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Good Clean Food by Lily Kunin

Bobbi Brown is an enthusiastic and she started the foreword of Good Clean Food telling that she discovered Lily Kunin the author of this book thanks to her Instagram page Clean Food Dirty City.
The book will be published this March 7th. 

Lily proposed on hr Instagram page very healthy food, gluten-free food able to make us all feeling better, because light and mainly healthy because in most cases vegan.

But why Lily an enthusiastic of this diet?
Because everything started from and with her illness, a strong gluten intolerance who caused her big headaches and migraines per years.

Being more than OK and first of all very happy for her life and her health now she wants to share with all of us her secrets for staying well.

The big change in NYC where Lily personalized completely her diet. Gluten-free, plenty of smoothies, delicious and adorable dishes the main word is "Staying well with yourself." The cookbook is plenty of healthy ingredients. Lily doesn't forget meat for whoever loves it, it can be added of course in her dishes, but in very little quantities and thinking as she says at "How you feel your body."

Eggs are pastures eggs, and every food Lily cooks is biological.

Every recipe can be changed and of course can be modified by the reader according to his/her taste and occasion.

What it is important to understand is how food make us feel. Does it make us feel good? Joyous, and most importantly happy and healthy, quick, or sick, depressed, tired? In this final case we should change something isn't it true?

It's from this base that it will be necessary to start this culinary trip that it is also something else: a long life with less Western health problems. Being the USA a place where pasta is not the primary food I remember that an American lady intolerant at gluten I knew two years ago, said me that the USA is not developing the same strong  health policy for curing this illness if compared to Italy.

Lily starts to give to the reader advices for finding great food, tools necessary for cooking like also most of the food you should keep home. And it is impressive!
From salsa to sausages passing through  pesto, Lily will continue to guide us in her wonderful, colored, perfumed world of veggies.

How to build the perfect dish? First of all Lily says, choose veggie proteins: it can be whatever you want to pick them up and then some greens, topping extras and a dressing.

You will cook of course also staying focused on the various ingredients offered by nature during the various seasons of the year, and using organic seasonal fruits and veggies you will see that it will be better. You will be seasonal but don't worry because Lily will suggest you the best dishes and soups for starting.

She will teach you how to prepare the perfect veggie broth but also how to start  a super-day with, also, a lot of yummy smoothies.

There are some recipes for our skin in every chapter of the book.

What to eat for breakfast?
Sweet potatoes, blueberry buckwheat pancakes for example.

But if you need a detox?

No problem: the book suggests you a super green smoothie, a mom's minestrone, pesto zucchini noodles, and why not to try an ice-cream? A berry beet pops.

You need to restore?

Good: a sunny immunity  bowl can be the answer like also a red lentil earth curry.

And for sustaining your body?

Mint chip shake, a lazy lentil salad, zucchini almond dip, kidday maccha latte.

Should we forget sweet treats? No. A goji granola, apple plum crumble, salted caramel bonbons, choc chip cookies, double chocolate chews some of the recipes you are more than invited to try.

In  Parties the final section of this  stunning and truly colored yummy cookbook we will re-meet a lot of the recipes we know and we met in the past chapters of the book. All of them chosen and put together in number of three for create some ideas and suggestions for special menus for your friends when you want to invite them for a lunch, dinner or another occasion.

Great book! I highly suggest it to everyone.

I thank NetGalley and ABRAMS books for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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