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Madison Park A Place of Hope by Eric L. Motley

Madison Park A Place of Hope by Eric L. Motley is a book published by Zondervan, and one of the most beautiful one I read this year.

It's a common and extraordinary story this one but a story of  great importance for the beautiful message it wants to communicate.

A history of a harmonic community, of good people, where brotherhood, help, friendship the best values they knew and where negative sentiments closed out from their doors and unwanted.

It's a story that you must read because not only it will enrich your soul but it will let you become more good and optimistic with your friends, your own community, your neighbors.
If there are people like the ones of Madison Park, everyone can emulate them, everyone can be like one of them. Your community thanks to this book can become a best place.

The author through this memoir wants to tell to everyone what a joy has been to him to growing up in Madison Park, Alabama, sharing with all of us its own perception of reality, the importance of a healthy  community in grade to be helpful for everyone. If he became who he became it was thanks also to the people of Madison Park. This one a great homage to them all and to a place in grade to make the difference.

Mr.Motley with the time became an important person and he worked as a special assistant to President George W.Bush but many other people of that town built beautiful existence in various different fields.

Mr. Motley tells in his book that this place Madison Park created near Montgomery, Alabama by a group of freed slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation wanted by Abe Lincoln on January 1st 1863.

More than 3 millions of slaves set free, these people decided to build up a special community.

These people adds mr Motley: "Took care, because they desired it, of bodies, souls, minds and they desired freedom not only from slavery but also from poverty."

As you will see without to telling to you too much the personal story of mr. Motley complicated at first although he found wonderful people close to him in grade to let him become who he is now.

He tells at the end of the book that he loves to return to Madison Park also for this reason: because he feels the necessity of indulging in his hometown, stopping by to the cemetery for...Gratitude.
For thanking all the people who gave him good advice permitting him to become who became.

Many sacrifices, this man in love for books is an avid reader and collectors of first editions but also someone who, with an extreme grace will tell you his little corner of the world, where people in most cases made fortune without forgetting their community, but, all the opposite, once returned home they were helpful in every necessity.

The community divided in two sides as it happens often: "This Side" and "Over the Bridge" where also political views were different.

You will discover what it means "creating a community" as the author says and feeling to be part of a community, where people can work for you without asking money, or in grade of opening the door at some children because there are dying parents who can't grow up them anymore and ask to you to do that.

I wanted to read this book because I also live in a little rural community.  I found great warm and a lot of similarities with our own land.

Highly suggested for sure!

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Anna Maria Polidori

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