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Llewellyn's Little Book of Chakras by Cindy Dale

Llewellyn's Little Book of Chakras by Cindy Dale will appear this next April on stores and online published by Llewellyn and it is a plenty, beautiful informative book about the so-called subtle energy organs universally known as Chakras.

My experience with Chakras pretty recent.

When my dad died one of my childhood friends Elisabetta, who owns a store of crystals stopped by and said me: "I have a gift for you." It was a green stone. "It's for your fourth Chakra, Anna Maria, the one connected with heart." I immediately dressed it and kept it for two weeks.

It is stressing to lose a parent and I can tell you that once I returned home from the hospital thinking that, physically my dad wouldn't never been returned home, not a joke.

A semi-little-panic attack maybe while I was driving home but it was over like also desperation and although a little tachycardia when I decided to sleep in the bed where dad rested since the previous day, sick and unrecognizable from the strong man he was, I can tell you this: I slept well.
That first 14 days spent with Elisabetta's green stone as well.

I removed it for trying to see if strong enough for bringing a pain like the departure of dad is. Everything went OK.

The gem worked well on the fourth Chakras and stabilized my mind and my sensations.
Chakras are important for keeping balanced our spirit and body.

This new book by Llewellyn will introduce the reader, also the one without any kind of knowledge at Chakras at the discovery of these lights and what we can do for bettering our life thanks to them.

We don't see these organs. They have shape, they have lights, the author saw lights when more little in the various member of her family, surely you can't touch them and a common doctor couldn't cure an unbalanced chakra, let's use this expression.

Have you ever heard the expression: "When you have a psychological problem treat it or it will become an illness?" Good: it is I guess  a Chakra's story.

The author explains that Chakras act physically, psychologically and spiritually and they can be of great help for all of us along our life.

The book will explain you the various Chakras, seven the most common ones, how to take great care of them.

A Chakra in some cases can help you to heal from a physical illness.

You can discover chakras thanks to the help of pendulum and other systems and you will learn that there is another world waiting for you: the one of Chakras, colored, plenty of spirituality, able to let you establish  a best connection with your self and your health.

Enjoy this book!

I thank NetGalley and Llewellyn for this book.

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