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My Snowman Paul by Yossi Lapid Illustrated by Joanna Paek

My Snowman Paul by Yossi Lapid Illustrated by Joanna Paek is a special wonderful children's book.

Let's start to say it won the Mom's Choice Award and the Moonbean Children's Books Award.

When I downloaded it, I was curious because the cover is wonderful.

In the cover there is this kid, Dan, with his dog and a snowman, Paul, hand in hand.

Well: this ebook deserves for sure your attention. Illustrations are superb, wonderful, tender, with that touch of dreaming atmosphere thanks to a technique of soft and warm colors at the same time that I am sure will remain in the heart of your children also when they will be grown-up.

The story is the one os a snowing-day where everyone is at home. Including Dan with his dog.

His mom suggests him of going out for building a snowman. Dan doesn't know what to do because his neighbor friend Billy doesn't have a great consideration of snowmen.
His mom smiles: "Who cares what your friend thinks of snowmen? Enjoy the moment, have some fun!"

Dan, convinced goes out. What a big snowman he creates. Good: but now the head...How should Dan put the head on the snowman? He is more tall than him! At the same time his friend Billy and his smocking smile let thinks to Dan that maybe it's better to return home, but then he hears a voice.

The nice and sunny snowman asks also the head! so that they can live some adventures together.

His name is Paul, tells to Dan.
Dan is shocked. This big a bit fatty snowman is adorable and speaks to him!
Dan doesn't want to go out with him for any walk because he thinks that Billy will judge him severely. Paul reassures him: no worry, who cares about that little boy?

This children's book speak to the heart about diversity, maybe a friend with some difficulties and problems (we have always had a schoolmate with some health problems or special difficulties or a different religious faith) and the desire of our children of spending some time with him/her experiencing judgement of other people and so a possible disconnection for this reason.
This wise children's book invites all children to experiment the word: inclusion in the most diversified fields. Sickness, different faith and religion.
Inclusion important for sharing starting from children's life our existence with all the souls of this world and for not feeling any diversity once grown-up.

I downloaded this ebook on Amazon.

Anna Maria Polidori

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