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Fathers Collected Poems written by Ken Kopronwski

Fathers Collected Poems written by Ken Kopronwski is a book of 68 pages published by Ravenswood Publishing where the author will introduce us at the delights and sadness of life, passing through the character more relevant in life: the Fathers of his family.

He will tell us the story of his family thanks to his poems passing through his grand-dad, his Dad, himself.
I found a lot of poems very strong, real like the one of the departure of his brother. Shocking.
Ken describes death, life, illness, joys, good moments, very sad ones looking at all these life's aspects with respect, although he is projected to the now and future.
Reading his life through his poems we will meet precious words: joy, happiness, sadness, leaves, old houses, trees, nature, seasons, kisses, funerals, children, brother.


I didn't like the cover of the book. To me too sad, considering the words plenty of life I read in the book.

I thanks Ravenswood for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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