sabato, dicembre 30, 2017

Christmas and the meaning of it

Christmas will continue to be part of my blog.
It's years I dream for the "perfect" Christmas.
The one without problems, disgraces, loss and unfortunately it's a lot of years that our Christmas is heavy, very heavy, veiled by a lot of sadness.

For this reason I search for Christmas in every book, in every story, in every cook book, in every special place where I can feel that Christmas Spirit that after all should characterize our daily life for 365 days and not just for one day.

I still remember going to the church all excited for the the Christmas's Eve mass.
Surely we would have sang pretty horribly Tu scendi dalle Stelle, but there was a great ferment and excitement because Baby Jesus was born, and it was time for regeneration.

It was a great joy, people were all happy, plenty of joy laughs, smiles, and we wished to everyone Merry Christmas. We were happy. Not just our family but our community.

When I remember it, I admit it is heartbreaking this change during the time of customs and moods because of what happened to most of us. Sometimes I think that life is unbelievable.

To all my readers a big thanks for reading!

Happy New Year

Anna Maria Polidori

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