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domenica, marzo 12, 2017

Byron: A poet Dangerous to Know by Geoffrey Trease

Byron: A poet Dangerous to Know by Geoffrey Trease published by Endeavour Press now as eBook is a captivating reading for all the estimators of the poet and thanks to this eBook you will discover or implement your knowledge about him.

But who was realistically Lord Byron? Born in 1788, dead on April 19 1824 after a life very...lived, he was a capricious, turbulent man, someone who wanted to live largely and in some cases wanted to prove that he could have more than what realistically he had. Someone who loved to cure his body, someone discussed but that had some treats of the character of his dad for what I can imagine reading the portrait of his dad in this book.

His life didn't start well with a physical problem and an existence at first in poverty. A poverty created by his dad who opportunistically married an ingenuous girl for then spending all her money.

I was interested to read a biography by Byron because I admit that if our myth during the high school was Oscar Wilde, treated at school and read and re-read, Lord Byron completely neglected and forgotten.

This biography will give you the main treats of the poet inserting him very well in the historical period of changes he lived in.

Many trips in the most beautiful corners of Italy, Byron knew the meaning of the words: "Living Well."

I thanks NetGalley and Endeavour Press for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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