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mercoledì, marzo 29, 2017

Lincoln Reconsidered by David Herbert Donald

Lincoln has been the most loved American President of all the History of the United States.
A legend when he was still alive, with his death became a myth.

A myth because of his anti-slavery positions. A myth because felt and seen by the folk as a compassionate man.  Lincoln loved mainly by common people.
With him, some part of black people started to obtain freedom from slavery.

Abram Lincoln started to represent not just an icon but the man who made possible and real an unthinkable dream: the end of slavery, more chances and opportunities to everyone. Dignity.
Skin color unimportant because predominant was the Human Being and not his /her skin color.
Freedom couldn't be considered anymore a privilege of white people.
His picture, like the one of a saint was in every house and in every  family of black people and treated as a relic.

Lincoln started to be considered as a demi-god.

Someone untouchable, perfect, a man of great value, not just a savior, no, but much more.
Because he understood, he saw what other people didn't see and didn't notice: that every man deserved freedom and happiness.
His horrible departure caused a profound prostration in the entire America. The legendary myth was born.

Wagons of books  written about Lincoln, wagons of ink spent for telling who President Lincoln was and what did for the USA.
David Herbert Donald with Lincoln Reconsidered doesn't want to demolish this myth and the expectations of people.
Simply with these essays, - each of them interesting, firstly published in 1956 and updated for our times  well argumented, written with a wonderful style truly captivating and quick he wants to focus on  the man Lincoln and the President Lincoln, leaving alone the imaginary demigod created by the men of his time,  without re-writing the history but giving us a balanced Lincoln,  maybe more fresh, with his humanity, positions, policy, social contest.

Mr Donald is also the author of Lincoln one of the best biography of President Lincoln with which he won the Pulitzer Prize.

I thank NetGalley and Open Road Media for this e-book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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