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Letters From Dad by Trinda Latherow

What a beautiful book is Letters From Dad by Trinda Latherow.
This eBook is for all that people, children, adults, caregivers, interested to keeping a distant contact in an old-fashioned way.

In particular, contact with letters received by Dickie, the husband of the author from his Dad made the difference in his kid-life letting him discover his dad Harry Latherow, thanks to his drawings, his long letters for all of them. This contact created an intimate connection between them still strong and important to him.

It was 1955, and well American society at that time encouraged family and unity of family.

President was Eisenhower, I always love to remember he was the founder of PTPI, People to People International, an organization wanted for sharing brotherhood, understanding and a message of peace through all Nations in our world.

A stamp at that time cost just three cents and so correspondence was encouraged tells the author, and Dickie's dad could write him very very often.

Harry Latherow was an iron worker at that time, and his mother a homemaker.

Abundance, tells ms.Latherow came later in Dixie's family but these ones are remembered by Dickie and all his family as the richest years of all his life.

Dickie's parents worked together and hardly for building a good existence to all of them. They built the house, they have had their children. They made all of it with the power of love.

Mrs. Latherow exchanged frequently letters with her husband telling him something about their house, their children, their situation, and it was a joy to reading the latest ones from Harry.

Each morning and each night mr.Latherow wrote to his beloved woman and his children.

Mr Latherow didn't just write letters but included drawings sketches as well, everything that could make smile his children.
He was attracted by nature and he loved to being an outdoor guy and he loved to portraying what he saw around him.

This eBook is accompanied by many pictures of letters sent by mr.Latherow to his family like also his drawings to his children. I loved in particular the story of the rabbit and the fox.

Many drawings are dedicated to Easter's Time other to colored ducks, mallards and many other aquatic birds.

In a drawing mr Latherow portrayed one of the ship with which Columbus reached America in 1492.

Harry Latherow was blessed with 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. What he loved to do was to paying attention to all his family in a material way but also most importantly he followed all this numerous family with great attention and devotion.
Harry loved to camp, boat, shop, visit friends and family together. He loved to explore the American Countryside.

He was born in Pennsylvania and then moved South when young. When he died all his family was close to him. The best blessing a man can waits.

The author remarks something: we must pay attention at the bond of love we create. The bond of love we form in this life is forever with us.

This book is a real treasure I warmly suggest to everyone. A real hymn to a wonderful Dad, and a homage to all Dad's of this world for their work, for their being here and for their constant attention regarding their families.

May all families be blessed with a Dad like  Harry  Latherow was.

I downloaded this eBook on Amazon.

Anna Maria Polidori

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