton

Dare to Share a Dream (A Dare Romance Series Book 2) by Lorri Moulton is a short romantic book perfect for this time of the year.
It tells the love-story between a student and a teacher. Henry is the teacher of Clara, a deaf student.
He feels attraction for this girl and the girl, desperate because her parents would want to let her marry someone she doesn't love, starts to make friendship with Henry, finding him enchanting.
Henry recognizes that this girl is seriously attracting and at first he feels shame for these sentiments that he is proving for her. After all he is his teacher.
He waits the graduation day before to starting to court her seriously, because technically not anymore a student.  More than sure that the future will be with her, Henry will put things in order and later all together, Clara's family and Henry will celebrate the waited happy end.

A tender story, this one that I am sure you will appreciate a lot.

I thank Lorri Moulton for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

lunedì, novembre 26, 2018

Ordinary Snowflakes by Jennifer Rodewald

Ordinary Snowflakes by Jennifer Rodewald is a wonderful reading for this cold winter days.
We are approaching Christmas and it is good to dream of good ends.

In this case the protagonist of the story is Kale Brennan. She starts to receiving mysterious packages. One day, we are close to Christmas, someone leave a package at the door of her house.
Who will be this secret admirer of Kale? Her life is populated by a daughter, friends, and now, also by someone who let her feels special.
Kale feels the necessity of a man in grade of giving her stability but first of all good for her daughter; she will discover that maybe she can have the man of her dream blessed by her daughter as well.

I thank Jennifer Rodenwald for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

The Christmas Tree by Abdiel Leroy

I do believe in magic and I do believe that every creature has a soul: not only: sometimes I imagine to see objects speaking and telling me stories and facts.
Said this, imagine my surprise when I opened this eBook: The Christmas Tree by Abdiel Leroy , where, not only the story is told by a Christmas's Tree, but it contains important messages as well.

Written wonderfully well, incisive, with few dialogues, this tree is "captured" in a forest by humans for being sold as a Christmas's Tree. This tree is sad because during this process he lost his siblings and all his friends. Plus: he doesn't know what a Christmas's Tree or Christmas is.

He is "adopted," it's the case of using this expression, by a good family. There is a kid, there is a biggest kid in that store; there are two humans of different sizes, you see; one is much more tall than the little one.

The tree is brought in a house, decorated, what a spiritual warm the Christmas's tree feels. The Christmas's Tree understands that he can understands what humans are saying and visualizes once the meaning of Christmas.

Once Christmas is over the tree is thrown away, and reunited with someone he knows well, will be so sad and desperate. But, someone love this tree more than he can thinks and he will save him from a sad destiny: death.

In this story there is a wonderful happy end and I warmly suggest to all of you this book. I add more: I hope that someone will realize a Christmas's movie with this story.

Not only: let's spread another important message.

If you, during this Christmas's season will buy a "Christmas's tree" with roots, and you have a garden where you can plant it, please do that. It will be a success, and next year you can also decorate your "old" Christmas's Tree outside.

If you don't, please donate it to someone who can plant it; a peasant, a farmer, someone interested of keeping alive your Christmas's Tree. This world needs, desperately needs more oxygen and nature.

Highly recommended!

I thank so much Abdiel Leroy for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

domenica, novembre 25, 2018

James Joyce's Letters to Sylvia Beach edited by Melissa Banta and Oscar A.Silverman

James Joyce's Letters to Sylvia Beach edited by Melissa Banta and Oscar A.Silverman  published years ago by Plantin Paperbacks interested me a lot.

Weeks ago I read and reviewed The Letters of Sylvia Beach published by Columbia University Press and I thought all thrilled and happy at the wonderful possibility of reading also the letters written by James Joyce to her.

After all, of all the writers who marked the most the history of the first Shakespeare and Company, the American bookshop located in Paris and opened by Sylvia Beach on 1919 Joyce has been the most prominent one;  the world of Beach and her assistants rotated massively, reading this book is pretty clear, on James Joyce's necessities.

Sylvia Beach met James Joyce at the house of common friends and it was an artistic devotion crush at first sight; she fell enchanted by this distant hero she still didn't know.
Sylvia understood immediately that the most urgent problem for Joyce was the publication of the Ulysses. Sylvia Beach has great contacts and she discovered a way for giving at the print this book, spreading the news in the USA, where this book was banned.

Shakespeare and Company became a publishing house.

Problems were many, and later Beach discovered that maybe there wasn't any kind of contract, serious and legal with Joyce. You will see: the story is pretty complicated.

So, while Beach continued to support in any possible ways his favorite writer, James at the end signed with the American Random House for a stellar sum of money.

These letters go from 1921 to 1940.
I thought that these ones considering the great friendship felt by Beach for Joyce would have been beautiful letters.
I imagined the writing-style of Joyce, pretty informal and warm. Sylvia Beach's devotion for James Joyce has been remarkable and impressive.

Forget it: I can tell you that, at first when I started to read these letters, I was shocked.

These letters are pretty boring, cold, and distant; miss Beach is treated as a secretary, every letter written without any kind of sentiment and in a formal way, there is never an affectionate touch in the words used by Joyce regarding her and her life.
When he asks something about the private life of Beach is just for later, introducing the new favors that he will ask her and because he can't does differently. I have had this impression.

In these letters you find a constant story of lack of money and continuous requests to Beach.
Beach as you will read helped James Joyce financially a lot; she will sort out problems for publishing his works, not just the Ulysses; you will read of continuous requests of books that Joyce wanted to see; of his health's problems and also there Sylvia Beach was extremely helpful; also when Joyce was not anymore involved in Beach's life, he sent her two letters dated 1940 continuing to treat her as if she would have been the secretary.
Impressions that a person have of another one can't be removed with simplicity.

The richness of character, joy, enthusiasm that I discovered reading with joy miss Beach's letters, she was a voracious letter-writer for sure, in this book can't be found anywhere and it is sad because this lady changed in better the destiny of this writer, one of the most prominent ones of the XX century.

Sylvia Beach also when not anymore young loved to tell the story of her fabulous meeting with James Joyce and what she did for him. Genuinely passionate and a good person, she lived in frugality; legend wants that she didn't want to sell at a German Nazi officer a copy of Finnegans Wake by James Joyce on 1941 deciding of putting away all her beloved books and closing the doors and her adventures of her bookshop Shakespeare and Company forever. 

This book will help you to understand closely, to my point of view, the character of James Joyce but also the dedication of a lady, Sylvia Beach who didn't refuse any kind of favors at this writer per years, living with enthusiasm this adventure started with him and for him, creating the success of this writer.

Anna Maria Polidori

venerdì, novembre 23, 2018

CAN YOU FIND IT? by Surya Sjnani

CAN YOU FIND IT? by Surya Sjnani is a search-and-find tool; an important children's book. Large, captivating and intriguing, thought by the creators of Wee Gallery, each page is colored in a special way: we find red, purple, green,  grey, etc;  toddlers are encouraged to recognize the hidden objects within the page.
It is a stimulating book this one and, implied, it contains a game that it is appreciated at every age: "Can you Find It?"

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World by Ben Handicott

Atlas of Adventures: Wonders of the World by Ben Handicott  by Quarto Publishing describes, for children interested to become explorers or big travelers of this Old World all the possible, magnificent natural places or creations created during the centuries by creative men of this Old World.
This book doesn't leave any monument, or remarkable place behind and it will be a continuous discovery for you and your children.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

How to think as an Absolute Genius by Philippe Brasseur

How to think as an Absolute Genius by Philippe Brasseur is a children's book interested to stimulate in different fields, geniality and potentialities  of your children thanks to a lot of advice, tips, but mainly thanks to inspiring past genius.

Advice are many: they pass through notes taken by Da Vinci, Charles Darwin's questions about environment and animals; adopting a different yourself as experienced by Salvador Dalì, imagining the impossible as did John Lennon; trying to be inspired by the past: an eminent painter in this sense was Pablo Picasso; or just trusting your subconscious; asks at Sigmund Freud; creating continuously as did Marcel Proust; cultivating dreams as Martin Luther King did with his motto: "I have a Dream" but try also to work in a team like Walt Disney if you have a creative spirit in grade of sharing.
Wonderful illustrations, beautiful colored book, I know that this one will be an appreciated gift for your children because it will speak directly to them and their potentialities.
Children love to be loved and appreciated, feeling that their parents trust them and their endless possibilities.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

The Famous Family Trees by Kari Hauge

The Medici, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Ned Kelly, Bronte, Nelson Mandela, and many others important public characters of our recent and more remote history won't have anymore any secrets for you! and your children thanks to this new children's book published by Quarto: The Famous Family Trees by Kari Hauge.
Beautiful illustrations, each character receives a good introduction for then, proceeding with his/her family tree, for an adventure in the past, and sometimes present of families who, for a reason or another, made the history of this world.

I am more than sure that your children will find this book captivating and you, adults, interesting and plenty of curiosities.
Imagine of starting a conversation with your kids about the importance of some of these characters, like Nelson Mandela and his role in this world and the apartheid in South Africa; or also Marie Antoinette and what it meant marrying a man without love, living in a fake world where reality was not the one of the poor people of Paris and the reasons why someone decided of cutting her head at some point. Permit to your kids of discovering the geniality of Mozart and the talent of Bronte, maybe listening some of his music or reading some bits of their writings. A good book of art, with this one will explain the magic of Florence during the Renaissance and the visionary vision of a family, The Medici, and in particular of Lorenzo.

Highly recommended.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

giovedì, novembre 22, 2018

Love Color Choosing Colors to live with by Anna Starmer

Love Color: Choosing Colors to live with by Anna Starmer is a new stunning book by Quarto Publishing. A visual, wonderful colored reality this one, created for inspiring your good taste and for propose to all of you the perfect and colored house of your dreams. It's simple after all to transform thanks to our personal taste a common, simple house in the essence of ourselves. It's just necessary a bit of imagination, and following our tastes, without, adds the author, any kind of fear, because our house is our house and it must reflects our person.

And so...Let's stop with that anonymous white, without character; let's add something about ourselves in the house, the most private space in grade of giving us protection and safety: the mirror of our soul.

Each of us have special affectionate colors and they will become the life companion of our existence. We can see them reflected everywhere and they will calm us, they will present us the best mood, they will  relax us or they will donate excitement, strength, energy. Sure: positive vibes. 
They in fact reflect our character.

Where to start if we want to painting again our house for example?
The author suggests of buying several magazines for a lot of advice; and using, let me add, this book wisely, adding some imagination, you will create the best palettes of colors for your house and your life, for experiencing in every corner of your house a special place where to find a spark of you.

Highly recommended also if you love special books, interiors, houses.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

PS: Pictures taken by

Chicken Keeping Hacks from Fresh Eggs Daily Tips, Tricks and Ideas for You and your Hens by Lisa Steele

Eating properly is extremely necessary in a society, like this one where industrial food is predominant and where most people live in cities without to access at that good food that would make the difference.

But, if you live in a countryside, and you would want to start to eating well, adding some hens  discovering   how to grow, maintain and treat at their best your these animals why don't you read 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks from Fresh Eggs Daily Tips, Tricks and Ideas for You and your Hens by Lisa Steele?
It is an amazing book this one, with wonderful, dreaming illustrations of the rural countryside.
Lisa is a farmer and in the past also her grand-parents were. She remembers the sacrifices of her grand-parents and her family, where nothing was thrown away but recuperated and where food was appreciated because derived by hard work in the farm.
Hens and chickens were and are a special chapter in the daily life of Lisa and her ancestors.
With this book we will discover the perfect diet for our chickens during the various moments of the year, what to give them to eat and drink; I didn't know  about herbal tea. You will also discover how to keep chickens fresh or warm in the various moments of the year. But also the best coops where they can lie their eggs, or the perfect tools where to put their water or food, passing though many more tips; of course a section it's all dedicated to eggs; with explanations nutritive properties and how to treat them; how to avoid illnesses caused by a distracted and too light use of eggs and how transform them in wonderful resource for our body as well.
It's a lovely, beautiful, wonderful book this one and your hens they will appreciate if you read and learn from it, because thanks to these explanations you will be in grade to cuddle, nurture, help, curing your hens as you maybe hadn't never done before!

Highly recommended to everyone!

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

Shhh! by Barroux

Shhh! by Barroux is an enchanting children's books published by Quarto dedicated in particular to toddler and for let them appreciate the moment of bed-time.
You know: a kid wouldn't never want to go to bed because life is too exciting and beautiful; a continuous surprise and the world a territory perfect for a little explorer.

Just: it is necessary some rest also for the bravest kid of this world.
And nothing will be more beauty than this hymn at a good-night starting with a kid to bed but traveling also in the world and so passing through a lot of animals and creatures, wild, and an important moment: when they go to sleep. We meet the lion but also the Giraffe, and many other important protagonists that we are sure will let you think your kid that, if they have some rest, maybe it is better to have some as well.
A dreaming book speaking of peaceful lands, where children are friends with animals and where nature is treated with respect, imagination and love.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

mercoledì, novembre 21, 2018

Journalistic Authority Legitimating News in the Digital Era by Matt Carlson

I am a journalist and I found extremely interesting Journalistic Authority Legitimating News in the Digital Era by Matt Carlson published by Columbia University Press.

Divided in seven chapters, the book analyzes the profession of the journalist, his/her authority and how our profession changed with the times and decades.
But...First of all: who is a journalist?

Someone who, although pretty acculturate doesn't work as it happens in other professions because he  learns something "cryptic" and unknown to all the other ones. (See at the voice: doctor, or engineer and so on.)
No: the journalist builds slowly his credibility and his own authority and he/she learns on the road all the rest. I can tell you that, being a freelancer.

The authority is given by the profession and ethic of the man and woman reporting events.
The author asks if it's possible objectivity and what it means.

Three colleagues to my point of view could be for example in the same place where an event is creating a news,  let's see... it could be a fire, for staying in the news of the horrendous Californian fires; right. Probably they will report a similar although at the same time a complete different story of the events, maintaining the objectivity of the facts.

What a journalist does in fact, is to add his/her soul, living as a mission this work, looking through the lenses of his/her own experiences, facts that he is currently living and that he reports. This work is psychological, it's emphatic.
We are not robots.

In biggest newsmagazines or realities as the author will see, newsmagazines and magazines will be influenced by political; a flag supported by the entire newsroom.
The Pulitzer Prize, remarks the author is a necessity because it's an important engine for all American newsrooms for staying in the news. See at the voice Boston Globe and the case of the Catholic pedophile priests.

Maybe a problem could be that, at certain levels, journalists will speak mainly with the elite of power and this disconnection with the real reality  could create some misunderstanding with the base, uncovered and left alone; no one will report their real problems are and this one is negative.

The author tells the positive important impact that photography has had at the beginning of XX century, because it started to add something more to the news: a face of a criminal or of a person involved in some interesting fact, the place of  a murder, maybe also the corpse of a victim assassinated. Later, beautiful magazines as Life.

Photography added color to the piece it's the case of saying.

The internet created more work to journalists, because as also experienced journalists accredited at the White House with President Obama, who started the tradition of using Twitter and Facebook for keeping update of the latest news the world, a press conference is integrative of what said by the President and for trying to understand what it will happen later; they know in part the thoughts of the President and they can develop his thoughts in various directions.

The net has been a real revolution under many aspects. As the author adds, in the past a piece could be saved, cut, put aside, but not "shared" in the rest of the world or the internal American territory by the use of social medias as Facebook, Twitter.
It says a lot in terms of audiences.

A characteristic of a good reporter is clarity. This fact is more than real; our audience is big, and sometimes we are more loved and appreciated by simple people, maybe with less education but more interested to read with passion a newsmagazine or a magazine because they know how precious was to learn how to write and read once, when there was poverty, than not from an audience that it is implied to be there, waiting for us.
So, writing with clarity for everyone is indispensable and also less stressing for our readers.

The book contains much more, and you should absolutely read it if you are in the media or if you are a journalist or someone curious of our profession. We are good devils, after all :-)

Highly recommended.

I thank Columbia University Press for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

martedì, novembre 20, 2018

My Crazy Stories Starring Emotionally Intelligent Kids 5 in 1 Collection by Daniel Georges

My Crazy Stories Starring Emotionally Intelligent Kids 5 in 1 Collection by Daniel Georges will let discover to your children a lot of stories, many characters, and adventures plenty of moral messages, in grade to make the difference. Secrets are important. Sometimes we share confidences with people we think are friendly and that will ruin a still secret project/dream just because we anticipated them this desire. Maya, curious of discovering what it means secret, will learn the power of that word.

The story I loved the most was the one of Kyle and his birthday gift to his dad.
Kyle tries his best for selling an old pair of shoes of his dad for buying him something more appreciated, but along his way he will be constricted to change his plans; but the beauty of this story is this: that when we are good people then we meet also along our way people in grade to of helping us.

Sally is busy with her long hair; the last adventure is about Johnny and Elvis, two brothers who marked their own territory with different colors. One day the appearance of this strange cat created extra discussions about the ownership of this animal. But you know, cats are magical creatures, and maybe this one was a lesson for the brothers...Inclusion and not division.

I loved these stories, because in each of them there are important messages of goodness for children and I am more than sure that they will appreciate these books so badly!

Highly recommended.

I thank Daniel Georges for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori


I have a old PC and so stories like these ones happen, just it is upsetting and I don't know how to sort out this problem: my Amazon's accounts have been all hackered. You will think that it is simple to create a new password but it is not because asks my sensitive informations, like the expiration date of my card. Everything happened weeks ago.
I discovered I lived according to to Florence. In in Rome.
My real  address is back; it's a comfort.

I am sad and sorry and upset because I started to share, thanks to my smart phone and so a good connection my reviews also on Amazon and most authors and publishing houses are happy to be more visible-

I will keep you updated.

Anna Maria Polidori

sabato, novembre 17, 2018

The Alchemyst and the Magician by Michael Scott, for discovering Nicholas Flamel

Johnny Depp in his latest movie where he portrays Grindenwald focused his attention also on Nicholas Flamel.
Flamel and the philosopher stone. Yes, also a portion of title of the first Harry Potter, whoever has that precious elixir will remain forever young; or, yes, maybe as it happened to mr Flamel, he wouldn't die. Or not with great simplicity. Or after a lot of centuries, who knows?
Mr. Flamel was an eclectic character and his house still exists in Paris.
You see, in that peculiar historical moment when Flamel was born on Sept 28 1330, people of culture didn't just know a lot on a field of knowledge: they knew a lot in the most diversified human fields. Alchemy, chemistry, astronomy, astrology, magic, art, science, occultism, literature.
Mr. Flamel married with Perenelle, was a man of profound culture, he loved writing, he copied many books. One day he received a strange book written in an unknown language. Mr and mrs Flamel because of it left Paris and started to traveling in the entire Continent trying to understand in what kind of language that book was written for deciphering it.
Once returned home they appeared young and happy, healthy and incredibly wealthy. No one discovered the reason of all that richness donated also to a lot of people by the couple. Flamel lived a long life. Legend wants that one day he died, but when people opened his coffin and the one of his wife (yes once it sounded a sport practiced a lot) people didn't find any body. Were that macabre curious people maybe arrived later? Not the first ones looking at that graves and that bodies brought somewhere else for who knows what purpose? We don't know: legend wants that Nicholas Flamel is still alive and somewhere in the world, he remains the only human being custodian of the mystery of Immortality.

Some good readings for you! about this character.

Years and years ago I bought through a wonderful Irish online bookstore (I am still missing it, Greg, if you read my words) two books that I would want to suggest to all of you, written by Michael Scott: The Alchemyst and The Magician .
If you know Michael Scott, you know that he wrote enchanting books about Irish folklore and in particular these three books Irish Folk & Fairy Tales, Irish Myths & Legends (I have this one as well) and Irish Ghosts & Hauntings, real classics of Irish literature.
I know that there are more books of these series but you can start with these two.
It will be a fascinating trip with immortal and legendary people who  made the culture of our modern world.
Dr.John Dee, another man of great culture, please read the book written by Peter Ackroyd about him, will want to try to steal the book that mr.Flamel received once.
The adventure will see involved two twins. They will try to save the world. Why? Because entering in possess of a precious secret like the one of eternal life, would mean for the entire world a big damage.
In the second book, another excellent helper of mr.Dee will be Niccolò Machiavelli...

Happy reading everyone!

Anna Maria Polidori

photo credit of the pic of  Scott: official site of Michael Scott

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindenwald

Long story this one of Fantastic Beasts.
I requested a book review copy to Bloomsbury, leaving messages also by phone, but I didn't receive any answer.
More than a year ago.
It's normal for "little bloggers" sometimes not being taken in consideration by biggest realities or treated as an individual and not a reviewer accredited like the one of a bigger reality.
I remembered that I forgot Fantastic Beasts and I moved on.
Recently considering the movie with Johnny Depp with an important character on it, I requested again the book to the italian publishing house.
Waiting again, maybe I will be more lucky, who knows? I want to inform all of you that today I went to the cinema (hoooray! once in a while) for seeing Fantastic Beasts, intrigued by the character portrayed by Johnny Depp. Also. I add that I love Harry Potter movies and books.

I am a big fan of Harry Potter and the magical land created by J.K.Rowling was stunning and precious.
I am affectionate to the positive message that the movie was spreading. In that case books and movies were mainly thought for staying "there", you know, without any implied message for the society, viewers or readers. Harry was a teenager when he discovers that thanks to a murder he lost not just his dad but also his mother and that thanks to the spell of protection that his mother pronounced he survived; he also knows that the scar on his forehead means a connections established forever with the author of the murder of his parents: Lord Voldemort. He also discovers that he is a magician.

World was divided: there were the common people, and then wizards and other enchanting animals and creatures.

When Harry studied to Hogwarts reflections of what it could have been in the outside world didn't exist or they were just a pale idea.
He knew about other magical lands, other places connected with his story. Then once returned home, he returned to his daily routine in the disgusting house and family where he lived in, the one of his uncle and aunt.

Said that, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindenwald, let's start to saying this, to me it's not a creature of the mind of J.K.Rowling, no, but of the one of Johnny Depp. I follow Johnny Depp from 15 years and I know how he thinks, what he loves, what he dislikes and what he likes. What he adds in his movies, what he keeps out.

I saw his essence, his ideas, his massive and positive involvement in this production.

Sure: it's a mutation respect to the Harry Potter's saga and something different, there is to add this. It's a story more adult where thematic like love, sex, court, solitude, are treated abundantly. People are more alone.
If Harry was surrounded by a lot of friends, and received a lot of help the idea is that here people act differently; of course they have a story behind, they have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, but there is less company, and more solitude. The solitude of the modern man.

Protagonists: Dumbledore portrayed very well by Jude Law was a man pretty old in Harry Potter while now, like Grindenwald, a middle-age man.

The movie has lost the strong separations of the worlds existing in Harry Potter; and the fight against the terrible wizard personified by Johnny Depp is not just whispered but open. It's not a secret and there is more nonchalance.

Seeing the movie, I compared Lord Voldemort and his affiliates at a masonry group. No one would have wanted to add posters for let know to other ones that they were pro Voldemort, and they tried to be discreet (people of course knew their names but, it was a whisper, a doubts, a suspect in some cases); in this movie in this sense and where possible there is more relaxation. I didn't sleep seeing or reading some Harry Potter. I feel books and I feel movies tremendously and per decades and decades.

Grindenwald is the enemy and should be defeated. But who is this wizard? A powerful man and someone interested to conquer the minds of everyone. More close to the character of a dictator in search of approval and in search of consensus, he is a man although with a blue eye and a brown eye im grade of attracting, thanks to his fascination, wagons of people. Not only: the characterization of this character  to me is a vehicle for a strong message, implied to the years that we are living in. Confused, sad, where darkness is the main color of the souls of people and where smiles and trust, and happiness seems like lost.
At the same time it's this one a powerful message: let's always continue to use our heart and our mind, because maybe what we think that it is true it's not true and vice-versa.
It's a strong strong movie, this one, I can tell you that, with strong signals for the world and the actual historic moment.

When for example I saw Grindenwald surrounded by a lot of people. speaking to the assembly I thought: he speaks like a dictator. He remembered me old dictators. While I was thinking this I saw the atomic bomb and I saw war. Why this wizard  wants this power?
He is not immaterial; so he has a body, his tongue is back (long story you will see.)
Someone who wants to let believe to people that he is in the right, that he is the best option to them, and that all the other ones are nasty people; of course he is strong enough for accelerating this process of brain-washing in people's minds. Yes it doesn't have any kind of sophistication as maybe had Lord Voldemort, because the name couldn't be pronounced; Voldemort could be discovered in bodies of other people or creatures because de fact he didn't have body at all; he was a sort of Sauron, see at the voice The Lord of the Rings.
In this case, what Grindenwald wants is to be surrounded by a beautiful court of people telling him how adorable he is and he wants power because he knows that power is important. For changing as he wants, and as a dictator, the course of the events and of history.

People are, of course confused and when they saw him they embraced what he says as if he would have whispered a spell or if he would be a new savior.

I want also add that Grindenwald is pretty mundane.

He didn't ask to people of joining him with scaring messages launched by terrible creatures but calls people through elegant black velvet "wake" caressing in this way an entire city, and asking to people of joining him.

Black: our man loves black. Why? Black is the color of melancholy but also a color that can't let us see other colors, can't let us present any escapism. It's the color of the night, the color of death, the color of dark mood.
There is not joy in this color and London reflects this in the movie.

Important choices will be taken by the various protagonists;  killing is a gratuity, to Grindenwald. They are in the right; also when they kill. Why?  Because their opponents are the violent ones; but what is, if not a strong lack of freedom an action when the reaction is being killed? Tell me if Grindenwald presents to people freedom of speech, freedom of a pacific reaction against his thoughts.

Why the cemetery? There is in fact a scene in a cemetery. To me there is a reason and more profound than the one that we see on the big screen.
You see: death exists, and when there is a war we lose a lot of people and who is still alive  is tired, because fought for everyone and not just for his/her interest;  for values more big than what he/she thought and he/she can't cope anymore with what he/she saw and lived and experienced; the cemetery is this: it testifies the loss of many people, the memory of the lost ones not forgotten but strong in the living people.

The fight between the blue force, and the red one; the first one of the cold Grindenwald the red one of the good people can be synthesized in this way: the blue one means cold and it would bring at the world just desperation; the red one is life, energy, progress, not the regression Grindenwald would want for the other ones. Not for him, careful: he loves luxury and he is a man in grade of manipulating people.

I loved when the protagonists at some point will visit a place where they must find something. There is confusion, a continuous changes of game, a labyrinthic situation and you can't never tell where reality is, and the protagonists must run, run away for then, finding what they are searching.

The complexity of the movie is also seen in the society experienced by Grindenwald; a society without anymore any kind of values, and in grade also of killing babies without feeling anything just for opportunism.

Close friend with Grindenwald, Dumbledore can't fight against him because of a past story of strong respect, friendship and a promised marked with their blood.

The movie let us discover again the Gothic but a the same time, tranquil world of Johnny Depp; at the end I found Grindenwald comical when he said: "I hate Paris" after a scene pretty dramatic.

I didn't like the new uniforms of the students. I think that the ones seen in Harry Potter are more beauty. And not only: in general in British colleges uniforms remain the same ones per centuries and centuries.
Plus I think that there was an abuse of magic. If sometimes tea is served by a man or a woman when someone visits a house it's better.
In Harry Potter there was parsimony in the use of magic.
It's better if people demonstrate without the use of magic that they're able to do something in life; also little things.
Oh: now the mirror of memories: I wait for some explanations.
When Dumbledore saw Grindenwald in the mirror of memories I think that he wouldn't never have seen him as he is now, because reflections are only from the past. But he did.
I also found less beauty Hogwarts. Less precious and choreographically less studied and more poor. Rich of special effects, but without that touch of extreme elegance that had in Harry Potter.

Apart this, the movie is beautiful and I highly recommend you to go to see it.

Anna Maria Polidori

venerdì, novembre 16, 2018

1968: Today’s Authors Explore a Year of Rebellion, Revolution, and Change Edited by Marc Aronson and Susan Campbell Bartoletti

1968: a year of exaltation, complete freedom and rebellion against the establishment; the past years had meant to the USA a lot of unwanted changes.
The terrible assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas on November 22 1963, meant the end of a lot of hopes, like peace and dialogue with the rest of the world for the USA. The assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the first one a leader who fought with energy and pacifically for the rights of black people, the second brother of John Kennedy running for the Presidential campaign, meant another sad signal for the country.
In this canvas, pretty chaotic and dark, a crescent turmoil and dissatisfaction from every possible parts: women recriminated more rights; black people more rights, minorities as gays and lesbians more rights; people in general wanted a pacific country and the end of the Vietnam war. The frame?
Imagine them: young people from high school, from universities, idealist, in grade still of dreaming a better future; they wanted to fight  for a different world with all their strength, asking to politicians in every possible way a different system, more equal, more inspired at good values, less hypocritical more close to common people. Their requests passed through every kind of rights: 1968? The wildest and at the same time sunniest movement never experienced and in grade of becoming important in Europe as well.
For this reason at 50 years of distance Candlewick publishes 1968:
Today’s Authors Explore a Year of Rebellion, Revolution, and Change Edited by Marc Aronson and Susan Campbell Bartoletti.

Beautiful you will love this anthology in grade of speaking to the heart of people.

I am optimistic: I see that the newest generations are fighting in the USA for great values and that the wind of the 1968 hasn't been forgotten at all but it is alive.

Unforgettable! You can't avoid to read it. Beautiful gift for teenagers! I want to recommend to parents these gits to their children. I know: teen age age is a particular phase but it is better a revolutionary teenager than not someone too comfy to the system. This is more than sure! Don't be scared of offering some slices of revolution to your son or your daughter, presenting to them the sweet taste of protest. Your son or daughter will grow up more intelligently.
And, more important, as it happened to the protagonists of this book: they won't never forget what it meant rebellion.

I thank NetGalley and Candlewick Press for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori