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venerdì, marzo 03, 2017

Teddy and Me Confessions of a Service Human by Michael Savage (and Teddy)

Teddy and Me Confessions of  a Service Human the latest book by Michael Savage. It will be released by Center Street Hachette Book Group this February 7th. In this book the entertainer will focus his attention on his relationship with Teddy, his beloved little dog.

You mustn't wait a book like the one written by John Grogan: it's not another Marley&Me but reflections of the story of the reporter and his canine friend with many private human facts and with a lot of doggy anecdotes.
The book is a photographic very colored celebration  of Michael Savage's life with his beloved Teddy with a lot of pictures of their daily life. Teddy is very trendy: surely he has the most aggressive, strong hair cut of the Planet.
Mr.Savage loves to treat him in the best possible way and their life as also explain the author, symbiotic.

Teddy is the dog of the reporter from a long time and in the book Savage will tell to the readers also the experiences he shared with other past family dogs adding that he has always been surrounded by dogs,  male dogs. He has had just a female dog and the story of this Collie is very beauty and moving.

I loved to read of his experience with his unlucky brother and the reason why he became who he is right now. I didn't know Mr Savage and his personal story being italian but I could see reading this book that there was real sufferance in the life of this man.

I also loved the anecdotes he shared of his family when during his childhood when he lived in the Bronx, NYC smiling guests arrived uninvited at his house for a chat with his parents. In our corner of the world it still happens all the time and it's a symptom of freedom according to my point of view.

Many wonderful and tender pictures of the reporter with his beloved pet.

I would have avoided to add in the book the pictures of his previous book Government Zero and policy. This one a book dedicated to a dog and his owner. Policy and polemics should be kept away.

I suggest this book to everyone but in particular of course to all dog lovers of this Planet. You will find it cute.

I thank Hachette for the review copy they sent me of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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