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Poems in the Manner Of... by David Lehman

Poems in the Manner Of... by David Lehman is a book of poems that will be published by Scribner this next March 7th and it will be very particular.

A passion started during the college and never abandoned this one by David Lehman for poets and poems, a classic for every young man or woman at college.

Surely Lehman fell in love, wisely, for the best ones. From Catullus and his love-pains, it is known he died for love, passing through Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, W.B.Yeats, Wordsworth and many other ones, once the idea: writing poems "In the manner of."

At first it was just a passion. Later it became this book.

What Lehman wanted to do writing poems "In the manner of..." was and is celebrating all that genial people who marked this Earth with wonderful thoughts and amazing visions.

You will find also wonderful astrological profiles of these great genius. Thanks to it I discovered why Yeats is so melancholic :-)

Beautiful book for every poetry lover and writers. Wonderfully written.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Scribner for this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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