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venerdì, marzo 03, 2017

Thanks Hachette Book Group for this package plenty of beautiful books!

Time ago I joined Faith Words for reviewing their books.


Hachette is very generous. They send real copies of books to the reviewers. 
I decided to start with these sixth ones.

Hachette asked me to read for first is: No Limits by John C.Maxwell because it will be published very soon. This month.

Then I choose to read also Obama's Legacy by Michael Days in which we will see all the goals accomplished by President Obama in many fields.

 I picked up two books by Michael Savage: Government Zero and Teddy and Me. In the first case the book is about Islamic terrorism.

The second one more relaxing will let us see a different face of Mr Savage: the one of a pet's owner of a dog called: Teddy in a beautiful celebrating book.

I fell in love for the cover of this omnibus edition: Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn. Sometimes it's great to relax our mind with a sunny reading.

The book I wanted the most -there is a story behind and I will tell you all- and I still can't believe possible I received and I am  reading right now it  is 101 Things to do Before Going to Heaven!

My dad was dead from a few days I think when 101 Things to Do Before going to Heaven listed on NetGalley. Beautiful relaxing cover, I thought: I want to read it. It must be precious.

I requested it, I was approved, and then one day I went to a bar and downloaded the file - because here we still have dial-up - returned home and ops, discovered that it didn't work.
I wrote to NetGalley. Problem was sorted out. I could have downloaded again the eBook, but nothing to do.
This time problem was snow. A heavy snow storm cut out most of us from the world for some while.
It was also very cold and the last thing you wanted to do was reading.

When I tried again to download the file, just for one day, the file expired.

 I re-wrote to the publishing house, tried to search for the authors. Then I joined Faith Words and here I am with my real copy of  this book!

 Many thanks again Hachette. Books very appreciated and all beautiful!

And thanks also to Simone, Chicco and Irene! 

Anna Maria Polidori

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