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The Old Woman Who Lived in a Roundabout (Streamers) by Ruth Silvestre

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Roundabout (Streamers) by Ruth Silvestre was published in 1991 so a lot of time ago. This past Wednesday I went to the Umbertide market and I stopped by at the local second-hand book of the charity Books for Dogs and I picked up this book as well.

I have always loved children's books since I was little.

They're colored, nice in general stories very intelligent.
I couldn't put down this children's book.

I read it in a hour or so. The story pretty simple and so kind. Joe is a little boy who lives in England. His aunt lives in Italy. She left UK because of weather and because Italy could give her best life's expectations.

His dad is the owner of a restaurant.

Joe loves to go out and explore the world 'til the moment he will visit Italy his biggest dream.

A certain day he is enchanted to see an old and abandoned roundabout in a certain corner of the city.

And surprise in the surprise, an old lady of 84 years, Aunt Peg lives in it.

He is astonished but the old lady will discover soon how to start a sweet friendship with this little boy. Tea, cookies, a nice chat and then the roundabout maybe is still working?

Joe starts to be affectionate at this lady and he will help her in many ways for keeping her life more simple. Because a lot of situations started to be complicated.

The end of this book is moving and the book speaks of friendship without age, help, loss, industrialization, new re-starts, traveling and for once, good surprises.
I am more than sure that this book would be appreciated also by children of our time.

Anna Maria Polidori

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