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Words from the Heart (An Amish Letters Novel) by Kathleen Fuller

Words from the Heart   (An Amish Letters Novel) by Kathleen Fuller is a wonderful, delicate, old-fashioned story you will fall in love for.
Everything starts with Ivy. Ivy is a young Amish girl daughter of the bishop of Birch Creek and she lives with her family.
Kind girl, at the beginning of the story she is in love for John. He sends her a first letter promising he will stay in touch but then nothing more.
I love a lot this story thanks also to the entrance in scene of a magical character like the one of Cevilla Schlabach is.
Cevilla is in her 80s and she knows Ivy and her good reputation.
Never married, Cevilla can't be considered a spinster or someone who hasn't never known the meaning of love. She isn't a hard lady, but a lady in grade to filter with wisdom situations and people.
For this reason and because she knows the importance of staying together, a gift for a reason or another life didn't present her,  she would want with all herself to "help" her nephew Noah with...Ivy.
Cevilla needs to put some order in the attic of her house where there are wagons of boxes and she asks for some help. The one of  Ivy and Noah.
A good excuse this one for creating a good connection between this not yet couple? Yes, maybe, who knows?
In the various boxes analyzed by Noah and Ivy also an old watch and some precious letters. This old letters touched their hearts.
Reading them, they will discover an old love-story, unknown people and characters, plus other surprises as well.

I loved to read this Amish novel so badly because it is very felt, sincere, plenty of love, friendship, kindness, and the beautiful interaction between young and old people means a lot in term of respect and of a culture in grade to communicate without walls or barriers  with people of the most diversified ages.
I find in this book genuine, great, good values, with a wonderful and very well built touching story.
Plus I loved the detailed description of Amish life and traditions. The Amish is a German community helpful with all its members, without to add  watering mouth sensation when described the so many yummy traditional Amish dishes!
There are some dutch words here and there, but being italian and knowing english I understood very well all that words.

I thank NetGalley for this ebook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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