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Amish Christmas & Faithful Love Collection 16 book box set by Grace Given

Amish Christmas & Faithful Love Collection 16 book box set by Grace Given is a stunning ebook publish by Pure Read and one of the best one if you want to appreciate the essence of Amish life thanks to these set of books.
In the first book the story of two common people who, from New York in vacation met an Amish man with his kid and took a picture. After all they think there is  component of folklore  in that two Amish. Their life so different and distant from the common one.
But...That New Yorker couple will discover that this encounter will bring new hope and joy in their hearts as well.

In the Amish Drummer Boy we are in a period of war, desires.

The story I love the most is the one of Joachim and his three "lost" children.
An Amish community is compact. Sometimes young people wants to go away and they are free to leave this life. Sure: for the community when a young person goes away it's a failure.

Written with great intuition, inspiration, love, "It's a wonderful Amish Life" wants to reassure parents. Joachim will understand that maybe his children wherever will go will be the mirror of the education received before thanks to him and his wife and a reflection of their past life.
There are lessons that won't never be forgotten so no one after all will be lost but a gift for the outside world.

Beautiful book, I bought it after Christmas and trust me when I tell you that it was money very well spent.

These stories are plenty of humanity, simplicity, and reassure us about life and big thematic.

I love the cover so badly.

I downloaded this eBook on Amazon.

Anna Maria Polidori

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