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Colors of Christmas Two Contemporaries Stories Celebrate the Hope of Christmas by Olivia Newport

Colors of Christmas Two Contemporaries Stories Celebrate the Hope of Christmas by Olivia Newport have been written specifically for people in sufferance.

I can tell you I felt a lot this book because it's a series of years we live at various levels robust sadness in our family during this period of the year because of little or big problems and or/loss.

Questions are many and Christmas' meaning is the born of a new baby, new life, but Christmas was and remain also a feast of Light, of vision, of redemption.
If just an example like Ebenezer Scrooge can become true, Christmas is a miracle for the hearts and souls of people.

It's a feast against the obscurantism of our feelings, our sentiments, it's a feast that wants to give and wants to spread the best of us, our joy, our enthusiasm for future in the moment of the year in which there is the most profound lack of light in the real sense of the word and where the shadows of darkness, figuratively could attack us with more simplicity.

It's a feast for children and families. Children because of course being Little Jesus Christ the Star of the festivity it is felt a special sentiment for babies and children.

But, it's undoubtedly a feast for families. All reunited. In their functionalities and dysfuncionalities.

Sure, it's not said that in this moment of the year we won't receive sufferance or grief, pain and tears. How can we metabolize pain when is it too much? How can we find comfort?

The author speaks for everyone. People with a loss in the family, dad, mother, sibling, a friend, people without job, people in sufferance for a divorce, a break-up.

These two stories are very intelligent and beauty.

I focused my attention in Christmas in Gold and being a reporter, who started this job interviewing people in pain during the last Second World War Conflict it was wonderful reading Astrid's story.

Astrid is in his 80s and falls injuring various bones. Her son doesn't live close to her and so he thinks it's arrived the moment for her mom of spending her final years in an apartment and structure for elderly people.
Astrid is sad to leave her house, her normality for this new reality and apartment although she discovers pretty soon a new world and routine made by physiotherapists, and new friends. The time the one close to Christmas.
Astrid slowly slowly remembers the time during the Second World War spent in Germany, her devotion for her parents and her papa, the decision of becoming catholic, the trip to the USA. It's also a culinary story this one, German food one of the most beloved and appreciated of the USA.
At the same time this tale tells also the story of Carly, her little son and her ex boyfriend a real stalker. But maybe thanks to Astrid and her optimism the future of this girl won't remain obscure for too much time!

I loved so badly to read this book, as always another great one by Barbour.

Highly suggested for sure for everyone!

I thank NetGalley and Barbour for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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