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sabato, marzo 25, 2017

The History of Newgate Prison written by Caroline Jowett

Newgate: you pronounce this name and the horror rise in the mind of the people, because of all the London's prisons no other one has been so characteristically brutal like this one for inmates.
The idea of a new prison started to pop up in the mind of Henry II in 1188. Newgate worked for more than 700 years. It was dismantled a century ago.
In this new book released by Pen& Sword The History of Newgate Prison written by Caroline Jowett,  you will find all that you want to discover about this prison. The book is very well documented and written with love.

I found it very informative, interesting, plenty of great information. The book is great for students if it's necessary a research, but also for all the people in love for History.

I can tell you I requested this book at Pen & Sword because thanks to Dickens and Peter Ackroyd (in this second case his biography of London) I read a lot about Newgate. I wanted to discover much more and I can tell you that I was satisfied. Every historical period meant something for this prison. They are all analyzed with punctuality and passion. The book contains a lot of curiosities as well.

You will discover the various cruel punishments for inmates, customs, guidelines for inmates, why people fell in jail in the remote past. The ritualism of death penalty, food, habits.

Every place build a reputation and with the time Newgate for tourists  at London became an attraction and a place to visit while the walls of the prison became populated by wagons of graffiti of the inmates.Graffiti that told the stories of the various inmates.

Newgate maintained its infamous reputation till the end.
In this prison spent their time people like legendary Robin Hood, Ben Jonson, John Cook, the pirate William Kidd,  our italian Giacomo Casanova. He, ahem spent some time in Newgate for bigamy!

I thank Pen&Sword and NetGalley for this book.

The book released this May 19 2017.


Anna Maria Polidori

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