sabato, febbraio 04, 2017

Mama Bird Papa Bird by Wanda Obermeier

Delicious, enchanting, wonderfully illustrated, Mama Bird Papa Bird by Wanda Obermeier published by Adnaw Publishing is the story completely illustrated of the arrival of a little new baby bird in the nest of this colored couple of robin birds. This children's book is for sure a gem in the panorama of children's books.

At first the belly of mama bird grows and then a little egg appears on the horizon, ops, well yes, in the nest.

Considering that the egg is frail mama bird will keep it warm while  papa bird, her husband will go here and there for discovering new food for feeding himself and of course his lady bird.

Later the discovery: with great surprise a new little baby robin bird is borning.

The new bird will learn slowly slowly thanks to its wise parents to grow up, to fly, to become independent and once he will leave his old nest.

This children's book is surely cute, sweet. I loved to read it, I fell in love for all the illustrations, very colored and I think that each child should read it as well because it is very nice and instructive.

The book is for children from 0 to 8 years and received also the  Mom's Choice Gold Award.

Anna Maria Polidori

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