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Feature Writing Telling the Story Third Edition by Stephen Tanner, Nick Richardson and Molly Kasinger

Feature Writing Telling the Story Third Edition by Stephen Tanner, Nick Richardson and Molly Kasinger is a wonderful, fantastic book for every journalist and writer and I started to fall in love for it, when I opened the package. It was another case of love at

Being a reporter I discovered reading the book the big potentialities that this book offers and the fresh perspective with which all topics are treated.
Published by Oxford University Press this book/tool gives complete coverage to a profession, the one of journalist and writer always more articulated and complex thanks to the new media and the advent of the net. Blogs, videos, social networks.

You can use this book if you are a journalist and you have some doubts or if you need an inspiration and a support in your "featuring stories."
You can use this book/tool as a great support if you are a writer because every aspect of the creative process of writing a story is examined in great detail, attention but at the same time with lightness, without stress.
This book has been thought as a great companion of adventures and an indispensable and secure "land" where you can find certainties.
You will discover many interesting resources if you want more support and every section is clear and transparent.

Divided in three parts the first one, the most creative one is: Mastering the Techniques.
Where do you want to share your news? Today there are many available channels for you, your talent and your interests as well.
Featuring Writing will analyze podcasts, so trendy in big realities and big magazines and newsmagazines, blogs, but also other kind of digital journalism.

The famous questions: "Who, What, When, Where, Why and How" are old like the Time and before the written word, let's remember that men have always been real storytellers using maybe other forms of expression but leaving this world telling us who they were and what they were doing in that moment.

These authors, thinks that this book will be great for you if you search for an intrument in grade of illuminate your mind enlarging your horizon.

What is journalism?

And why writing feature stories?

Feature writers have more freedom first of all and they can write of different, diversified topics.

So, first of all you will learn how to focus on a certain topic, researching for informations. Later once you have created your "shape of the story"  the phase B:  interviewing people a crucial moment of all the process of creation of a story.
You will learn various ways for writing your piece understanding the importance of characters in a story.

We all know that a journalist must be ethical in his/her profession and this topic will be treated abundantly.

Impressive the considerations of the authors of this book.

They say:

"The individual journalist's moral compass develops over time. It is influenced by a range of factors including the family environment in which they grow up, their life experiences, and other impact that other people or groups have on them during the development. These may include friends, church, community, and sporting and political groups." Important also "The inevitable socialization that takes place within a newsroom."

The book's authors are Australians so the moral code of ethical behavior is principally the one of that country but looking better it's not distant from any other ethical behavior recommended in other countries.

Part B of the book treats Different Styles. Covering diversified people from celebrities to common people, passing through obituaries without forgetting other aspects of this profession like investigative journalism, sport features, columns, strategic for a news magazine and creative non-fiction.

The latest part is about reviews, yes the one I am writing at the moment. You can write a review on every topic. Food, drink, including coffee and tea, books, but also travel - travel writers writes books and articles reporting their adventures in the world - games, TV, music theater, cinema.

Published by Oxford University Press this book is plenty of good energy and vibes.

Highly recommended for sure!

Anna Maria Polidori

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