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The Wardrobe by Deryn Lake

The Wardrobe by Deryn Lake is a wonderful book published by Endeavour Press.
Short but intense, felt, few characters, not a second of dispersion, the tale goes straight to the point with intensity and a great story able to capture your attention from the beginning to the end!

Greg and Rebecca are searching for a new house.
They discover a beautiful Victorian house with which they fall in love for and they decide to buying it.
Rebecca in particular finds a strong connection with the house and the wardrobe located in their bedroom.
Very soon she discovers that there are big, sad and hidden secrets buried into that house visiting the local library and researching through documents, articles, the rich history of the house and its past owners.

The wardrobe in their bedroom, is realistically a sort of "door" with the other world where ghosts can still reappear for spreading all their hate and for communicating for happened once.

Like the wardrobe described by Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia a door for an enchanting world, this one is magical as well but with another meaning, and with dangerous connections with a heavy and terrible past.

Someone in that house was poisoned but the responsible for this murder never discovered.

There is more: ancient ghosts of this story "buried" by the past, are still feeling vivid what happened. They are peaceless  with potential danger for these new enthusiastic and thrilled owners of the house. 

In the wardrobe one day Rebecca finds with beautiful gloves and other  children items a lot of letters. These letters will reveal a complicated love-story between two of the most important Victorian characters.

At the same time Greg starts to feels sick...

It's a wonderful book this one!
If you search for mystery, a bit of suspense, this eBook will be perfect for you!

I surely thank NetGalley and Endeavour Press for this beautiful ebook!

Anna Maria Polidori

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