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Our Little Secret Il Nostro Piccolo Segreto by Ninni Schulman translated by Stefania Forlani

"We knew all, but we haven't done anything" and "What's wrong in some men?" are two phrases that synthesize well the new and waited book by Ninni Schulman, Our Little Secret Il Nostro Piccolo Segreto translated for Marsilio by Stefania Forlani.

We speak of domestic violence; we speak of a thematic, unfortunately  common in our society and that possibility of escapism, the mirage of another life where no one harm a woman, where there is freedom, where a woman or a girl are free from everyone; where brain is washed by sadness, sickness; by an internal pain more strong than the same life. We speak of survivors, but also of broken existences under many aspects, because healing from domestic violence is a long process.

But this book is not just this: it examines the delicate, intricate relationship existing in a couple and that invisible wire that let thinks to a lot of women: "It's all my fault" analyzing courageously what happens when a woman thinks: "Wait: maybe it's not my fault. Maybe I can change my existence and my destiny."

The story is this one: Anna-Karin Ehn is a social assistant and one night she doesn't return home; disappeared in the scene of this hypothetical murder there are evident signs of blood. 

Investigations are conducted by Petra Wilander and Christer Berglund.

It's simple to understand that, after all, the life of this lady was not so simple as at first everyone would have thought that it was.

But it's Magdalena Hansson the most important key of this tale: the reporter is back to work after an absence for maternity.
The case sounds immediately complicated.
Domestic violence, horrible abuses, a suicide.
A complete mess and the devastating mental and physical hell experienced by a lady and her daughter.

It's a strong book this one that should let us reflect about the possibility of being free from a sick man and the modality of our possible escapism from the horror.

Many surprises, I can tell you that there is the happy end.

I highly suggest to everyone this book.

I thank Marsilio for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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