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lunedì, dicembre 11, 2017

You are Chosen Inspiration to Reassure your Soul by Darlene Sala

Sometimes in life you are not chosen. Work, sport, partners, you are put aside, and it seems that there is always someone better than you.
The author talks of her past in the local sport team of the school and I smiled. Like her I was chosen at the end not being into sport a lot.

In this book, You are Chosen Inspiration to Reassure your Soul by Darlene Sala by Barbour, you will understand that you are not alone, and that God has chosen you from the first moment of your existence, when you were just still a little egg penetrated by a sperm in the belly of a girl and you started to become a creature of God.
You had to be here and just for this reason your existence deserves all the best.

If sometimes this society can't appreciate everyone God surely appreciate the gifts He donated to you, all your potentialities and He is close to you in every second of your existence, also when you think that He is distant and distracted.

Many example of common men and women about God's Touch in their existence.

Another wonderful book by Barbour for reflecting about God's Word and its impact in our existence.

I thank NetGalley and Barbour for this ebook!

Anna Maria Polidori

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