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mercoledì, marzo 15, 2017

Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn

Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas written by Robin Jones Gunn are two novels, an omnibus published by FaithWords.

Impressive for their beauty, they're the warmest blanket for your soul if cold that you can desire. These novels will cuddle in fact  your soul with good sentiments and great characters.

Two novels plenty of great good sentiments, positive values and hope.

I loved for sure to read these two novels because world is calm, there are not great stress, the protagonist will meet only positive people close to her and little stress will be sorted out successfully and without any kind of big drama. What a wonderful world!

The people Miranda Carson will meet in the first novel although they didn't know her at all will take care of her, and will accept her although to them she was a complete stranger inviting her to joining them for Christmas Eve and later considering the snow, to remain for spending the time in family during the Christmas Day. What a blessing.

In a moment like Christmas, where solitude can be predominant, and for a girl like her who enjoyed to spend Christmas most of the time alone or when little with her mom, it was like to be home.
It was like to be in a real family.

While I was reading this first novel a romantic movie pooped up in my mind with Sandy Bullock: While You Were Sleeping, where thematic of a missing family and the warm felt in a family of still completely strangers but positive people you fall in love with can make the difference.

Thanks to the complicity of warm teas, warm scones, beautiful sentiments, and very warm Britons, more opened  sometimes than the American protagonist of the story big, profound and complicated problematic will become sweet and accepted.

Miranda is American and she is searching for her dad.

Her mom in fact, Eve Carson, an American actress, grew her up  without the presence of a dad. The discovery of a picture with two men one wearing the Father Christmas costume plus other elements let her think her dad was British and lived in a certain town. Other informations and she is soon in a tiny little characteristic British village Carlton Heat where she is searching for some answers.

Thanks to the help of the owners of the local Tea House where she will rest and she will enjoy a cup of tea and two warm scones she understands maybe she is close to the truth.

Invited at the play of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Miranda while at the Tea House thinks she is seriously spending some time in the place of Narnia fantasizing to be the magical protagonist of the story. She passed like Lucy the wardrobe and now she is in an enchanting land.

Miranda lived most of her life with some big questions in her mind: was it an error to be born? Why borning without a parent? Was it her arrival to the world just a case? We don't choose our parents and we can't control where we will born who will be our parents, our relatives, our social first circle of friends and neighbors.

It is not a case if a person is in this world but a superior scheme of things.

Grace and Peace reside Here, the motto of family Whitcombe, they love to continue the tradition of performing every year A Christmas Carol  but it can also be the motto of this first novel rich of surprises and acceptance of novelties for a family the one gave hospitality to Miranda, the Whitcombe one able to understand the dynamics of life considering that the patriarch of this family
a very famous British actor.

In the second novel, the dream realized by Katharina the owner of the Tea House and the husband: seeing together their son Ian with Miranda.

Miranda fell in love during the past Christmas for Ian and we see in this second novel the evolution of their relationship a distant relationship because Miranda lives at San Francisco, while Ian in the little British town.

Miranda is back to London for attending with the Whitcombe the Christmas when she meets her old boyfriend Josh. Josh played a special part in this "Dad Hunting" while they still were in a relationship giving her some good advice for finding her dad.

This novel will focus mainly on loyalty of friends and relatives regarding certain sensitive news and in illness, sadness, pain and acceptance.

Someone Miranda loves a lot is at the hospital. This one will be a different Christmas for Miranda but plenty of compassion for sick people. Father Christmas won't forget anyone!

Another word very important in this book: acceptance.

Acceptance for someone certain people didn't know the existence of in the past, and had to digest the news; acceptance for what happened, understanding that life follows certain paths sometimes unknown also to us, with the certainty that inclusion the best choice for reunite everyone, because it would have been done that by the same patriarch of the family Whitcombe, Sir James.

Miranda was largely accepted by everyone in Whitcombe's family but for some reasons someone had still to accept her.

I know that we are more close to spring than not to Christmas, but I warmly suggest you this book. You will see: after you will have read these novels you will feel much better, as restored and your spirit much more light and plenty of optimism.

I thank FaithWords Hachette Book Group for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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