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A Christmas Squirrel by Shelagh Watkins

A Christmas Squirrel by Shelagh Watkins published by Mandinam Press is a wonderful children's book and it reports the story told in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Just, the terrible, avid Ebenezer Scrooge is substituted by an apparent tender squirrel called Squooge.

Squooge lived separated by the rest of the other squirrels. He didn't have any friends, he hated to seeing other squirrels happy and joyous.
He worked all the time for accumulate a great amount of nuts for the Winter Time a season when squirrel live in their own and warm little houses waiting for the arrival of spring.

A group of robins, birds, tried to convince Squooge: "Give something to the poorest animals" but the squirrel sent them to hell.
Squooge had a helper a poor shy mouse called Sam Scratcher.
Squooge paid in peanuts this poor worker.

Squooge all alone for Christmas Time fell asleep but pretty soon he was awaken by the arrival of a friend of him Jake Rabbit.
Jake died many years ago and promptly he told him that he would have been visited by three spirits.

It was true. The first one, an owl, will let show to Squoode his past Christmases, a bat the current Christmas and and a raven a future remote Christmas where no one cried for the departure of Snezer Squooge the Squirrel.

Said that, Squoode changed his existence exactly as did Ebenezer Scrooge.

Beautiful story.
You know I am an estimator of A Christmas Carol but also this version of story for children with participation of animals and not humans is very well done, intense, nice, cute, complete and gives an idea of important thematic like the one of socialization, keeping open our eyes when we see people in need, and sharing what we have with other people. Friendship another thematic I consider important.

I downloaded this eBook on Amazon.

Anna Maria Polidori

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