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Valentine's Day How We Celebrate Love and Friendship Around the World by G.B. Sholander

Valentine's Day How We Celebrate Love and Friendship Around the World by G.B. Sholander published by Apple Blossom Media is an ebook that doesn't leave anything out from Valentine's Day. Being this feast close to us, let's give a look at what it means for couples, friends, relatives in the USA and around the world.

In the USA it's no just a feast for lovers but it is a feast of friendship extended to all that people we love.
Relatives, friends, family members. Millions of cards are sent every year sometimes accompanied by with stuffed animals like teddy bears or a box of chocolates to friends, companions, someone loved in a few words.
The legend of St. Valentine is suggestive like also the message that bring with him: don't stop to loving.

It was the poet Chaucer during the 14th century, the creator of The Canterbury Tales who mentioned Valentine in a poem called: "Parliament of Fowls" and later William Shakespeare would have returned to mention this feast in A Midsummer's Night Dream and Hamlet.

The custom of sending handwritten letters of love and appreciation started to be trendy pretty soon in UK although it reached the USA later in 1700 reaching a complete success with the arrival of handmade cards and the first printed cards in 1810 in Europe.

In this feast chocolate is another appreciated gifts, very beloved by Japanese people as well.

A great tradition I discovered thanks to Angels on Earth, a magazine by Guideposts and reported in this ebook the one of Loveland a city in Colorado, where if you send to their local post office greetings cards that should reach people for the day of St Valentine, these cards will be sent to the people hand stamped by the official Sweetheart City Volunteers.

Every year Loveland serves all 50 American States including other 100 nations excited to send a special treat from the City of Love to their companions, wives or husbands.

The book is also specific about the day after and the feast, dedicated  to single people.

The author loves this feast not just because she is American but because her husband proposed to her on Valentine's Day!

I downloaded this eBook on Amazon.

Very nice! Highly recommended.

Anna Maria Polidori

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