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Christmas at Pebble Creek by Vannetta Chapman

Christmas at Pebble Creek by Vannetta Chapman  is a free short story eBook part of The Pebble Creek Amish Series published by Harvest House Publishers. You will find this short Amish story good, relaxing and plenty of optimism.

Grace is an Amish. She is a teenager in love for Adam from six months and we are close to Christmas Time.

She draws beautifully well, she is a good girl, and like all the rest of Amish girls she is not just busy with her own life but with many other chores as well.

A lady, Audrey notices her beautiful drawings and one night, guest of Grace's family, Audrey tells her she would be happy to see her as a book illustrator offering a great job.

At first Grace and her family don't see this one as a great idea but then maybe they will change opinion blessed by everyone.

Another great story where family, food, at the end of the eBook two yummy recipes! local culture, respect of traditions and at the same time good opportunities are mixed together for create a relaxing, wonderful short tale.

I downloaded this eBook on Amazon.

Anna Maria Polidori

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