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Sisters of Binghamton The Prequel by Charity Phillips

Sisters of Binghamton The Prequel by Charity Phillips introduces readers to the saga of the four Perry sisters Sarah, Margaret, Ann, Lizzie.
Beautiful family this one of the Perry.
They live in East Coast of the US; united, happy and cheerful to the world and life, it happens unfortunately during a feast that the patriarch of the family, mr Perry collapses: the diagnosis is consumption.
Their life changes; the girls know that they must continue to be helpful to their family but in heaviest ways. A good work and more money will be necessary. What to do for earning much more?
One day in a newsmagazine the girls read some interesting ads of men searching for women in the East Coast.
The girls waiting for some money for a subscription to the newsmagazine start to make money selling their mother's jam, painting portraits.

More In the complete Historical Mail Order Bride Series Sisters of Binghamton.

I found this chapter interesting because I see unity and I see a common project: the one of helping the family, at the same time searching for a future in a moment of uncertainty.

Highly recommended.

I thank the author for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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