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martedì, dicembre 19, 2017

Come Away My Beloved Daily Devotional by Frances J. Roberts

Come Away My Beloved Daily Devotional by Frances J. Roberts, by Barbour Staff will be published this Jan 1 and it is a strong, powerful devotional book you should read and meditate slowly.

It is precious, it's profound, it's made for trying to connect you with God with more intensity and for finding the answers you are searching for but also for meditate and reflecting about life, and the meaning of it.

Many thematic touched, present, future, expectations, happiness, I loved personally The Cross in the Star, The Spirit of Life.

I didn't know this author but for what I read this book contains excerpts from her books like Come Away my Beloved, a million copy book, Dialogues with God,  Progress of Another Pilgrim, and On the Highroad of Surrender.

I thank NetGalley and Barbour for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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