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The Not-So-Brave Penguin by Steve Smallman

The Not-So-Brave Penguin by Steve Smallman is an interesting reading for the thematic treated and a great gift, if you have a kid plenty, for many reasons, irrationals or rationals but that they can't be rationalized, every personal story is complicated, of a lot of fears.
Fears are terrible because they can't permit a progression of the personality, let's use this expression, but a regression, and kids can't go on in life with the tranquillity that they deserves.

You mustn't never think that children's books can't be helpful in these cases because sometimes they are the best keys for enter in the soul of your kid with more simplicity but at the same time profundity.

The author chooses for treating this important thematic a sunny penguin called Posy; in english this name means as explained me a British friend called Posy, a little bouquet of flowers.
So, a tender name.

Posy the penguin is plenty of fears and for this reason she doesn't live well her life. She doesn't want to jump, she doesn't like snow and snowstorms, strange, don't you think so? being a penguin. But Posy's character is this one because of her fears she can't enjoy her being a penguin.

Plus, this little penguin has another big fear: the one for dark and obscurity. She imagines terrible monsters, horrible situations.

Oh no, not darkness in her life.

Then one day Percy, a friend of her, notices a beautiful, big iceberg. Oh, what a joy playing with that in every possible way! Posy as always doesn't join him, but she starts to be worried when she sees that he Percy doesn't return home.

All the rest of this penguin's  colony tells her that, come on, it is normal and considering also the apprehensive character of the little penguin they all thinks that maybe she is exaggerating a lot; but this time Posy is more than brave: she jumps in the cold water, reaches the iceberg, for finding Percy with some problem...So she was right!

Dark is coming and Percy and Posy stays in the iceberg, although there, Posy learns an important lesson: that after all darkness brings special gifts with it. A good friendship as well.

I strongly recommend this book to all that parents with children that must still metabolize the idea of the obscurity and general fears. Reading this book together and speaking about fears will help your children and they will heal.

I thank NetGalley and Quarto for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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