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Open When - Letters to lift your spirit - by Karen Salmansohn

Open When - Letters to lift your spirit - by Karen Salmansohn by Ten Speed Press will be released this March 7th.

I requested this book at NetGalley being approved last Aug 27th so some months before that my dad passed away. I didn't notice that Open When had to be reviewed with the new year at first and I remain of the idea that all the books I picked up before my dad's illness and later departure have a sort of strong coincidence with what happened later and the powerful words of novels, self-help books I picked up a strong guidance for healing.

Open When is a wonderful, quick but not for this reason light self-help book.

It is profound in its simplicity and informality and plenty of good and inspirational wise short letters that in the sentiment of the author must be opened when it is more necessary.

Beautiful, cute inspirational drawing will accompany every letter and trust me when I tell you this, you will find all the possible positive vibes from these letters.

Encouragement, advices where necessary because life sometimes is not simple, but a continuous change, this book wants to help you through changes and through new expectations, paths, remaining positive....Plus it wants to donate you the most precious word of this world: happiness, and the ability to staying focus in what it matters the most for you.

This book wants to donate you happiness, joy and a good start in your daily life.

I would suggest you to read Open When in a daily-base for not losing your sparkle and going on with serenity. You can also think of  choosing the letters more close to your soul reading them often during the day or the week.

But...It's not important how you will use this book for your personal growth and happiness, the important thing is that you read carefully the words contained.

A real balm for your soul and your spirit.

This one is a brief book but plenty of meanings and that's why it is so precious.

I thank NetGalley and Ten Speed Press for this lovely book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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