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lunedì, marzo 13, 2017

From my war to your peace, Love Nonna - A letter to my Grandson - by Monika Sears

From my war to your peace, Love Nonna - A letter to my Grandson - by Monika Sears is a long letter written by the author to his first grandson for let him know, in this moment of peace, what it meant to live, discriminated because Jewish, during the latest Second World War conflict. The preface of this book written by Julian Padowics.

It is a moving tale this one. Monika, a little girl during the war-time left by her mom with Pola one of their domestic girls, and later with relatives unable to give her proper love and finding her as an element of disturb in their daily routine life.

Monika in the while saw death, destruction, she lived secluded, she couldn't speak, she couldn't go out, she couldn't live the normal life of a kid because the horror was around. She learned some catholic traditions for not being captured by Germans thanks to Pola, her guardian angel. Her face, everything of her could let them guess that she was Jewish and not catholic.

It's a sad, realistic tale of what it meant for most people the terrible period of Holocaust. Discrimination, death, irrationality.

Sure Monika lived it looking at this situation with her childhood eyes but she knew and she was mature for her age. She knew that if she wouldn't have had discipline maybe she would have been captured and it would not have been fair and pleasant. She knew and she was obedient.

She survived at that horrible experience and she is living e happy and satisfying life.

Her long letter will be the legacy for her grandson but also for all of us and for a future of peace and freedom, without never, never, never forget the atrocities, senseless atrocities man can be able to use for destroying the humanity.
Remembering this is a first step for keeping our Earth a loving and peaceful place for everyone.

I thank Ravenswood Publishing for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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