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venerdì, marzo 17, 2017

Government Zero No border, no language, no culture by Michael Savage

Government Zero No border, no language, no culture by Michael Savage, published by Center Street Hachette Book Group give us all the perception of the tremendous terrible division existing in this moment in the USA.
What a sadness to read this book.

I admit I encountered a real sufferance because I love the USA and because the author is angry, furious and strong with an establishment according to his point of view completely wrong, an establishment able to change the face of the USA according to his point of view.

And there is hate. A lot of hate, for everyone and many attacks as well.

I think that critics are the salt of democracy, and no one is in love for any government "in action" that I know of.

Just, if this book is the other face of the America and if things are lived like it by many Americans, I consider the situation... worrying.

These feelings in fact are able to destroy much more the USA than anything else.

A country that shouldn't live these contrasts but first of all shouldn't live hate, because hate doesn't never bring anything good.

It's not possible to try to establish a healthy discussions if there is strong polemic and if people constantly complain. 

I don't doubt that it is necessary a constructive confrontation to try to sort out the new problematic arrived to the horizon just, not with this violent polemic.

I thank Hachette Group Book for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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