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Living Sugar Free - Sugar Free Baking and Dessert by Karen Iakhani, M.Sc

Living Sugar Free - Sugar Free Baking and Dessert by Karen Iakhani, M.Sc is a Four Point Publishing Book. The author wrote it because there is a real emergence of sugar addicted people in the USA and exactly of artificial sweeteners.
Once someone said me that sugar would have been the most powerful drug of XXI century and under many aspects the story is more than real.

Too many people abuse of sophisticated sugar and I am sure that they are ignoring it.
Different kind of processed sugars can be found everywhere in industrial food, in fact.
At times just because we rush when we do some shopping we don't tend to read labels putting everything we do think could be healthy in the basket.

Some beverages are plenty of sugar as well.
The list of products with some sugar and artificial sweeteners is endless and sugar addiction is a real drug exactly like all the other addiction existing in this world like alcohol, drugs and so on.

This book thanks to delicious recipes will re-direct the attention of an intoxicated body in the proper direction.

Let's start to say that these recipes are not exactly sugar-free. If you don't have any kind of specific illness but you want to avoid artificial sugars because you want to live a healthiest life you will see that you will find different kind of good and healthy "sugars."

Honey will play a big role in this eBook. Why? Honey is the best "sugar" you can find around.

The action of honey is more lazy, less rapid, but more profound than not the one of sugar is and it's the best "sweet condiment" you can think at. Another one will be stevia a new kind of sugar with zero calories. Not bad, don't you think so?

What this eBook wants to offer to its readers after all is not to avoid sugar, but artificial sweeteners.

Trust me, this one is a completely different and healthy approach to a new life-style more conscious and more free.

And these recipes are seriously good!

I highly suggest this eBook to everyone.

I downloaded this ebook on Amazon.

Buon Appetito!

Anna Maria Polidori

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