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giovedì, marzo 09, 2017

Obama's Legacy by Michael I. Days

"Yes, we Can" was the motto of senator Barack Obama from the State of Illinois, Chicago. This energetic young man had a big dream: to win the Presidential Campaign of 2008.

Years that ones populated by the Republican George W.Bush Jr. and years of great recession.
It was still close the terrorist attack of 9/11. The country fell for various reasons in a big recession.
Americans were tired, disillusioned and they were searching for new answers, new voices, a novelty.

Obama, plenty of enthusiasm, great staff, great ideas, best technology for the electoral campaign wanted to change the face of the USA.

The small particular of this sunny, smiling, captivating potential President was that for the first time this strong Democrat candidate was black.
A black President in the White House.
The Black Kennedy as I baptized him.

In other countries the news of a potential black candidate would have passed unnoticed but in a country like the USA where there are still many racial problems and a big and heavy slavery history behind a reason for remarking it.

Candidate Obama was irresistible, attractive.

Although also the other candidate, the Republican John McCaine a great man, a veteran of the war of Vietnam and another good chance, no one was in grade to interrupt the long race of hurricane Obama bringing him directly at the White House.

We cried because this dream was realized.
We all cried for the joy, happiness, and for days and weeks because the unthinkable became real because a real pacification now could be born between a country still too lacerated.
We all cried because we knew that it was time for the USA of experiencing the vision of a man like Obama.

He would also  given dignity to all the black Americans who still feel discrimination.
A man like him would have been in grade to change the world for better.
President Obama has been in office for 8 years.

In the book written by Michael I. Days, Obama's Legacy, published by Hachette the editor of The Philadelphia Daily News, the first newsmagazine with the news of the victory of Barack Obama the complete, beautiful portrait of the 8 years of government of President Barack Obama and his innovative ideas and sometimes breaking rules.

From the first time a woman member at the Supreme Court of Latin origin, to the gay rights with the introduction of marriage between people of the same sex,  passing through education.

President Obama has always thought that education should be complete.
Of course wealthier families don't have problems with their children but what to do for the rest of population and for reducing the gap between richest and poorest?
Obama tried all his best keeping colleges affordable for students who in opposite case would have ended their scholastic experience with high school.

Crisis and recession in fact inherited by President Obama changed the face of the USA and what it was necessary to do was working for find in new directions new answers.

Obama bettered the life of children of poorest families thanks to a special program for all families not eligible for Medicaid.

President Obama changed the faces of school signing the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, for nutrition standard programs at school.

The same Presidential couple stimulated the population to paying attention at what they were eating and the first lady Michelle Obama the first one to give a real example to everyone with the creation of a garden at the White House, following the example also of another predecessor of President Obama, John Adams.

Thanks to this garden for a long time and for the joy of the staff of the kitchen of the White House we think there were fresh veggies and other vegetables to eat. Americans thanks to the First American Family re-discovered the art of planting veggies and the culture of eating well and good food.

Obama helped a lot the health of women also the ones who couldn't afford the sanitary system thanks to the Affordable Care Act and The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. New tests and exams could be done by a largest population like mammograms, HIV test, domestic-violence counseling, gestational diabetes. A lot of women discovered to be affected by cervical cancer thanks to this new law.

President Obama encouraged immigration. He has given opportunity at work for disable people, creating special funds for bettering their lives.

He helped Veterans with new funds, ideas, helping them physically, psychologically.
He re-added oxygen to a tired economy.
President Obama has always believed in green energy and climate change, in guns control considering the cases of people, most of them very young who attacked and killed without sense people in various church and schools.

Barack Obama re-opened the dialogue with Cuba...

Barack Obama will be remembered like the President of everyone and the President of inclusion. No  forgotten, no one with him behind in particular if a person in need or if poor.

There would be more to write, about wars closed and opened, diplomacy and frictions and many other voices but I leave to you the joy of this discovery.

It's an impressive book this one by Days, very informative, and it wants to remark what President Obama created during these eight years and what he left at the USA.
His fights, his failures, his goals and first of all his vision. A vision of inclusion, a vision of a country for everyone, a vision of a place where opportunities are not just for few lucky ones but for a large part of population and where democracy means also solidarity and help and inclusion with the poorest part of the country. A country where money mustn't never let us forget humanity. A green country, a country able to see the devastation of global warning, where human rights are recognized, a country opened to everyone, a free America for everyone in an America at the same time assaulted by new terrible dangers.

A celebration of a legacy that won't never be forgotten and will remain in the minds and in the heart  of all the Americans forever.

Highly recommended. It's a touching book.

I thank Hachette book for the physical copy of this book and NetGalley for the eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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