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Byron's Letters & Journals A New Selections by Richard Landsdown

If you want to discover much better Lord Byron why don't you read directly his own words thanks to his letters and journals?
The new book released by Oxford Press Byron's Letters & Journals A New Selections by Richard Landsdown will give to you a complete vision of this romantic and controversial poet.

The cover picture chosen is stunning and to me gives a first portrait of this man in grade to define him very well. Volitive eyes, a bit narcissus, focused on himself and his person, his beauty.

These letters and journals are interesting and remarkable because they give a complete vision of this poet from more or less the beginning of his life 'til the end.

A life the one of Byron plenty of excesses and at the extreme of the most common normality.

One of his lovers was his half-sister for example, to me a most scandalous and horrible relationship than his homosexual stories. People like Byron classified like bisexuals in our society.

Born in 1788 Lord Byron died on April 19 1824.

His dad married his two wives always only for money.
Byron was the son of the second marriage of his dad with Catherine. Catherine  lived a miserable life plenty of depression.

These letters and journals include Byron's childhood and boyhood, the Grand Tour he attended from 1809 to 1811,  his relationship, including his two marriages, his various lovers, in the middle and in the while and his social relationship.
The exile because of sexual scandals.
Lord Byron choose Italy. He spent seven years in Italy. He lived in Venice, Rome, Ravenna, Pisa. The last place he visited was Greece.

Beautiful, remarkable book, I thank Oxford Press for the physical copy of this book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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