sabato, gennaio 13, 2018

Totie the Molar by Hosam Alrquirk, Reema Boufis illustrated by Ana Lornakina

Totie the Molar  by Hosam Alrquirk, Reema Boufis illustrated by Ana Lornakina is the best approach you can think at for trying to teach to your children the beauty of a healthy mouth, thanks to happy teeth, keeping away all the possible nasty sensations regarding dentists and a periodic visit. I downloaded this eBook because when I was little I was scared by dentists.
I lived my first 18-19 years in a conflictual "relationship" with dentists. I didn't avoid them but I was scared.
Irrationality can bring fears and children shouldn't grow up with fears like this one.

Thanks to the explanation of Totie the Molar and all his other brothers and sisters, we will discover the populated and funny world of our mouth! starting with a children's mouth.

I am sure that this children's book will keep children interested and captivated, plenty of questions, looking at all their teeth with immense curiosity and interest, being in grade to naming them and at the same time learning why they exist and which is their respective role in our mouth.

I love so badly illustrations and story.

This one is a wonderful, tender, cute children's book for sure highly recommended to everyone!

Anna Maria Polidori

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