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Vincent Van Gogh and Nature by Richard Kendall, Sjraar van Heugten and Christ Stolwijk

Vincent Van Gogh and Nature is a beautiful catalogue by Richard Kendall, Sjraar van Heugten and Christ Stolwijk published by Yale Press.

This book was born with and thanks to the art exhibit wanted by the Clark Art Institute in Massachusetts on 2015.
In this book and in that art exhibit curators choose to focus their attentions on a topic Van Gogh fell in love for: nature.

All these paintings will be in grade to give visually the best perception and idea of the importance and role played by nature in the life of Van Gogh. 

We will see how, nature has followed, accompanied like a benign shadow, the existence of this so tormented painter, bringing him profound reflections, peace, relaxation and distraction from his torments, becoming the center of his fertile painting activity.

In his numerous letters to his siblings and friends, Van Gogh can be "read" also thanks to his letters, he was an avid reader and letter-writer, we can see how this thematic, nature, and the impact that it played in his soul was one of the most fundamental and crucial points of his existence.

Van Gogh loved flowers, trees, fields, landscapes and whatever could connect him with the beauty of this world.
He loved to painting bouquet of flowers in vase and in most cases this flowers were ending their final brief existential life.

His family discovered soon that it was impossible to "encapsulate" Vincent Van Gogh in a profession.
Every tentative a new failure and discouragement started to become more than real and with his parents relationship frequently tense.

Van Gogh loved to paint, a passion later that would have convinced his brother to become an art dealer in Paris.
The period he lived in was the one of Impressionism and Van Gogh spent many years in France but Van Gogh defined himself and talked of himself changing continuously and tumultuously painting-style thanks to his personal originality, strong colors.
He impressed his soul in his canvas. A tragic, beautiful, sunny at times, existential trip.
The one of Van Gogh was a personal research through the power and beauty of nature: an immersion into the beauty of Nature for finding peace.

This book you will see is divided in various chapters and the authors will illustrate the various passages, formative years of Van Gogh, like also his latest moments and paintings, his relationship with the cities he lived in.

Very well done, it's a captivating book-catalog and you will fall in love for it.

Highly recommended to everyone. It can be if you know someone in love for art a great gift.

I thank Yale Press for the physical copy of this wonderful book!

Anna Maria Polidori

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