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sabato, marzo 04, 2017

101 Things you Should do Before Going to Heaven by David Bordon and Tom Winters

I can't believe it's possible.
It's a dream that becomes true: I can review 101 Things you Should do Before Going to Heaven. Published by FaithWords, Hachette Group, written by David Bordon and Tom Winters at first in 2006 and as an eBook in 2008, the book has been re-published this past 2016.

I lived a sort of Odyssey with this book in digital format.
I downloaded it through NetGalley but for some reasons the file didn't work.
I tried to contact the publishing house, and NetGalley.
They sorted out the problem. When I could download the file unfortunately a big snow kept me away from my daily routine and from reading. I have dial-up so when I download eBooks I must go somewhere else.

The file in the while expired. Later I joined FaithWords. It's a book bloggers program and I re-discovered this book. I asked a copy and a beautiful hardcover book is close to me while I am writing this review. I read it all last night.

So: we all know that we live for a certain time but our life won't be endless. One day, let's hope the more possible distant moment, we will die.

In this while God sent Us here because we are necessary in this precise moment to the world and also at the same time because of course we must live a plenty life.

We all know how absorbing, and sad, let me also add this word can be life. It appears at first a life plenty of good things but then in synthesis, what will remain if we don't cultivate ourselves, our friends, people who care the most for us?

This book will suggest you 101 things to do before well yes, going to Heaven where we will meet God.

What exactly?

I can tell you that my dad before he went to Heaven planted a lot of trees. He was a tree-lovers and he loved fruits. So he planted a lot of fruits trees, apple trees in particular. He loved good wine, and he loved to make homemade wine. He also loved to be social and he loved to be surrounded by many friends. He planted seeds of friendship and seeds of wisdom.

Of course options are myriads in this book, - we are all different - from baking real bread, great connection with God, passing through to a road trip all alone to do once in a while for re-discover old roads and our self. In the USA it's famous and typical the Route 66 but I guess there are plenty of choices. I remember the movie Elizabethtown and the protagonist Drew. He launched himself thanks also to the tips and the scrapbook donated him by his girlfriend in a trip in the nowhere after the death of his dad for re-discovering his self in solitude, and a State, the Kentucky one that he didn't know very well living in California.

Contact with nature is important so if you can visit the Yosemite Park   for seeing sequoias once in your life-time it would be wonderful.
And before going to Heaven why not visiting one of the seven Wonders of this world?
We should stop to act our age, we should start to cultivate interests, re-start to studying for better ourselves, reading classics, listening to music, meditate, bless and pray for an enemy, enjoy a dawn, celebrate little things, dancing in the rain :-) help other people, remember our life-story also writing it down, rediscover an old friendship. I can tell you that sometimes it is true: we leave people behind, also people who have been very nice and close to us because of life and sometimes it's too late for recuperate because that person can be dead. It happened to me and then you ask to yourself a lot of questions.
Sometimes try to send some note to your friends but without to add any signature. To someone you love for let her/him know that you are thinking of him/her.
Spend sometime to a cemetery for a hi! to all the people who lived before us and made their own History little or big that it was. Dead people appreciate it a lot.
After my dad's departure it's difficult that I avoid a day without to visit the little cemetery of our countryside. A little Spoon River, where there are most of our neighbors and friends, each of them with  characteristics and passions and human treats unique in their genre.
It's not a scaring place a cemetery but a place of peace.
Once, when a neighbor killed herself I was devastated and I was sick really sick for what happened for more than a year and half. I remember dad said me: "Anna, cemeteries can't be scaring but relaxing places. They tell the story of our past, and our local history. I love to visit them. Try to enjoy the past of our people. Try to enjoy our past people."

Let's try also to speak well of other people, to plant some herbs for eating better, to plant also some new seeds of friendship cultivating also friends we have so that this garden of friendship will become always more populated, diversified, colored and beautiful.

If you will die tomorrow, or today how your dear ones will remember you?
In my case there would be a lot of pieces I posted online. My blog of Johnny Depp, my book blog alfemminile, Twitter, Facebook, my real life. My news printed in our regional newsmagazine. I am a reporter.

I don't know if people would be devastated if I would die.
Anyway, let's try to leave something in this world of very positive so that people will remember us forever.
A man never dies if remembered by people.
Mainly, what we should all do is to try to be happy, re-discovering our inner child and trying to do also silly things, because it's in this dimension, the dimension of our real self that  God love us the most.
He sent us in fact at first on this Earth with a pure soul.

So:Enjoy the Trip, enjoy the Road, enjoy what you and your soul will learn in this Life.

And always, always: May God Bless US All.

I thank NetGalley, Hachette and FaithWords for this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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