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venerdì, marzo 10, 2017

Meditation for Daily Stress 10 Practices for Immediate Well-being by Michel Pascal

Meditation as change of perception of our daily life.
It's this one the main message launched by Michel Pascal author of: Meditation for Daily Stress 10 Practices for Immediate Well-being. The book will be released this April 11th by ABRAMS.

Mr Pascal admit that our society is becoming always more crazy. We are all under stress for a reason or another but stress as also say the author is never, never positive.

What it is important to do is to clean up our mind, to stop our numerous thoughts and focus on what it is primarily important in life.

Sure: problems are many in our society. Money, lack of work, a lot of difficulties, and thoughts. This is absolutely true, but in a plenty life like our life is Mr Pascal suggests to insert also some mediation session everyday for feeling ourselves much better, for stopping the obsessive life we are doing and for restore our body and our soul.

Our world is changed dramatically during the last century. If in the past people were seriously tired because they worked physically now most of us work intellectually and well let's put things like it, dangers are more than not in the past because brain can't stop to work thanks also to the technological devices we use.

At some point it's also good to interrupt this continuous flood of informations and thoughts that the brain elaborate for keeping this organ calm and relaxed and avoiding collateral effects of this super-work.

Meditation is one of the most powerful answers to all your problems.

I have always loved meditation since I was little, and I think that it can be one of the most powerful methods for re-balancing our life.

Michel is extraordinary because after a long introduction at the practice of meditation he will later divide the book in various chapters and they are all spectacularly wonderful!

The first chapter is dedicated at the meditation Like The Horizon.

This one is meditation created for unplug your brain when it runs too much. Isn't it the case of most of us? The chapter starts with a diagnostic, like also the other ones.

The second chapter dedicated to discover our inner peace in moments particularly stressing.

The third chapter is suggestive: meditate like the wind in the desert. Create more time when you are busy.

Meditate like the Sky the fourth one. See inside yourself, develop your intuition and make the best decisions.

The fifth practice Meditate like a mountain while in the sixth practice Mr Pascal will help us to meditate like a wave.

The seventh practice: meditate like the sun. Restore energy, send all your love to others, and discover the power of compassion.

Practice eight: Meditate like a flower. Rediscover the blessing of your desk.

Practice 9 Meditate like a Kiss Feel less stress in a romantic relationship.

Practice 10 Meditate like a broom. Clean your Mind.

Each of these special meditations have special names pretty intuitive. You can guess the reason why they are called in a certain way and why  like also which is the field of your soul, existence or portion of life that certain exercises and meditation will touch.

I fell in love immediately for this book and I strongly suggest it from the bottom of my heart to you all because the exercises you will find are beautiful, poetic, realistically working, and impressive.

For staying well with other people, we must firstly stay well with ourselves but this condition can be found only if and when we permit to ourselves to say: let's stop all of it, and let's start to add more quality time to us, our life, our soul.

At the end of this book explained also the foundations of meditation: Phowa, Tonglen and Hesychia.


I don't find too much spectacular the cover. I would have imagined something much more poetic. Waves, mountains, dolphins, a patchwork all together for introducing poetically meditation to readers.

I thank NetGalley and ABRAMS for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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