sabato, dicembre 01, 2018

The Amish Chef Amish Siblings 1 by Sandra Becker

The Amish Chef is the first short novel of Amish Siblings  by Sandra Becker.
I love Amish baking and cooking and I try to save all the times their delicious recipes.

Composed by four little novels this first one tells the story of Sandra and her joy for cooking and baking. Nothing strange, apart the fact that being an Amish maybe it's impossible also to become a successful lady in the field, opening a restaurant.
Plus the arrival of James an intriguing Amish boy, complicates the situation, because James but also other people close to her are, at first, strongly disappointed from the purpose of Sandra. Why should she want to feed people when she should marry a man, becoming a mother and a wife?
At the end a compromise will be reached and everyone will experience joy and happiness.

Highly recommended.

Anna Maria Polidori

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