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giovedì, marzo 23, 2017

Channel of Peace Stranded in Gander on 9/11 by Kevin Tuerff

Where did they go? All the rest of airplanes or some of them flying for return to the USA from Europe the day of 9/11?

9/11, the world is too focus on the immense tragedy of NYC where more than 3000 people lost their life.
USA was under attack. The Twin Towers collapsed, the Pentagon under attack, and thanks to the patriotism of some passengers of the  fourth airplane, the fourth plane landed distant from the White House in Pennsylvania.

Slowly slowly we learned who these heroes were, firefighters, we listened the last conversation between a husband and a wife. A man, the vice-chief of the Carlton-Fitzgerald. His end close. "You'll be fine" he said to his spouse before to seeing just darkness and death when the Twin Tower collapsed.
We have seen wagons of people losing their life in a way or in another.

But...The rest of people back to the USA from their trip of vacation or business where were re-directed considering that NYC was in chaos and the entire USA in alarm?

In this book Channel of Peace Stranded in Gander on 9/11 by Kevin Tuerff  there is the rest of the story looked through the eyes of Kevin Tuerff and his (not anymore)  companion Evan. Back from a trip to Europe they ended up in the city of Gander in an island called Newfoundland, Canada.
No one told to them what happened while they were flying back to the USA. Mr Tuerff went later from the economical class to the first class and asked to do an international call.
He understood that it was a real big tragedy and yes the Twin Towers were collapsed and yes the country sounded under attack.

At the same time the place where they arrived just 10.000 souls gave hospitality at more than 6.500 people. 38 airplanes landed in Gander in the while in fact and the mayor of that time Claude Elliott asked for help because there were 6.500 people who needed extra-help and comfort.

People where busy for giving food and water and warm beverages to all these people till late.

Generosity passed also through supermarkets and restaurants. They all donated food. It was a refugee shelter the one created for the American guests per days.

People were also cured. Diabetic ones, pharmacists, everyone tried all their best for keeping like at home everyone, and for giving them all the necessary medications.

But not only: mr Tuerff wants to remark the solidarity of everyone. Who donated their own beds, someone offered free passages to people by car, act of kindness to them maybe unknown because the people of this little town strangers.

Once returned home after a real big adventure but consider the strict measures adopted by the US government that days mr Tuerff didn't never forget what happened.

Active also in other humanitarian situations and fields  like the Katrina Hurricane and for environment, Mr. Tuerff returned for the 10th anniversary of the Terrorist attack to Gander.
Great connection with the administration of the city, the foreword of this book written by the old mayor of the city.

This book wants to help people to understand the hidden part of this big sad story, and at the same time wants to remember how big c generosity and kindness from people is.

The 25% of the royalties of this book donated at the association Gander Refugee Outreach, an organization that brings refugee from Syria to Canada.

What done by this little town ended up also in a Broadway musical called Come From Away.

I thank NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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